My Work In Progress

Being its been done before, im not gonna go into crazy detail of the whole process… just gonna throw up some pics of the progress as it rolls along.



What wood?

Looking good so far, What are the dimensions?


thanks, dimensions are:

14x9" across and 1 11/16" Tall

after some planing, sanding and routing the final height is 1 1/2"

as she sits till next time…

Can I has it when it’s done?

wait till im finished, ya might not like the finished product :lol:

wah im starting on my first stick this weekend im hitting up home depot hard :bgrin:

my buttons came in, holy crap ive been usin xarcade buttons what a difference :pray:

yeah, home depot is your friend

ill take that as a yes~

Looks good, reminds me of one of my older stick.

Hope you’re not planning on adding start/select to the sides, you may not have the room once you get top and bottom on.

I saw your stick panda and the first thing I thought was ‘that was fast work’!

Domz, that case looks sliiiimmmm, what kind of stick/pcb are you going to put in there? Looks like you have some good tools and a dedicated place to work … I’m jealous.

Dude those laser alignments on drill presses are awesome.

I was kinda wondering the same about the stick. Sounds like it is going to stick out a bit more than usual.

Looks really good. I’m going to be starting a stick of my own soon so I will be following this thread closely for more pictures and watch the evolution of this stick. Thanks for sharing!

not much progress…

i wish i could work with wood. keep up the good work

how did you recess those button in? did you just drill out 24mm holes (i’m assuming those are the 24mm buttons), then router out a bigger area so the button would sink in? or?

Forstner bits.

Make a guide hole, drill using the forstner bit to desired depths, than use a hole saw or forstner bit for the 24mm.

Looking great, Domz!

Thanks man, wish I could work with metal! :wgrin:

As Imitrex said… forstner bits. I have to admit though that having a drill press is key. I used a 1 1/8" for the outside diameter and then a 24mm for the hole that the button actually fits through. IIRC, the proper size of the larger hole is actually a 27mm but they cost too much imo so… 1 1/8" was the next best alternative. Maybe down the line ill splurge and get the right size.

Thanx holmie!