My WWE-Brawl Stick just arrived =]

I had a hori EX2 for a few months b4 it broke down and I’ve tried to mod but failed. So I went and ask the people on the forum if there was a cheap arcade stick that I can buy and someone gratefully responded with the WWE Brawl stick special ($20 off the original price) It came down to close to $70 with tax. Just 10 dollars more that i spend on the Hori EX2.

Let just say im very surprised on how sensitive the buttons were. (Please be advised that I have never touched a T.E. STICK before). These button are sooo much better than the seimitsu buttons i have from the failed mod that i had left over.

The cons of this stick for me personally are
-its HEAVY
-The JS shaft is short compared to the hori EX2
-I have to get used to the B button being in a different space and also Having 8 buttons
-I can’t connect my Mic into it =[ (Anyone knows how i can connect my headset mic into this small jack?)

but besides these cons this stick is good and im pretty sure just like the T.E and S.E. is easily modified.

those buttons will surely fail in short time so keep your seimitsus around

I will keep in around just in case that occurs but i might buy Sanwa buttons because of the sensitivity of them.

I got one of these recently and I love it. i replaced the stupid wwe art, and I swapped the buttons for sanwa. I also plugged the first two button holes so I only have six buttons straight across. It is a little heavy but totally worth it for the price.

Do you have the old style headsets (with the big plug at the end that contours to a 360 controller)? If so, the stick should have come with an adapter that you can plug into the headset jack and then connect the 360 headset to.

Not really. The WWE Brawl stick doesn’t use the old SE buttons. It uses the TvC stick buttons which are really surprisingly close to Sanwa quality. Probably a higher failure rate than Sanwa, but not nearly as high as the SEs.

I had a TvC SE and the buttons were pretty low quality, they certainly lasted longer but within less than 2 months 4 buttons had gone out. The new parts aren’t immune to failure they just last longer than the 2 weeks that the originals did.

Hmmm I guess YMMV then. I’ve had mine for over a year and they’re still working great.

Yeah I found it in the box thanks but I was using a modified one and the plug was short so i opened it and i just ended up breaking it. So i ordered a new one today. Thanks for the info!

You don’t NEED new buttons per-se.

You can get away with just buying new microswitches (Sanwa SW-68).

That’ll save you over $1 per button.

^ This is true.
The TVC joysticks also use omron microswitches like a JLF. Way better than the SE joystick.

I got one of these (BrawlStick) the day before they were supposed to come out. Initially, I thought the microswitches felt pretty good. Stick too. My previous stick was a ls33/ps14 custom deal, so I had no baseline for a Madcatz clone to JLF/obsf comparison. I did my research so I knew the parts would be the same as the Tvc stick.

so as soon as I got the brawlstick home, I opened her up and they are the same, only black in color. The microswitches themselves felt very nice when they were new.

Today, I swapped in some sanwa dark hai plungers and I took a microswitch out(ps14d trial), and the switch’s case halves were very loose which seems to be making the switch-actuation loose (holding the case halves together remedies this, making the switches feel like they did when I got em) This makes me think, a tiny amount of CA could make these switches hold up longer. My BrawStick is only a month old and these microswicthes will probably go (I’ve been playing mvc3 and square circle and triangle are noticeably looser)

or ps14d’s… I got a set of both i’m gonna try. I have seimitsu’s in my custom sticks so I’m not too sure I’ll like sw68’s.

Oh, and here’s one thing I noticed. I got in on the bogo TvC deal and that jlf clone has a lighter spring! I’m not sure if it was intentional or less stringent QC maybe? I have since switched my brawlstick to a jlf spring from Lizard Lick and I would say, here’s what I noticed spring tension-wise: Brawlstick>TvC>jlf and the TvC spring felt much closer to the jlf than to the Brawlstick. I would say it “feels” twice the amount harder, if that makes any sense.

I was wondering how they were.


yeah, super glue… okay, maybe not. heaven forbid any of it gets inside or glues it to the housing. Maybe tiny dots in the corners w/ some kicker. The reason I say super glue is because you probably wouldn’t want a bead of glue that could cause problems mounting the microswitch.

when I put my ps14d switches in, I’ll attempt that “mod” to the MC68’s. Funny to call four dots of CA a mod. More like repair/ preemptive maintenance.

tiny strips of Duck/Gaffers tape in the right places could even work… but I would imagine they would loosen/lose adhesion over time.

I don’t really know a whole lot about fight sticks (this is my first one), but I’ll try to provide my thoughts on it.

I’ll echo previous posts and vouch for the heaviness of the stick. I’m a bit of a masher, yet the stick doesn’t move at all in my lap. I like the heaviness though. I’d hate for it to feel like it’s just a bunch of hollow plastic.

The buttons feel a little mushy to me, though they’re certainly responsive enough. My execution has kind of taken a nosedive, but, as this is my first fight stick, I imagine that that’s to be expected. I don’t think I care much for the square gate though. Again, I haven’t touched a fight stick, but when I was a kid, playing Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury on arcade machines, I’m almost positive that those machines had octogonal gates.

Also, the artwork is absolutely hideous and should be changed immediately.

just about every online “fightstick store” has the jlf octagonal gate. I put one on the MC stick and the softer jlf spring. As it already has proper omron switches, I think its effectively a octagonal gate jlf at that point.

Agreed. I think either a combination of The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Koko B. Ware or Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Brutus The Barber Beefcake would have been much better. I was pretty sure I would change the art when I bought it but now I’m kinda digging the cheese factor.

Please tell me where you get the template this stick