My xbox 360 wont register my wired controller pcb

I can turn on the xbox by pressing the start or xbox button on the joystick, but once the xbox turns on, nothing. it just doesn’t register that the joystick is plugged in despite the fact it was able to be turned on with it. anyone know whats up?

so you can turn it on but not do anything else? are you able to turn it off? are those the only 2 buttons that work? have you Sync’d it?

yeah i can just turn it on. i have no idea how to sync a wired controller, i didn’t think you had to tbh, i haven’t needed to for the last 2 months.

You dont and cant sync wired controllers (Kind of pointless with there being no wireless signal). Plugging it in should just do the job. I wish I could give you some helpful information but I’ve never seen a problem like this, my wired PCB has been working fine for the last 2 month (since I took the controller apart and began soldering to it).

Are all the points you soldering good?

I could be a lose connection or you forgot to ground it.

I always test out the points by taping both the ground wire and the commend wire together to make sure they work before I connect them to the buttons.

this is absolute bullshit

Desolder wires one by one whilst keeping the pcb plugged in, and test it in-between every desolder. Maybe you bridged something on the pcb or something.

I’ve seen this happen on Madcatz PCBs when the break away cable has gone bad. Otherwise something is shorted.

This is a terrible idea. Mullah try plugging it into your PC and seeing if it registers.

hey buddy, i did that just now, saw a madkatz driver install thing pop up before it said xbox controller for windows in my device manager. works on 2df, the joystick is good, as suspected.

ok tried it on my mates xbox and same problem. am i totally alone on this one? anyone know what pcb finkle normally uses for his wired xbox joysticks, as thats who made mine. he’s not answering his email atm you see.

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Thanks for bumping my thread though, but i think i’m going to need a new pcb, think its fucked.

derrr, i mis-read and thought it said “wireless”. i’m dumb.

anyway, when you plugged it into your PC did you go into device manager --> game controllers and test each button? windows assigns each one a number. they all work?

Hi, I also have a official xbox 360 wired controller that works perfectly on the pc but does not register on the xbox. I press the big round button in the middle and it turns on the xbox and then it does nothing but flash a green ring of light.

On the bottom of the controller theres a number, X803A898-009. I don’t know if its because -009 controllers have a new wired controller pcb, or because i havent updated to NXE or if because my console is old and was made in March-2006?

Any thoughts guys?

I just had a similar problem with my pcb(madcatz4716 black shell) I desoldered the cord from the pcb and resoldered them back on. the wires are barely on there so they become loose over time. if you have any questions just pm me.

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