My youtube channel

Over christmas break, I splurged and got a new laptop and a gopro hero video camera. Already the first use and it’s gotten banged up from me not reading the directions all the way through. I noticed that my 230 dollar laptop is a pussycat handling the 1080p gopro footage, so I need to set my resolution to a lower setting. I’m going to be mostly doing car cruises around Colorado and some snowboarding. If I make it out to Japan and get a Skyline, I’ll post videos of the wangan. But for now I got me driving the west end of Denver:


Snowboard footage and mountain driving possibly this Friday.

Hmmm… Really very nice. Good sharing man. :slight_smile:


I got the go pro suction cup thing but haven’t had time to do more filming. Though I’ll have a video up driving through the Rocky Mountains next month. Not snowboarding as much so expecting maybe a web video or 2 also.

cool vid. The music went with it well.