My youtube has street fighter vids

hey, just wanted to let you all know that I have some street fighter videos on my channel. Always looking for people to interview, play matches with, record and upload videos. also looking for constructive criticism on how to increase my production and make better videos for you all to enjoy.

check it out if you are interested.

YouTube - Deluster1’s Channel

I hope you’re happy, this thread killed a kitty

No, I am not interested.

lol internet is so full of hate

helpful friendly tip:
try the fighting game sub forum, not general discussion

How bout that video forum…:coffee:

Honda fights half naked, post it in the porn thread!

hey guys which SSIV character do u think has the biggest wiener?

You meant calves, right?

As I see it.

That be Sagat yo…on both questions.

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= cKrAzY doing this

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no. i meant wiener.

what about Dhalsim? u think he can make his wiener stretch? what if Honda has the fattest wiener? Zangief? what if Blanka can make his wiener retract into his body so u can’t see it and you have to squeeze his stomach so it will pop out like a rabbit’s wiener? why is Gen wearing baggy pants?

I don’t know man, pretty sure that Hakan has the biggest calves.

I vote for Dhalsim on the biggest weiner though, and that before he uses the yoga technique. Think about it, that shit is so huge that he can’t wear regular pants, instead opting for an improvised dick bag around his waist.

my youtube has a 2 foot penis

I thought this had been a non-issue since WW, and the debut of Zang-briefs.

As I see it.

i don’t have time for interviews. sorry bro. ask mr. wizard for one. i’m sure he will for you plus it will add about 50,000 views to your vids