My Yun Avs is P.I.M.P. si o no?


Remember I’m the original vietboi. The master of avatar making. Well i just wanted all of u too see my tyte avs. 1-10. It is original.


A viet guy talking in part spanish…:lol: … umm okay… anyways its gets a 5, it got a low score cuz I dont like it but a little high score cuz I cant do it


its tight. i give it a higher score than 5 cuz i know how to do it and it is VERY time consuming. you get points for sitting there and making the lines and shit. its not hard to do, you just gotta have A LOT of patience. so…maybe about an 8. you lose points because besides the lines, the av has nothing going for it. it needs a background or something…


yeah im agreein… all its got goin for it is lines… i give it a 6


i could do better but i uninstalled photoshop and had to ues marcomedia flash. The lines didnt take that long, maybe about like 30 min or less.


I figured you did it in Flash. Any other way would’ve been too damn long.

I can’t blame it for being as simple as it is. With the line-art action you’ve got going on, it wouldn’t have turned out as well if you cluttered the avatar too much (it’s already 14K, too).


looks like a damn etch a sketch, thats not original. It doesnt even look that good, maybe turn the alpha down on em so its set in the av and not so dominant.


its just lines… i’ll give you a 5 just for the talk you did to make it seem so great.


it’s not pleasant to look at.
work like that, GETS pimped. it doesn’t do the pimping.
so it’s not P.I.M.P.
it’s more like H.O.E.

if you like something like that, then more power to you then.


i think it is pretty cool…but u need a better backround.


ummm its ok but u need sum changes…

  1. the lines look kinda random

  2. dont make the animation cover yuns face

  3. kinda plain


change the bg it’s too plain.