Mybrute - random online fighting game


Free / random fighting game.
Make your own character, level up, gain abilities/stats, etc.

Fight my brute / create your own brute:


Welcome to the party.:coffee:


Very late apparently. Thought this thing was new :sweat:


Hey i got one too :smiley:


You know a game is broken when you can make a level 99 within a day.

All of SRK should just join together and make a 99.


This is not a fighting game, you have no control


Please make this mybrute plugging a bannable offense. This shit is out of control.


there is a thread for this already in GD.


Man, so many mybrute threads.



Is that random bear a free agent or something? Or was it on Soniccomb’s payroll? Because they totally double teamed me. Doesn’t seem very fair…


it’s a pet. You gain upgrades as you level - I rolled /w herculean strength, then got axe at level 2, then the bear at level 3.