Myoungshin Fanta stick in madcatz TE

Hello everyone, i’m new in the forum, sorry if this isn’t the right section.
I would know how to mod the madcatz TE with the myoungshin fanta stick, what i need to buy precisely (Panel, Harness ecc…) or what i need to modify…
If anyone can post me a guide or even better a videoguide I’ll be happy.
I’m Sorry for my bad english, practicing with it!

Use the Sticky threads next time.
To fit a Fanta in a TE requires drilling of the metal panel to make the joystick hole bigger. An easy alternative that doesn’t require any modification to the actual case is to get a Crown stick with a flat mounting plate (either the 303FK or 307) and get a Fanta Upgrade kit (this allows the Crown to emulate a Fanta, but it is not an actual Fanta, obviously, so there will be some minute differences) from Focus Attack. If you want a simple installation you’ll also need a .187 to 5-pin converter. You can find all of this on Focus Attack.

This is surely the same guy posting these threads again and again… the writing style is almost identical.

Thank you! The .187 to 5-pin converter need to be modified too?

Can you link me these threads?

No. Just connect the .187 connectors to each direction and the 5 pins to your existing joystick cable.

The .187 work with the fanta right?

If the Fanta has .187 terminals on the switches then yes