Myoungshin fanta stick vs Crown CWJ-303N/CWJ-FK


I picked up a Crown cwj-303fk stick a couple months ago and wasn’t too happy with it. Noticed some directions were harder to hit than others. So I’m wondering if its because it was made by crown, is there a big difference between the crown sticks and the myoungshin fanta sticks?
How easy would the fanta stick go into a hrap ex se?


Before I answer you—

When you’re in a new place, do you read the signs and localize yourself before you start walking all over the place?
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I’m just asking to make a point.
You came into a forum without reading the rules… that’s like going on 1,000 mile trip without a map or GPS handy.
You’re supposed to at the very least skim through the post headings labelled “Announcements.” The Announcement heading labeled “Info Thread” has links to most topic postings and reviews on game hardware. At least 75% of what people post about has already been answered – probably anywhere from 3 to 10 years ago!

Secondly, the Korean joysticks are a somewhat heady, controversial topic and believe me, they’ve been covered… VERY recently. You can search for discussions about them with the Search engine built into the SRK Forums. Just type in the names of the parts you want to find discussions about. The Noobie “Info Thread” has tips on how to use Google to look for topic posts in case the SRK Search Engine doesn’t work well for you, too.

The latest Fanta/Crown discussion thread is here => Main differences between Myoungshin Fanta and Crown 303-FK?

And no, excepting the Crown 303FK, Korean parts are incompatible with Japanese joystick cases. Well over half the joystick market is geared towards Japanese parts and that’s not going to change. You will either have to buy a Korean joystick or make a custom case for a Fanta. It’s impractical to mod Mad Catz and Hori joystick cases for Korean parts.


Korean Joysticks are centered by a rubber grommet not a spring (like Japanese or American style parts).
That is why you have a hard time hitting corners. In this respect Crown and Myoungshin Fanta are the same.

It will not be easy. You have to make a custom top panel or modify the existing panel.

Also that the Hrap EX SE is a collectors Item, I would not even try to modify one for Korean parts at all.