Myoungshin stick,Inpinn converter, sfxt

i have a Myoungshin fanta stick for sale:25 bucks shipped

inpinn ps2 to ps3 converter: 17 bucks shipped

SFxT for 13 bucks shipped

or take everything for for 60 bucks shipped

pics posted

price drop

Price drop

I’ll take the ps360+

Ps360 sold :slight_smile:
Added sanwa mini lot

If your stick doesn’t sell and you’re willing to piece it, I’d give you $50 for the shell (white base and one of the top plates, doesn’t matter which one)

I don’t think he will take it I offered him more and he didn’t want it tho.

Anyway to separate the screw ins sanwas?

are you willing to sell the JLW separately

Added a 45 mm sanwa balltop

I’ll take take the blue jlw! Is that 20 shipped?

Bump for a great seller :slight_smile:

That balltop, does it have the LB-30N thread conversion thingy you need to.put it on a JLF?

Yes it does

I’ll give you $8 shipped for it.

Interested in the jlw(s) that you have remaining. PM sent.

Resurrection…damn Gill

Is the OP list up to date?

Yes it is man