Myrtle Beach?

Attention CvS2 players in SC

I just moved to myrtle beach from connecticut and goin to coastal carolina univeristy in august, im lookin for any players who want to get there fence painted and tossed around with multiple rising tackles. contact ASAP

Post up, is there a scene out here in Myrtle Beach? Lemme know the deal!

  1. Not really a scene in MB - a couple of players post in the Upstate and Charleston threads on occassion, but that scene died many years ago. Notice there isn’t an MB thread.

  2. Read the forum rules before posting. If you want to start this as a MB thread, that’s fine, but you’ll probably be one of the only two people posting in it :slight_smile: I’ll change the title for you.

CCU is tha shit

u will love MB

plenty of tourists to screw