Mysterious sfiv players @ PAX!


So while walking around the exhibition hall they have this set up for sfiv with these random headphones. Surprisingly there were some decent players there (played this guy that had a decent rog and sagat). I mentioned srk and he said he lurks around (should get an account and post up pimpin!). With that said this is for those random people that you get to play sfiv with wether in the console room or @ that setup in the exhibiton hall.

Ps really trying to play the san diego cat’s in some sfiv!


I played a dude on that headphones setup and perfected him twice. :\ Played some ok people in the console room but noone too amazing. I think I should change my name to FuerteJodo.





HappyStickSagat!!! or HappySagatPerson…


…C. Panda?..


This was a terrible idea.



sounds like a metal band



LMFAO, hella does.


Hmm I played a bit today at freeplay and some random setup in the LAN room. Weren’t too many good players other than this Abel I didnt know. Never seen him before today.


Was he Mexican? It might have been Leo, a GameWorks regular. SUPER nice guy.


Vega dawg
Wasp bee hive claw?


RufusPenguin :wasted:




Even more gross that people who are decent aren’t registered to chat with us.




Dhalsim Jones. :tup:


Awesim Jones?


More like watch out for El Mechanicuerte.
Saghrrk/ghrrk-li in the house. Wish I went to pax.
This thread has been derailed.

Where the pax heads at? Post up if you like street fighter 4


comin atchu with el fuerte dawg that means the strong
fuck yo ass up while i’m hittin dat bong
and it won’t take long
i’ll fuck you up worse than king kong
and i don’t mean in the beginning when he’s fuckin shit up
more like in the end on the building when he’s gettin lit up
you lookin like a little baby bout to spit up
run stop fierce dog run stop fierce
don’t even try to block - your defense i’ll pierce
fierces all day dawg, I ain’t quittin
focus attack - make sure that shit’s hittin
don’t try to step to me dawg you ain’t spittin

i’ll fuckin slap you in the face wearin a mitten


i wonder how fun PAX would be hella high…mmm next year indeed


he had lost to a sagat i played yesterday, i had lost to as well. he hada nice ken tho…bed time.


Met a ton of nice people at PAX! Loads of fun just kicking it with homies again! I’ll try not to be a stranger over the next couple months. :smiley:

As for PAX:

We had pretty much all NW SRK peeps in the Top 32, with a few peeps from out of ton that beasted to the Top 8/16. Lots of fun!

P.S. In a little while, Check out (Or something like that), I’m going to be on it (Or so they tell me) for winning the Alienware tournament they had today.

It was only 360 pads allowed, so don’t have expected these results:

1st - jalapNo - Blanka, *Honda
2nd - FrankdaDank - Bison, *Ryu, *Dhalsim
3rd - Ben - Balrog
4th - VagrantLest - Blanka, *Ken

The * means that we chose random and came out with those characters. In the Final Four, Frank (*Ryu) v. VagrantLest (*Ken) and jalapNo (Blanka) v. Ben (Balrog). Frank and Matt came up with the idea seeing as we were all on pad, we’d choose random and goof off. It came down to jalapNo (Honda) v. Frank (Dhalsim) in the finals. They were doing Single Elim, Best of 7 matches, so we couldn’t lose and change characters. :frowning:

Shit was too damn funny, I hadn’t REALLY played on a pad since March, so this shit was funny as hell.