Mystery Dreamcast Joystick


Hey guys, I recently picked this big boy up for $50 and I can’t find any kind of information about it, there’s virtually nothing out there! It’s a twinstick for the dreamcast made by Blaze, my wife and I actually love it, it’s fun being shoulder to shoulder like on a cabinet. As a collector I like to hear the story behind this stuff, like why is this thing so hard to find? Is it some sort of unofficial bootleg stick? What is it worth? Anyways someone sent me here and told me if you guys don’t know anything about it then I’ll never find any info


Ummm… I don’t know how you say there’s no information on this stick.
Just google “blaze twin joystick dreamcast” (all words you’ve used already) and you get PLENTY of hits about it.

Bottom line: it’s a generic stick made by a random company. People like the size and layout, but it’s painfully tedious to get Sanwa JLFs mounted in there properly.


Google is turning up nothing for me man, I don’t know what to tell ya. Thanks anyways I suppose


Interesting. Typing up Dreamcast Blaze Twin Joystick into google, I found this Mini Variant.


Yeah the mini seems to be more common and you can actually find some info on that


Your Google-Fu is weak my son.

There is ALOT Info on this stick, several people did hack this stick on Tech Talk years ago and did a nice write up on it

This post is 5 years old now and the image links are now all broken.

Here is some more links on the subject

Thread on the Blaze Mini Twin stick


Thanks for that dude, i shall now sift…but did you get the shoryuken links through google? I haven’t seen ANY shoryuken links on google when looking for info, honestly nothing is coming up on this joystick, just a couple of ebay links and then some dead threads where nothing of any real importance is said


Here is the trick

Type this into the Google search “what ever your looking for on SRK”

in our case it is blaze twin joystick


just wanna say the blaze mini twin stick is cute


The parts suck. And upgrading isn’t straight forward. But it’s not a terrible platform to start from.


Thanks for the info, it’s a bit of a bummer to hear that it sucks, especially since my wife and I actually dig the thing. At least it’s uncommon, so it has that going for it I suppose


Its fine, the stick and buttons are pretty good for the time, but they are not arcade quality. By today’s standards, you would need to replace them to be considered better than sub par.


I’m just glad you can enjoy gaming with your wife. Read the thread on modding it and pimp it out.