Mystery grade judge


i was at the arcade watching this guy playing street fighter 3rd strike using ryu and he got a grade that i had never seen before and i got really surprised and so did he and we both looked at each other and thought WHAT THE???.. i didnt really see it properly but i saw three massive blue coloured XXX’s that looked 3D and covered half the screen behind what seemed like an m.s.f or something im not really sure… that was after having 9 perfects in a row and i was reading this article from gamefaqs but it didnt mention any grade like that… have anyone ever seen anything like that? if so, do you know where i can obtain a picture of this grade?


i’m 100% certain that i was not hallucinating or anything… i play this game almost every time i go to the arcades and usually observe all the professionals hard at work trying to learn some of their combos and stuff… i have seen M.S.F many times before, i’ve done it around 6-7 times but only with ryu because all you need to do is select the easy to hit and parry computer characters like necro, alex, ken, sean, yang , urien and so forth ,do a careful super jump and keep doing a variety of heavy combos once the character gets up… always stun them, do a taunt, parry a few times and always finish them off with a super art… the best i have done to complete the game was 6 gold SS’s, 3 silver Xs++ , 2 A++, and i defeated Gill with an SS++, all without losing a round and achieved an overall grade of XXs+++…(that’s right, 2 X’s)… i’m sure there are higher grades that hardly anyone has ever seen but i can tell you for a fact M.S.F is most likely NOT the highest grade and what i saw the other day looked very magnificent… i have been trying to repeat what that other guy did but without success… may i suggest everyone start playing with RYU and try to achieve this grade and if u can try and capture it on camera and paste it onto this forum…



dont repost! Close this shit.


whatever dope…since when did i repost? you need to get ur eyes checked…


The highest mark in 3s is this green, black, and yellow weird thing, I’m pretty sure it looks like a bobsled. It’s a 3d one too.

Anyone else seen this?


I’m pretty sure M.S.F. is the highest. It stands for Master of Street Fighter.


I doubt there’s anything higher than MSF, or we’d hear about it sometime bwteen 1999 and now. This thread makes me kinda sad.


What the hell is the XF+ grade? It was the top CPU grade for Gill, and I saw it when the game was playing demos and high scores on the Dreamcast version.