Mystery stick story

I remember a few months back somebody had posted this up.

Just wondering what the story of it was. From the pic I can see that its connected to a PS2. Is it a concept stick, custom?

Any thoughts?

Wasn’t it mentioned in the thread that it was shown in Hori’s booth in some trade show?

Looks like a metal panel directly from a cab or something dropping into a plastic shell or some sort… Or it could be metal, but I’m going to guess plastic. I’d guess a custom stick but we’ll see what peeps know. :slight_smile: It does have the PS1 logo and stuff there, makes it come off as “official”

Damn, I remember seeing that when it was first announced. It was quite a while ago though. I’m just pissed that I don’t have anything to offer on this, sorry, but I have seen that stick before, on Tech Talk. I dont recall ever seeing any modded ones though, just the announcement pictures.
IIRC, it was supposed to be a production stick. I don’t recall the company offering it though. I think that picture was taken at one of the shows where it was announced. After that, all quiet. No idea if they did ever make it to production or not.

It’s a Sega A-Stick. It was announced and shown at TGS 2005, but cancelled before release. I remember seeing it on the show floor and saying, “Yeah, I am dropping ¥22,000 on that when it comes out.” And then it didn’t :sad:

Yes, that.

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