Mystery Stick



Has anyone ever seen this stick for Ps2? If so, is it easy to mod? what kind of parts can it hold? Is it worth anything?


^ Blaze Twinstick, moddable with 30mm buttons.

The joystick will be a more troublesome mod as arcade-quality joystick shafts will be too long and won’t allow the bottom of the case to close.


jeenyus1, from Toronto is also selling it.

#4 - wow…just wow…


Cut it in half with a soldering iron.


it says blaze right on the stick how you search next time idiot


lol its the same picture as jeenyus’s post.


I did this mod. Found the stick halfway broken for $8. Player 1 stick was shot and player 2 /\ button was dead. I recently changed the JLFs to LS-33s and mounted it with the seimitsu VF mounting plate. The JLF shaft was to long. I will add a LS-56 spring to the LS-33 since the LS-33 spring is so loose.

Also 30mm don’t drop right in. I used crown 28mm screw in buttons since happs are too long and 30mm is a lot of dremel work. 24mm work for the small holes but the original buttons where 25mm. I pluged the two start and select buttons in the center with metal hole plugs from OSH.

I had to drill out the bottom of the metal plate with a 30mm hole saw and added rubber feet to add height so the shaft bottom doesn’t touch the playing surface.

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poor rj45 cables… they were supposed to be for networking :rofl:


Cables are cables. Now help me wire these 29 coaxials that I taped together to make a project box.


That’s a really damned clean job on the Blaze mod. Thanks for posting it. It’s considerably easier than the guy who basically built a new bottom casing for it. I had one of these sticks back when they were first released and let it goes for next to nothing.


they are still networking the buttons and joystick to the pcb :looney:


Calm down the guy just had a question, not a big deal.


ya, jeenyus1 posted it on craigslist and i knew making a new thread would be the fastest way to get some info about. It was worth getting called an idiot for it :stuck_out_tongue: Now i know that i don’t want the stick since i don’t have the time required to devote to it.