Mystic Destinies : Serendipity of Aeons kickstarter


Hey this is the first visual novel scenario that actually looks very interesting (and its still in very early alpha). Anyone here like Visual Novels?
I feel this visual novel has great potential to develop into something very positive, personally emotional, and memorable.

There are some cool generous benefits for backers too.


Sounds like shit.


lmao, agreed.

Maybe try some twilight forum not sure SRK is the right target market.


Affinity is into boys I see. Clicked on this thread expecting to see tits. I leave unfulfilled.


Update!! Stretch goals being planned

Any bisexual girl or heterosexual girl would be interested in boys, but of course not something like the asshat kind.
It really is hard finding a guy that isn’t a waste of space.


Affinity has tits?

Suddenly a lot of things make since now.


i like guys and even i think this is kinda lame

like really what the hell am i looking at here

why’s everyone gotta have magic powers why can’t we have realistic expectations of men


These guys arent hot at all