Mystic Gohan Thread - Potential Unleashed


You cannot delay wake up in this case. There’s only one way to get up.

BTW the 214H must be air 214H in order to get the untechable KD. On the ground your opponent can tech.


Not a true no bar combo.

Can you guess why?



Why bro?


He needs to be Level 1 to do that. Standard Gohan Bnb in Level 1



That’s a very good combo. Thanks for sharing. 5700+ and more than 2 bars is very good indeed.


And it starts from a light. >_<


Gohan’s 2L has to be considered as an M opener. 700 damage + M move scaling properties.


For those who like to see combo annotation

2L2M5M3H J.H236L 5L(1hit) J.LMH236L 5L(2hits)3H J.MLL2H SD ML2H J.LLL

I think you can add an extra L before the last 2H.

Also forgot to add: After the first 236L on the ground you press 5L and cancel into J.LMH236L before the second hit comes out. Them after the second 236L you let the second hit of 5L come before the 3H.

That is the tricky part of this combo because AGohan 5L is a two hit animation.


Do you guys prefer him on point or anchor?

Also who do you feel are his best assists?


I think he works best as your 2nd, idea being to DHC to him and get to spend his entire health bar at least at lvl 1.

I don’t think he’s scummy enough as a can-opener to be an ideal anchor.


At Point. He can build a bar with his midscreen BnB & can get Lvl 1 with ease.


I like him on point, actually. His corner pressure is completely nuts at level 0 with assists, and having the right assists lets him set up his vortex without having to level up. I do think he’s good in any position though, this character is so damn cheap.

Best assists are any character that can give him his 214H-knockdowns, I’d say.


This. His solo no meter BnB build a bar at ease. I like him more on point to. His damage with no meter is also really good.

#49 using the corner loop to get pretty nice damages with assists.


Lots more crazy adult gohan combos


Damn leg loop outside of the corner, that’s crazy. All those without lvl 1 ender are from lvl 0 or lvl 1 gohan ?



I put gohan second because cell is too good to not have first


from the guy that made the 7.6k meterless ginyu combo.

Lv1 A.Gohan ToD, 0 meter start, sparkless.
goddamn if i ever get hit by that i’d be salty.