MZ assists

Does anyone know what Mech-Zangief attritutes are Zangief has when he comes out for an assist while in MZ form??

did you mean “attributes”? (if not just ignore this lol) well, for one they can hit him all day long, but as long as they don’t hit your point character before he starts attacking, NOTHING will stop him. (even juggernaught can be stopped with a sweep) and as always, mecha zangief takes very little damage except from beams, (keep in mind that captain corridor is considered a “beam”) so the tactic of attacking the poor little helper means nothing against this monster. against people who like to attempt rushing me down, i use his “throw” type assist. just call him out and block… they will run into MZ, and he grabs them and pounds them into the ground, giving you a chance for free hits. (projectiles work well, and supers if they have range. this is a great tactic against people who don’t expect it, and even if they do, they start to hesitate because they fear the possibility.
once they catch onto that tactic and realize that MZ still has no chance against beam-supers, like cable, when he is forced in as a point character, they try to play keep away. this is when i like to use his “ground” type assist. although it will only come out near you (ie right in front of you) as long as the point character doesn’t get hit before the spinning lariat, he will not stop. this is a great tactic against trigger-happy cable players. it goes something like this: get close to cable, at which point he panics and calls out his helper and goes into AHVB. as he starts calling out the helper however, you called out MZ and blocked. MZ takes a few hits but does not stop, juggles the helper into the air, and knocks cable out of his AHVB, juggling him too! now you punish both of his helpless characters with the most powerful super you have, or a well-executed aerial rave if you have no super meter.
as for his “anti-air” assist, i have found very little use for it, because the range and speed are REALLY crappy, and it can be slowed down and shortened even more if they hit him as they are jumping in. although theoretically, it is still unstoppable, that doesn’t mean it will connect. in my experience at least, the normal “throw” assist is still superior, even to jump-ins. just block right after calling him out, and let him do his job.