-N- Akuma

Yea, this is for any one that trying this out

Is he good in it, and can i do the raging demon

And this is a newb question but, can i do the Demon when I’m powered up (blinking yellow) and have 2 more power up (supers)???

you can only do lvl 3 supers after stock break (the power up), this groove’s pretty good for a rushdown Akuma, but C is probably better for the lvl 2 cancels and since he doesn’t really need a run or small jumps

so, which of the Shotos do u think is the best for this???

   This is my team 
       First, (shoto or Yun) ((think about Akuma or Ken))
  Second, Iori
      Third, Sagot...(do flame cuz i use Sagot)...

I’d say Ken is the best for this team.

Sagat r.2

Obviously Sagat should be your r2 because of the huge increase in the damage he deals. Ken needs to go last because he can make more use of meter and has the invincible jab DP to quickly finish off who Sagat doesn’t kill

anyone have any tips on how to consistenly use the tiger knee motion (d,df,f,uf + P) to do the air fireball with n-groove akuma?

i’ve been toying with n-groove lately, and i assume becaue of the small jump, it’s very hard to do this as opposed to c-groove.

If you have ever player MVC2 before and know how to tiger knee an AHVB the motion is pretty much the same, but when trying to Tiger Knee an Akuma air fireball, kinda delay the punch button so that the system accepts the u+f motion to get you off the ground and then tap the punch button, try using the d-pad on whatever sys you use to get the timing down and then try it using a stick, it seems to work easier that way.

thanks for the tips. i guess i’m just use to c-groove and easily pulling out that motion without having to worry about lingering around UF position. once i get off work, i’ll have to try delaying the punch button press to see how that works. i think i tried doing that before, but i just ended up jumping forward. i’ll have to try and tighten the timing to try and get it consistently.

i guess nothing beats practice. i was just wondering if there was a trick to get this to work. like small jumps for instance. i’ve never played a game with small jumps before, and i couldn’t execute them so well in a match. but after reading james chen’s cvs2 systems faq, he had a pretty good trick on getting small jumps.

basically, you do a upside down-super jump. you quickly hit up, and then force yourself to bring hte stick down, so you don’t accidentally hang around the up position too long – improved my small jumping ability considerably wihtout any practice at all. anyway, i’m getting off topic.

thanks again magneto090

To do TK Air Fireballs with Akuma in N-groove, just wait a little bit that you normally would to press the P after the TK motion. It is because of the small jump that it messes the whole thing up. You can still do TK Air FB"s, just delay the Punch button a little.