N. Chun Vs O. Ken and other questions

This is a pretty darn hard matchup for me. Even harder due to my lack of super execution at key openings. His hitbox/frames are just that good. Throw a kikoken, and he just tatsus right through it. If you block he can throw or do a high low. His srk is THE best in ST. Period. No way really getting around it other than hitting him after he’s done with it, and even then he can switch to another move VERY quickly. He’s pressure all the way and I’m not tricky enough to get around it. Little help please?

Also, I need help setting up walldive with vega. I usually either tick throw, d plus hk, or both If I’m lucky, or just poke with c mp, then dive. I know I should learn to set up ticks after blocked dives, knock down with c hk, mix up with a random forward claw (d, u, p), which knocks down, or land a roll. Any other suggestions?

Finally, about old ken. Who used him in the current sbo? There are a lot more o kens on ggpo these days. Also, whats his bnb strat?

You don’t have to answer all of it. Answer what you can.

Don’t tell me to put this in saikyo, please. If I put it there I will be directed here. And vice versa.

How is this possible. You’re not Guile or Dhalsim. Do you mean he does a juice kick to fly over your fireballs? That’s not really a solid strat on the Ken player’s part, so just adapt to that shenanigan and punish by baiting it the next time. Chun’s close st.MK is a good anti-air for stuffing jump-ins as well.

Use cr.MK when at close range. This move has very good properties, especially for stuffing shoto footsies. If the Ken you play loves whiffing DPs you should learn the timing in order to punish his recovery (yes, it is definitely punishable). Again, cr.MK is a safe way to do this, although if you react early enough you can trip him with cr.roundhouse.

You say that the Ken player is “pressure all the way”. Chun’s pressure game is arguably much better than O.Ken’s given her superior footsies and more varied options (especially with the threat of stored super). Once you get a knockdown you have numerous options. One option is crossup j.MK into cr.MK->lightning legs, or crossup into some blockstring variation that leads into a throw (keeping in mind potential reversal DPs).

One way to stop jump-ins at close range is with st.MK. Another is jump straight up with roundhouse. You can also counter fireballs at close range with this technique, by walking forwards, then baiting the fireball and jumping straight up with roundhouse as you land to hit their recovery (Nuki does this a lot, and it’s difficult for shotos to punish the neutral jump on reaction). Other things include using the neckbreaker move (df+roundhouse) to escape some pressure situations.

Here’s part of a series of vids with [media=youtube]5HtoyWuR3eE"[/media], this is a good reference for Chun vs Ken in general.

Check out: ??IIX ??? 2010/08/24 1/2 - ?? - ???

Very high level players. A N.Chun beats an O.Ken in there.

BTW, wouldn’t it be great if that guy from SF Dojo (:rolleyes:) made sections for every S2 (a.k.a. old) version of the characters in ST?

hehehe :slight_smile:

Right now what video footage (and other links) there is of top O. Chars is just jumbled in with the N. Char stuff. Most notably Honda, Hawk, and Sagat stuff.

There just isn’t enough video footage to really cover pages for just the O. characters.

In addition, currently all the vids (or at least most of them) are youtube links, and there is definitely a lot of great non-youtube videos (such as the one linked) that I wouldn’t add for their not being youtube. Youtube vids are better for the site because they (1) allow time stamps or users to skip to times they want or to “fast forward”, (2) they allow most users to read most posts or post themselves, (3) they allow me to re-up vids that get removed onto my own channel and then easily re-linked, (4) it is easy for me to save vids from youtube to hard drive so I have them in case I want to re-up them, (5) etc. (I’m sure I am forgetting other reasons)

I have on occasion found videos I really liked/needed that weren’t youtube and I ended up grabbing them via a cache program or other means, sometimes cropping them to desired size or specific footage, and then upping them to my channel to have em for my site. But that kind of process is really a time killer, and is not conducive to getting volume done.

Right now my plans for the site in the shorter term are to finish off the data gathering for a SF3 section, then update the ST section (got tons of stuff on my xls page I work from that isn’t on the site).

A SSF4 section would be great, but (1) the players still aren’t far enough along the games learning curve, and (2) I have no interest in creating a section for it only to have a new version come out and make it obsolete. An HDR section would be cool, but (1) mostly there is just not enough volume of high level footage out there, and (2) for most characters players are better off learning from top ST players anyway.

Thanks for the (comprehensive) reply, man!

I agree about SSF4 (S4). S4 made SF4 obsolete, no questions asked; SF x Tekken will make S4 obsolete, no questions will be asked, and so on. Just another reason to stick to ST.

IMO N.Ken vs Chun is 4-6 in Chun favor and O.Ken vs Chun is 5-5.

Ken can’t go through chun’s fireballs with tatsus, sometimes is possible but as a shenanigan, the only way that ken can go through chun’s fireballs is with psychic shoryukens and that my friend need a lot of practice, O.Ken has deadly fireball speed for zoning and fireball traps and invulnerable shoryukens but Chun has the tools to deal with him.

If you’re in a fireball war, don’t jump as soon as you think you have the chance to get close to him, just turtle a little longer, cause novice chun players tends to jump over fireballs EVERYTIME they think they have the chance to get close, if you do that all the time, sorry to tell you this but you have a pattern, and patterns means punishment, in that case, you’re going to swallow a lot of shoryukens all day long.

Chun has better pokes, short kick as an aerial move is nasty, throw range and priority is huge and she has nasty tick throw and loops, take advantage of that.


  1. Try not to jump over fireballs all the time.
  2. If ken has been knocked down, stay close to him and wait for a reaction srk or reversal srk, get away from him then get close as fast as you can and throw him or crouch roundhouse as zaspacer said, if he insist again with a srk, repeat again.
  3. Learn Pokes, Chun has awesome pokes.
  4. Learn chun spacing, chun covers a lot of window space with her fireballs and aerial short kick.

I suggest to watch some otochun vs aniken videos.

btw… if you want some Ken vs Chun practice, you can find me on GGPO all days starting 9:00 pm til 10:30 pm CT, my ggpo id is the same as here and everywhere.

Feel free to ask me whatever you want for tips and hints.


For those of you wanting to fight a beastly n ken phil is your hombre.
para estos que quierren pelear un ken nuevo muy bueno, philcito es su hombre.

for the rest of you, o ken has some awesome range on srk. you dont have to jump really to get hit by it at all. maybe im seeing things but the tatsu went through em i thinks.

err juice kick? what? you mean the special kicks? hk?

Have we played already? lol, you didn’t introduce yourself bro, next time tell me you’re TNB and i’ll switch to old ken.

anyway, ggs.

Im on ggpo playing O.Ken most of the time TNB k. If I see ya give a challenge =P

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I’m dogboy on ggpo. Hence the smug dog avi.

Don’t remember playing vs. Old Ken anymore.