N-cubed 05 results for GGXX#R and 3s

3s:14 players

1st Jammar-Ne
2nd Cameron-Ne
3rd Butch-Ne
4th Datrick-Ne
5th Eric-Chicago
5th Simon-Ne
7th Shohaib-Mo
7th Mike-Co
9th David-Ne
9th Stacy-Ne
9th Nick-Mo
9th Shekeib-Mo
13th Ben-Ne
13th Eli-Ne

GGXX#R 14 players

1st AKA-Mo
2nd David-Ne
3rd Jammar-Ne
4th Simon-Ne
5th Keith-Ne
5th Andrew-Mo
7th Travis-Ia
7th Eric-Chi
9th Nick-Mo
9th Datrick-Mo
9th Kyle-Chi
9th Black Snake
13th Mike-Co
13th Andrew M-Ne

Sadily not enough players for CvS2:sad: It was a fun and nice to see some new faces this year. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that showed up. SSBM had a lot of players in it,I think more than 3s and #R did:xeye:

Hope all of u had fun and see u next year:karate:

Jamarr, please beat me less.

Simon, I’m thinking of setting our match to shitty breakbeats and calling it “Dizzy throw combos, vol. 1.”

Come to Missouri.


Great tourney…ok good tourney, had fun must do it aGAIN SOON. Mike I gt in touch with ya.


weres my match vids :frowning:

I am getting them uploaded. 1.my family came down with the stomach flu=little time to upload vids.2- my internet had probs for a few days and was shut down. now I cant get sound on the vids,I have the one of u and travis on my comp,just no sound.=/

I sometimes hate windows XP:lol:

AKA for liFE~


sorry to hear about ur family, the flu sucksors. if u want ill take the vid withough sound, u dont have to og through all that touble to get sound for me, i wouldve got it on my cam, but my battery went out and i didnt have any extras :frowning:

that’s coo. I went through the tapes and found out the sound dosent matter. U cant hear #R and all u do hear mainly is the music from SSBM:lol: so unless u guys want to hear the “wonderful” music to SSBM,the no sound is coo anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering who is posting these matches. I was also assuming there will be no sound at all on the matches right and will I be able to get them from here?

Later OH YEAH!!!

right now I am trying to get them on combovideos.com. I can let people upload them via-AIM or IRC. Just let me know in a PM if interested until the prob loading onto combovideos is fixed.

Since I don’t wanna bother making a new thread, I’ll do this here.

N-cubed was a great time and I had lots of fun! Some brief shoutouts even though they’re a little late (my bad!):

David: Dude, I always love playing you. Such good comp, your Slayer and Sol are off the hook, and whenever Slash comes out you and I are going to be testing hemma shit. Thanks for the crazy hookup on your place the night before the tourney. Hope to see you at MWC!

Simon: You’re really good. As far as I’ve seen, I believe you have the best Dizzy in the midwest, so good shit. Please stop airthrowing everything I do, holy shit! :wink: I’m looking more into 3s, and I’m enjoying it, at least after I stopped tearing about some things. Good games that one night, lots of insanity!

Jamarr - “This is…upsetting!” We had some great games man, and next time I hope we get to chill more. Maybe someday you’ll stop mistaking me for Chris, hahaha. Love to see you at MWC. Peace.

Travis - You showed me a great time over Thanksgiving and I really appreciate it. Hemma food! Your Venom has really come along too man, especially that one night you hada 15 game streak! That’s nuts! Remember that the better you get at a game, the harder your problems are to diagnose. My only real advice to you is to throw more, and use more iMS and you’ll be ready for Cheapville. Tell Kara that I appreciate her putting up with me.

Blacksnake - Welcome to mixup city, population me, shiot! I’m listening to your Venom, and I think that between you and Travis it would be hard to tell who’s is better due to the different styles you guys have. Good shit showing me that guitar game, it’s pumped up! Guitar dudes forever!

Bob Washington - Good shit this weekend all around, you’re always a great guy to have around in any case. Casuals were fun, and you’re really switching to Ky for Slash eh? Well, so it begins! See you in Chicago.

Slayer from Chicago - Sorry, I don’t think I ever caught your name man. You show a lot of promise and your execution is off the hook, so good shit. Hope to see you at MWC soon.

KLT - You had a good showing man, but maybe you burnt yourself out before the tourney? I really enjoy chilling and playing with you man, so I hope to see you at the next big one! Remember, you mountain folk love command syrup.

Keith - Close match in the tourney, and good games in what few casuals we played. Dinner at Village Inn was QUITE dumb, as you say the most random things, but it was hilarious. I pump it up. Peace chief

To everybody - It was a huge blast to play with everyone that weekend, and reminded me how much I like everybody who came. I hope to see everybody again at MWC, and just remember…GEHTTY!


characters used, people asked so here ya go.

1st Jammar-Ne Chun
2nd Cameron-Ne Alex,Yang,Ryu,Ken,MAKOTO
3rd Butch-Ne Alex,Urien
4th Datrick-Ne Ryu,Ken
5th Eric-Chicago Chun
5th Simon-Ne Dudley,Ken
7th Shohaib-Mo Q
7th Mike-Co Makoto
9th David-Ne Ryu,Hugo
9th Stacy-Ne Chun,Yang
9th Nick-Mo Ken?
9th Shekeib-Mo Hugo
13th Ben-Ne ?
13th Eli-Ne who cares

GGXX#R 14 players

2nd David-Ne Slayer,Eddie
3rd Jammar-Ne,Pot,Jam,Johnny
4th Simon-Ne Slayer,Dizzy
5th Keith-Ne SOL
7th Eric-Chi Faust?
9th Nick-Mo Slayer
9th Datrick-Ne SOL
9th Kyle-Chi Slayer
9th Black Snake Venom
13th Mike-Co ?
13th Andrew M-Ne ?

Guilty was actually pretty fucking cool to look at. I admit that was nuts.


3 Venoms in one tourney? wtf?

Any word on when vids will be available?

I know like I said it was nuts. For how long he was locking down peeps he still got beat up some how. Boggles me. But I’ll check on the vids for ya.


Two; I played Bridget all the way through – this is Andrew from MO. Nick from MO played Axl. I think Eric played a couple of characters, as far as I know his main is Pot and he plays Slayer on Bridget but I could be wrong. Mike from CO plays May, I don’t remember who Andrew M played. Shohaib from MO plays Hugo, Shekeib plays Q.

Thanks for the extended results Cam.