N-cubed Results as they happen

N-cubed just start, can you guys post the results as they happen, you know who beat who and stuff, the 3S singles are today.

COOL. thanks!

Yes I would appreciate this, I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.

On a side note (for the very few who might care.):

I should have been there but academic issues arose that wouldn’t allow me to participate (well I could have gone but it would effect my chance of getting a good scholarship), so I burned my N-cubed money on E-bay auctions and school books. :frowning: :mad:

But DAMNIT I WILL make it next year! Cause I’m fvckin sick of sitting on the side-lines! :mad:

After all the shit talking that was said in here don’t forget to post BloodUrien’s Sean vs. Pyrolee’s Yun best of 10 results. :lol:

so whos winning? ill bet my friend 500 dollars that ricky ortiz wins the mk5 tournament

From what jason cole said on #capcom, 3s japanese players were beasting on everybody. Surprisingly, bucktooth made it to the final 8 along with the japanese players. Don’t ask me for details, that’s all jason cole had to say.

Apearently there were 8 players from japan, don’t know who they are though.

One word can only describe this tournament. Unbelievable.
The 3s comp was off the hook! 42 Players from the United States. And 8 from Japan.

Here’s the results.

1st Izu (Osaka, Japan) (Makoto)
2nd Chikyuu (Necro/12)
3rd KSK (Alex)
4th Mester (Ryu, Ken, Yun)
5th Frankie (SoCal) (Ryu, Ken)
5th FlashG (Ken, Chun)
7th Datrick Orr (Nebraska) (Alex, Ryu)
7th Jamarr Lewis (Nebraska (Necro, Oro)
9th Kyosuke (Japan) (Remy, Urien)
9th Pyrolee (SoCal) (Yun)
9th Mike Watson (SoCal) (Ken, Ryu)
9th Butch Pierce (Nebraska) (Hugo, Alex, 12)

Some highlights. KSK beats Cameron Buckner in one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. Alex vs Urien, Alex vs Alex. This was a grudge match, but KSK comes out on top

Pyrolee sends INO to the losers. Jamarr from Nebraska eliminates INO. In one of the most exciting matches of the night. Jamarr Necro/INO Urien. Both players have no life left. INO jumps in on Jamarr and parry’s the entire magnetic storm super and wins a round. Crowd goes crazy. Jamarr triumphs.

Kyosuke beats Cameron. Frankie beats Kyosuke from Japan. Datrick beats Pyrolee. Frankie beats Datrick. Jamarr beats Watson. FlashG beats Jamarr. Mester beats FlashG. KSK beats Mester. Chikyuu beats KSK. IZU wins undefeated.

We had a japanese stick installed on the left side of one machine. However it wasn’t up to par, so Japan played on our sticks, which they actually preferred! Their execution was still 97%! at least. The stuff they did tonight was unbelievable…INO had the sickest Urien I’ve ever seen. Right up there with Tokido. He’d get u in the corner with Aegis, if it connected, he’d start raining down a barrage of Knee Drops until you died. There was no escape. IZU’s Makoto was terrifying. I’ll just leave it at that. Everyone on Japan was too good for words. They put on quite a show!

This was the first actual 3s tournament they have entered in the United States, and everyone on their team was very impressed with all the skill displayed by the guys from the U.S.

We are all very thankful that Team Japan came out to our tournament. Everyone was so nice. We hope you guys can come back next year! I’m sure it will be even bigger.

Super Turbo was changed to Round Robin format. It will finish up tomorrow. (saturday)

More results to come. Thanks to everyone who played!

Omg… Japan is that crazy heh? Oh well, good luck to the boys from Socal!!! Woo hoo, Victor kick their butts! :wink:

Good job to all of the USA players.:cool: Is mester a japanese player? Also who was the japanese girl that was suppose to come? Good job FlashG represent that right coast fool.:cool: Good job to jamarr also. I got a chance to met him and he’s mad cool peeps.:cool:

so have they decided whos better between cali and nebraska?

yaya 3s, parry that shit!!

Japan is too good… man when are they ever gonna visit T.O…


chikkyu is the man, seriously. go 12!

did the bad japanese stick get replaced or did it stay there and you guys played on different machines?

hurray for socal! :smiley: lets see some more socal wins.

INDEED! It was super cool seeing him use Necro all night, but man, when he picked 12 and was doing some bizarre shit everybody was just stunned! Even if he did lose that match with Izu when he picked 12 it was just too cool seeing him fly over Izu’s Makoto as if he was just throwing out random shit, but no doubt he knew what he was doing (probably the only person who knew what he was doing too)!

I’m still amazed by what I saw last night, now to go back to the center and watch Japan own us all in CVS2, and some more 3S.

I couldn’t be more impressed with Frankie 3S. Not just for being the highest placed American there, but for perfecting Datrick…DAMN!

And Vic’s dudley = too good. I don’t see short, short, supers pulled off with dudley often.

In case anybody is interested in the T4 results:
1st: Them (Jin, Lee, Paul) Colorado
2nd: Kuni (KUMA/PANDA) Tokyo, Japan
3rd: Me (King, Bryan, Nina)

Them had to resort to some truely cheap shit on Kuni’s Kuma. I’m not taking any respect away from Them, its just Kuni’s Kuma was super good. If you didn’t resort to super cheap shit against it, you would lose, it is that simple.
And again, props to Them for representing the skills of Colorado in T4.

good shit joe. I knew u can do it. Its a good thing that me and saeng didn’t show up


Awesome results!

Props go out to Frankie and FlashG for getting 5th good show guys.

I really wish I could have made it. :frowning:

There will be a video/dvd made of this tournament correct?

Come next year do you think Japan will make an appearance again? I know it’s extremely early to ask this question, but I can;t help but ask. ^^;

Yay! Aren’t they great?

Team USA 3 vs Japan 5on5 Results

USA - 13
Japan - 12

:eek: :eek: :eek:

USA was Frankie (ryu), Watson (ryu), Pyrolee(yun), Vic Vance(dudley), FlashG (chun)
Japan was Chikyuu (Necro), Riri (Yang), Masagi (Dudley), Kyosuke(Chun), Izu (makoto)