N e warriors in here!

ok i see nexislee but i gots to know who is good up in hear and if you wanna play sometime…
i spam ranked all the time so i aint hard to find so holla at me!!

you really should play offline thats where all the true competition is at

well i wish i could play everybody but sadly all my best competition lives over a 1000 miles away so… shout out to rylflsh and kbeast but ya i live in oklahoma and i think im the best here…so just lookin for new comp is all


You should come out to the Max Out tournaments in Kansas City. We had 14 or so for TvC yesterday and the set up there is hype as hell! PM if you want to make it happen. The next Max Out is on October 2nd.

man that sounds like a great idea!!! october 2nd… ill try my best to see wat i can do to get out there to play you guys KC shouldnt be but a 5-6.5 hour drive so…

thanx kurasa!!

No problem dude. Hope to see you there! :tup:

well iono why the random shout out to me but thnx :tup:


i just have the best games agianst you guys so i figured why not shout out a couple of good rivals heh heh i mean while i was talkin about good rivals i guess…shout out to emperor and bigboss lol naw but wow i guess that answers my question about good players up in SRK i see a few i consider to be the best have hit up this thread!! and now i know about tvc tourneys close to home , ya!!

success :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for the shoutouts, strait_up! Hope you find some good competition with Kurasa’s TvC crew!

no prob Rflush , yea im sure to find more than enough comp with anything that has to do with kurasa