N-Groove Chun Li

This thread is designated specifically for N-groove Chun Li. Although it is debated that her best groove is C/N/A, i feel that N groove gives her more offensive options (duh!) that help to land her level 1 supers. Also, her mixup game involving short jumps after a successful level 1 super is pretty insane. Just check out dj-b13’s Chun Li vid if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, I’m pretty new to N-Chun. I used to always play A-groove Chun Li, until i realized that just isn’t her best groove, and since she’s my best character, I felt the switch was necessary.

Here’s my two main questions so far.

  1. I’ve read the old Chun Li thread, and I remembered Gandido mentioned how much short jump adds to her overall ground game. Can someone elaborate on this? I know low jump headstomp is an instant overhead, and low jump lk/mk is relatively safe for poking. I know she can also pull a pseudo-shoto rushdown using her crouching jab because it has decent frame advantage, and one hit crouching jab goes into crouching strong, into level 1 super. What else?

  2. I’m having some combo troubles with her short jump. I was basically wondering what is the easiest way to combo short jump lk/mk, RH Lightning Legs (2 hits), Crouching mp, level 1 super? My biggest problem is getting the RH Lightning Legs to connect. When you input the 5 kick presses, does ONLY the last one have to be RH to get RH legs? Do ONLY RH legs work? Should I do short jump lk or mk? Is there an easier alternative:lol:?


Some answers to 1 and 2:
SM.jump crossup with short is good. U could do SM.jump down + mk xx short. Crossup short xx rapid kicks. To do the rapid kicks, sm.jump with short then roll ur fingers across the buttons before u land , the kicks will come out. U can combo the kicks xx down strong xx kick super. (the rapid kicks should hit for 2 hits _all of it should combo in). Running down jabs is really good. U could go into spinning bird kick trap with this or mix it up with both. Sometimes i like to do sm.jump rh to throw ppl off, its okay but don’t do it to much. You could confuse ppl by applying all the pressure from above^(the stuff i typed), then all of a sudden just sm.jump w/o attacking and throw them, (Don’t do it alot).

good stuff. with the short jump lk into RH legs, do they NEED to be 2 hits of RH legs to combo into the crouching mp, level 1 kick super?

if that’s the case, would you drum your fingers (to get 3 kicks), then double tap RH to get the last 2 kicks to get the 5 kicks inputted and RH legs?


Yes u would have to get 2 hits to combo in . and yes you would have to drum ur fingers. But u actually have to tap Kick 5 times to get the rapid kicks then combo off that.

Actually, I’m beginning to find S-Groove as Chunny’s best groove…if in the right hands.:cool:

I like her in K.

Her best groove is C. Period. Why? she can do 10000 damage from anywhere on the screen with a lv 3 bar as r1.

Provided you’re capable of pulling it off. When competitions hot those big a** are rare but still do-able. I play with smaller combos and more mind game but if you can do it, more power to you man.:cool:

Whoa whoa whoa. how is chun li that good in S-groove? i’m not saying you’re wrong or anything, but her biggest asset is her incredibly damaging level 1 supers. and since you either have to charge it up or wait until you’re practically dead to use them, i don’t see how. her dodge attacks must be damn good then…please elaborate, cuz chun li’s my girl and i’ve been thinking about S-groove seriously lately:)

true, but in N-groove, one combo’d level 1, sj hk/headstomp, high/low mixup into another level 1 is OVER 10,000 damage. and that cancel isn’t THAT easy to pull off in the clutch, as shintegra has pointed out. it’s all player preference i guess.

and i personally think K-groove is chun li’s worst groove. unless you can just defend like a fiend, her supers are just never available when you need them, and you only get level 3’s.

S-Chun wastes her momentum in charging up her meter. While dodge attack kick is pretty good (beats low hits and knocks down), it comes out relatively slow, which kills it IMO. Her best bet is to be in Red lifebar and get infinite level ones, but having to wait for just that isn’t the best choice. I used to play S-Chun/Cammy/Ryu, and I found out that it just doesn’t go with her as much as all the roll grooves do. Plus, her RC’s go really well with her. Having s.strong with a permanent super on you is a tool that S-Groove lacks. They can just turtle up whenever you charge.


Yeah it is. You just press buttons (you don’t even have to be fast) and move the stick. She has the most leinient cancels in the entire game.

All that only sounds good on paper though. Certain (and common) characters can get out of that high/low, 50/50, whatever situation for free every time.

what characters can do that and how? i’m just saying that C-chunners isn’t the best chun li “period” as Keyser_Soze1112 asserted. one big combo where the timing is easily botched, or 2 level ones comboed, either successively by mixup or at different times- it’s all player preference.

S-Groove Chunny…

Heh, this is why I said she has potential if in the right hands. :slight_smile: I’m not saying that it is her best groove just yet but I’ve been thinking ways to make her more formidable in S-Groove.

Chun-Li is obsessed with Level 1’s. S-groove allows you to manually control the charge of her Level 1 supers so charging becomes a No. 1 priority, always in this groove. ShadowKnife’s right. Chun sacrifices alot of offensive momentum for the sake of charging. She practically wants to avoid the face-to-close range position altogether as she is only a threat at that position when she wields a Level 1.

For characters who like to keep out (like Dhalsim & Chang), charging is easy since they are very stationary and like to remain from the Half-to-Full screen distance. But for a close range fighter to charge, they must fight for it. Continuously retreating when in need of charge makes alot their fights very fast paced. Chun-Li has excellent foot speed, a floaty a** jump and half-screen back dash. She is also armed with Dodge and Small Jump so mobility isn’t that much of a problem for her.

At the sacrifice of some of her offense, Chun-Li’s Defensive options increase IMO. She becomes more balanced out (50/50) and can fight the Full to Half-Screen positions a whole lot better (which is where Chun is usually stuck at when fighting good zoning characters like Sagat & Yamazaki or against characters where she would like to keep her distance such as Blanka & Ground-Controlling Shotos)…

-When at Full to Half Screen, it is usually safe for Chun-Li (or any character) to charge. If the opponent has a technique that can hit you, you can Dodge it on reaction and countinue charging (hopefully it’s not a grab -_-). If the opponent turtles, it makes it all the more better for you. Your gaining meter and they’re not 'cause they have to perform actions to charge and it will not be at the accelerated pace of S-Groove’s charge unless it is a fellow S-Groover. And when Chun is charged, she is now even more of a threat at the close-to-half screen range, she’s 15% stronger than she once was and she’s armed with Run, Dodge & Small Jump.

-In this groove, Low Roundhouse xx Kikosho isn’t so much of a waste of meter as in other grooves. It pushes them Full screen distance and she recovers faster that they do. So she can immediately begin charging again and gain 60%-100% meter back. Perfect for retaliation or distance anti-air.

-Ground-wise, Chun-Li can now use her Hoyoukusen defensively. Dodge > (Punch) Counter Attack xx Hoyoukusen = :evil:

-Also, charging leads to massive mind games. If the opponent does not stop her from charging, they have to deal with both the Hoyoukusen and Kikosho supers. And when the opponent is constantly trying to stop a very mobile Chun-Li they are vunerable to alot of attacks. She can also play around with her charges to the point where the charge can activate in their face so time wouldn’t be wasted trying to get in.

-Chun-Li WANTS to be in Power Condition (Red Life) so there is really no reason for Chun to exceed a Ratio 1 setting (less HP means she can get in “Red” faster). And since she should always attempt to maintain a Level 1, the 15% increase in damage from being charged makes up the majority of the other 18% a Ratio 1 charater lacks to dealing Ratio 2 damage (James Chen FAQ : R1 does 82% damage & R2 does 100% damage). She temperarely deals out near R2 damage.

-She has Neutral Small Jump Roundhouse for overall uses. :slight_smile:

In this groove, Chunny is like Rolento. She runs away to get charged, but once near charge she can play similar to N-Groove with the exception of Roll. She does lose the RC which is a big asset but she can still fight in this groove pretty good. Instead of Chun going to the opponent, the oppenent is coming to Chun. Very fast pace and lots of mind games due to having to worry about both Dodging & Power Building.:wasted:

Please debate. What do ya’ll think?

I ALWAYS keep a level 1 for defensive purposes. Remember kids, it can still go past fireballs like in 3S, although the timing is obviously much stricter. This can randomly turn the tide on a match, and works pretty well for sweep xx FB characters (unless we’re talking about Guile or Athena, whom recover before the super is able to hit them -_-)


Amen to that.:cool:

damn shintegra, excellent points. i also like how you bring up the point of chun li’s predictability as a problem, but how S-groove would alleviate most of that with its more fast paced, mind game oriented style.

EXACTLY…i don’t see HOW people can use her in k-groove EVEN IF U CAN JD LIKE A FIEND!!! so what if you JD, what are you gun do, trip’em? chun-li needs access to supers…k-groove is the direct opposite of that.

lol, that’s too good.

but if you just defend really well, you could get a level 3 really quick. then you could anti-air kikosho (deep of course), or cr hk AA into kikosho. or you could just rushdown and hope to get the super comboed into.

K-groove still sucks for chun li though.

i’ve been playing S chun lately and she is a beast. Her dodge knockdown attack is too good, and since she doesn’t need to roll or jump often S groove isn’t to bad for her. When she gets into desperation mode is when she shines. She can abuse c.lpx2,c.lkxxqcfx2+p, if it’s blocked she is completely safe. I have had so many matches were at the beginning of the round i’m in deseperation mode and my opponent has a full life character and i end up winning becuase of one landed super. After she lands a super people tend to turtle against her, so that gives u the advantage that u need. And she can also combo a lvl. 3 into a lvl 1 super in the corners, and most of the time if u rush with chun your opp. will be in the corner so that’s definitely a plus. But i still like her in N groove, even though she doesn’t need the roll i like it becuase it gives her a little more mobility and plus she can still do that lvl 3 into lvl 1 combo.

Here is my tier listing of grooves for chun:

personally i don’t like her in C groove all that much, but she can deal a lot of damage with her cancels

Edit: i forgot to add that when chun is in red life, every time u hit your opponent u should always buffer into qcfx2+p since she’s safe, this adds a lot of pressure to your opponent and mix it up with sbk traps. chun is just too good

your groove rating seems pretty jacked up to me. i’d go…


any RC’ing groove for chunners > S-groove

and that’s being extremely generous to S groove. i think P is barely above S groove, but that’s obviously debatable. RC’ing SBK’s and Lightning Legs adds immensely to her game. A is definitely above S, because she still has roll cancels, plus her ground CC is from 7600-8000, and her AA is very versatile, and still gets a little over 6000.