N Groove Hibiki Questions

Well ive recently seriously tried to pick up Hibiki. I figured I might as well learn another character while im here in Iraq and I wanted to learn her anyway.

Ive noticed so far that her standing strong and ducking strong are good poking tools, although the standing strong seemed to be getting outprioritized alot at maximum range.

Am I utilizing the s.s wrong and at what range is it most effective.

Also ive been able to what appears to look like I can do a combo out of the standing strong but im not sure if thats actually factual or just luck.

Also the best combo I have for her right now is, ducking short x2 into qcf + p. What is her most effective combo and about how much damage does it do.

How effective is her command parry.

Does her standing fierce really have any use? Im talking about when your up next to them. Its what ive been using to punish whiffs when I dont have meter.

How good is her ducking roundhouse? It seems to have range but bad recovery.

What is the best way to utilize her supers.

I seem to have alot of problems with small jumps and getting inside of people, whats the best way to do, counteract that?

I know its alot of questions but im just trying to learn. An help is appreciated, Peace.

From Heat via Aim:

her s.strong is most effective at max range and just a little inside max range

her bnb is c.short x3, c.lp xx slash

you can super off her command parry

s.fp is hell good anti air probably one of the best in the game

use c.fp to punish wiffs it has more range

best way to utilize supers is, the dash super combos, you super off command throw

you shouldnt have problems with small just just s.fp

jump Rh is good for getting in

also if you want to get in just use your small jumps with i think its mp has good priority and range

oh and her c.rh is not good hahaha


Hmm I was getting out poked from her max strong range. Could have been my timing was alittle off ill play more and see.

Question on the BnB though, there have been times that I have connected the qcf + p and they still punished me for it, any particular reason for this.

Which super are you refering to, both of them.

Ive had people go right over my s.fp when I used it as AA.

What use does the dash super combos have though, do they counter moves or are they used for guard block if blocked.

J.Rh gets me AAed even on a sj

on the BnB, ya there are some people that can punish you even if your slash hits…most of the time its when they have super, but not everyone can do it…bison can punish with psycho crusher and cissor kick even if he doesnt have super…you just got to find out who can punish, i dont know the specifics for everyone, but for the people you know just do the BnB and do not end it with the slash…

i might have been a little unclear on the supers…so off the counter thing that hibiki has you can do the one hit grab super and hit them out of the air…

the dash super i was talking about was the one where she just dashes accross the screen, not the one where you have to input commands in order for it to keep going…so what you can do is like c.lk x2 or 3 and dash super and it combos…and it works good in N groove since you have level ones…

i dont know what you mean by i had people go over my s.fp…never seen that happen…i thought s.fp was also anti across up but im not sure…

sj.rh you have to time it where you end up using it as a cross up since its hit looks weird to me anyway…for some reason Buk does a good job of using this and not getting anti air :lol: maybe he can share his secret…

maybe Buk can shed some light on this hes the n-groove hibiki expert…haha…

actually i dont if he wrote a faq on n-hibiki…you might want to check under his sig and see if he did, it would be more helpful than i am…because i dont even use hibiki i just know all this from playing against her…

im outi


close s.fierce is anti-crossup, sorta. Not against meaty crossups of course, but not many normal moves are good in that situation.

If you do s.fierce too early or something and get far s.fierce when they’re trying to cross you up, maybe they can go over… but really, it should work against most jump-ins just fine.

Deadly rave super is for combos, dash super is the easy mode way to follow up on successful counters. Blackout super is the flashier, more damaging way to follow up on successful counters.
Deadly rave is also a decent random super. Safe on block, most damaging super on hit… dash super is the next best thing, but it’s horribly unsafe.

Forgive my ignorance but Deadly Rave is the super that turns the screen white and does like 50% if their close?

If thats not right then I have a question about the super I’m talking about (Foward, Half Circle Foward P)Can I guaranteed combo someone into super? If so how?

Deadly Rave is the manual super. Pretty much every time you hit it, you want to do the 2nd path, stop before the QCF+RH, and then do close s.RH XX QCB+fierce XX QCF+fierce/dash super

Blackout super isn’t really a reliable combo super, except off a counter. In which case it’s the best option- dash super is easier though.