N-Groove Iori



Hey, can anyone out there give me some tips with N groove. I’m not quite used to Iori with a run. So any tips would be great.



that’s a really good faq on n-groove iori. i also just picked up n-groove, and i found it a good read. breaks down the priority of each move, and goes through some good strats.

the iori bnb thread is also good for just combo’s, so btwn those 2 i think you should be covered pretty well.


okay… thanks…

i don’t really have a problem with the BNB’s and supers. my main problem is just learning the run cause i’ve been using C groove for so long.

and is it a bad idea these days to run after a reppuken because of the mass amount of RCer’s out there?

Killer is Dead



that link doesnt work, so is there actually any help that people could give out there…


Copy and paste it into your browser’s URL line.