N-Groove newb questions


Since I’ve been hearing alo about how N-Groove is great, I’ve decided to detract a bit from K-Groove, and try my luck in this one. I just have a few questions…

Other than Yamazaki, who else is good in N-Groove?
What makes N-Yama so special anyway?
You can only pull off a super after you “activate”, right?
How much % does your damage go up once "activated’?
What is this RC’ing I hear about, what the hell does it do? I think I’ve done it by accident a few times.
Would you consider it better than K-Groove, in terms of what abilities are available to you?

Forgive my ignorance. :rolleyes: Thanks.


iori makes a crazy N player.

rcing is cancelling a roll into a special in order to have partial or full invincibility during the special animation.


eckostyle: who is that in your avatar? it looks like seungmina to me but i dont’ think it is since she’s blonde.


I like Hibiki on N groove.

Mostly because if I charge up (going for her level 3 super) I get to get some good damage in there before I go for it. Also, if I have a red light in reserve, I can counter (hcf+k) and then use her rushing super. Kinda cool I guess, I don’t really play her on that groove anymore, but that might help


I’m pretty sure that’s the blond chick from the Last Blade series. I forget her name though.


It’s Yuki from Last Blade 2.