N Groove or C/A Groove

When it comes to usin’ Vega as the pokin’ battery character he is I usually stick to CAPCOM grooves such as C & or A and switch off but how is N does that one take the gold over the other grooves or not espcially as far as meter building go or could it depend on who your teammates are because I’m a big Vega user and I kinda wanna get good wit him and is Blanka good wit him since Vega can build bar for him since Blanka isnt exactly the best bar builder and once Blanka has all that bar will u know the rest cause its Blanka and I also happen to be a big Blanka player.

blanka builds meter insanely fast. vega in n has run and low jump. that’s that.

It’s true, whiffed electricity’s and his bnb combo build pretty fast meter.

I <3 Vega on point for a-groove because he builds meter fast, some of best pokes in the game IMO, if you do get meter, his a-groove combo is relatively easy to do and does enough damage to get the job done.

on an unimportant note

i finally did c. fp, level 3 claw super, im happy :smiley: