N-Groove 'pop tricks'... what exactly does this refer to?

What technique or property is being refered to when someone talks about ‘pop tricks’ in N-groove? I’ve used the search and found next to nothing. Thanks in advance.

It is when you make “explode your groove” (Fierce+RoundHouse) and do a super immediatly. You get sort of invicibility. Its like activation in A when somebody jumps at you. It’s a trap^^

Correct me if i am wrong^^

IIRC, you get no invincibility frames when you pop N groove. You sit there for I think a couple of frames vulnerable with no recvoery frames I think. What it is good for is that it is so fast that many people can’t react to it, so that’s when you got pop into RD, or a combo stop and pop into super. It’s more or less of a gimmick.

When you power-up, your character goes through an power-up animation (which is 20 frames long). It’s possible to cancel the power-up animation into a special/super from the 9th frame on. There are certain situations where you can use this trick to punish stuff on reaction with a lvl 3 super.
N-groove power-up has no invincibility, but in certain situations if you anticipate a laggy move you can power-up and then cancel the power-up animation into a lvl 3 super, in which case the start-up invincibility of the lvl 3 super will allow you to go through your opponent’s move.

Check Buktooth’s system’s guide for detailed info.

Interesting. I didnt realize i could cancel it earlier. I’ll toy with it, even though I should just stop playing N groove!

power up, throw is almost guaranteed also if you’re close.

give up N-groove adam, there’s easier and better options, lol. if i get my car fixed, i’m definitely going to try to hit up the tourney josh is throwing in november. it’ll be good to see all you guys again.

I’m poop at RCing, so I need to just switch to K or P. Thats a hard choice for me, because K gives me the low jump AND the run (i love run), but i have to warn people my super is coming and im weak at just defense… and P gives give me the low jump and im better at parrying, but super builds SO slow!

Whats a crappy CvS2 player to do?!

Yes, give up N-groove. In that way those few N-groove players like myself get to feel more unique. :bgrin:

Im just SO used to playing N. Its hard to switch.

Which characters do you use in N?

I can totally relate, but ever since I started playing A groove I win more :wonder: lame…

I play ???-1, Eagle-1, Yamazaki-2 in tournaments. But, im comfortable with the entire cast of CvS2.

The ??? spot often goes to Cammy, but sometimes goes to Sakura, Chun, Blanka, or Rugal in tournaments.

Switching characters or beasting people on my level with random select isnt a problem for me though, so if switching makes sense, I will. But, Im not a very excecution intensive player. So, i’d prefer not to do the RCing, or the A-groove shoshosho or PTF. (too hard for my hands!)

P and K are my only groove options, but I’ll play any character.