N-Groove Vega?

I want to add Vega to my N-Groove Iori and Rolento. As far as I can tell, his pokes and aerial shit more or less sell themselves. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this?

I use N-Vega, but that’s mainly because N is my favorite groove and all the other characters I use are good in N. N-Vega gets access low jump HP/HK and CH running c.LK (which K-Vega has also). If 'you’re an offensive player power-up can help you do more damage as well as cause guard crush faster. On the other hand you don’t have stored meter and the situations where landing a super is guaranteed are very limited. With that being said, N-Vega should be used only as battery, there are other characters that can make better use of the meter in N. N-Vega is OK but A-Vega & C-Vega are better.

Ah, cool. So how good is my N-Vega/Iori/Rolento team?

Seems to be a good team (sometimes I use a similar team: N-Vega, Iori, R2 Sagat). I don’t play Rolento so I don’t really know how good he is as anchor and/or how well he does against other common anchors (eg: Sagat, Blanka, Bison, etc) but he’s probably better than Iori as anchor.

Most excellent. The only real x-factor in my Rolento game is that I don’t use the Patriot Circles. EVER. It started when I spent two hours trying to pull the jab, cr.forwardXXPatriot Circle combo and FUCKED UP my wrist. So now I have to wear a brace on it, AND I’ve altered my style to be more about his normals and evasion-type specials.

Hows C-Vega better than N-Vega? You trade chicken block for small jump imo…but what exactly does it make C > N? faster meter building?

Super cancelling makes a beast out of any character. YouTube search “Harvest 2” or “Rain of Death” and watch the combo vid. It’s like 20 minutes long, but it’s an all-character exhibition that’s really fun to watch. The combos are impractical, though. Most of them are dependent on Steel Rain hitting them.

IMO the thing C-Vega has over N-Vega is stored meter, which gives you a better control of the pace of the match (you always have the option of playing either offensively or defensively without having to worry about meter time limits). The damage boost in C isn’t as good as N-groove’s power-up but it’s damage boost anyways. Plus you don’t have to worry about when to power-up or time limits when it comes to using meter.
Vega’s ground game is really good; although low jump helps his air game he doesn’t really need it to win since his ground game is so good. In addition to chicken blocking, C-Vega has option select airthrows which is pretty cool; jump straight up, b+HP, if they’re out of throw range you get j.HP which is a great air-to-air move, if they’re within range they get thrown; nice option against P/K grooves.

How is this limited to C? Seems like every Vega has this. I do this in A quite a lot.

I guess I should elaborate that better.

A/P/S/N/K-Vega can do that too, but C-Vega can mix it up with chicken block (which is safer than mixing up with parry/JDs/etc, just jump up and hold back then decide whether or not you want to press a button). Just one more option.

Anyone have an idea on the best situations for the use of Red Impact? It’s usually after a blocked/whiffed Shoryu, right?

I think it makes a pretty decent anti-air of sorts. You can also combo into it.

Punishment situations.
Any situation where it’s guaranteed and you’re within range go for it (blocked/whiffed laggy moves, etc).
For N/K-Vega, you can power-up and put pressure with lj.HK/HP, run c.LK/MK, RC Rolling Claw, etc, in order to guard crush the opponent then land Red Impact when the opponent gets guard crushed.

IMO Flip Kick Super is better as anti-air (especially against P/K grooves because it does several hits). RC Flip Kick is good too and doesn’t use meter.

-c.LK, s.LK xx Red Impact - hitconfirm (sort of)
-c.MP/HP xx Red Impact - punishment situations, from up close