N - Iori's great! But

Who else is? I love using N-Iori, but it doesn’t seem like any of the other non-IWIN characters can really excel in N-Groove. For those who play an N-Iori, who do you use to build a good N-Team?

good n: iori, ryu, akuma, chun, sagat, blanka, kyo, geese, hibiki, morrigan, rolento, todo, terry, benimaru

N is a really flexible groove, as long as a character has good low jumps and can use their meter they are pretty much good to go. obviously a fast roll and a decent alpha counter are pluses too.

you forgot: yamazaki, ken, rock, cammy, vice, vega, maki, honda, RAIDEN, king, guile… hahah

its hard to find a character that SUCKS in n groove, it seems to be like the 2nd-4th best groove for almost any character in the game with a few exceptions like iori. I use n-iori,rolento,sagat r2 and ive been messing with kyo recently and in the past ive tried ken and chun. ken is way more fun in “throw fireballs mode” and i fucking hate chun li. just think of good batteries, people with good lvl1’s, and good anchors to make an effective n groove team.

use N-iori first, then put bison next and have bison use ALL 3 bars for you know what.


Use N Akuma, too good.