N ken os question


What are some os’s with N ken? Particularly, but limited to, wakeup.

Chun? Does anyone ever even use them?

Some for n ryu as well please.


besides dp installs in a jump in, i don’t think he has any. his funky kick motion ruins any kind of throw/dp os. damdai mentioned somewhere that late kara cancelling a low roundhouse into fireball could maybe be used as a footsie os, but that might just be based on assuming that the roundhouse has an active attack hitbox before it gets kara’d. i don’t know if anyone has actually done any kind of testing to confirm if that’s true, though.

this isn’t really unique to ken, but: when i get crossed up on wakeup, i do an srk motion ending in the direction i need to be blocking in, followed by negative edging the punches (i usually just use jab). if your timing was off, you just block, and if the dp comes out it hits them probably 8 or 9 times out of 10.

i do the same thing with boxer when he tries to do that cross under bullshit after a grab. do the srk motion ending in crouch block (kind of a guess as to what side he’s going to end up on, though) and negative edge. you should either get a dp if you guessed right, and if not you’ll just be crouch blocking. this one is risky though because your timing needs to be tight, plus if you’re going to negative edge with fierce and strong also you need to make sure they’re close enough for it to knock down.

my shit isn’t all that great, i hope someone else chimes in with stuff that doesn’t suck.


For OS you want O.Ken: YouTube - FrameAdvantageDotCom’s Channel


Actually n.ken does have some cr.lk(2x) dp motion lk+lp there’s some out there.


Are you referring to cr.lk (x2) to super? That’s not an option select. That’s just a hit confirm…


Inputting a dragon punch so that you will get a dp input for both sides is also important if you’re up against claw wall dives on your wakeup.

You can option select any special cancellable normal into fireballs/funky kicks that will only cancel if it connects. You could use this against sim limbs for example.


laggypos: seems like a lot of people have been confusing hit confirms with option selects lately

is there an easy input for this? with claws wall dives i usually just negative edge an srk with all punches in the direction i think i need to block. if you have a more reliable way to deal with it then please share

that’s just buffering a special move, not really an os.

i’m still waiting on a verdict with kara-ing crouch roundhouse into fireball. does anyone know if it can be kara’d after an active hitbox is present?


No I’m not you can do super however

Hold fierce dp motion end in forward release you will either block or uppercut vs vega.


It is, that’s why special canceling happens in SF2 in the first place.

The two main option selects are DP-installs and negative edge hadouken.


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pasky: i figured as much, but i wonder why damdai would consider the possibility? i don’t remember where i heard him mention it. if someone else knows what i’m referring to, can you hook up the link to it? i’ve seen japanese players kara crouch roundhouse into fireball when they’re in footsie range too. is it just for flash, or does it have a specific purpose?

it seems like there are a few new people who don’t quite understand specific terminology. the board is probably dead enough to warrant you asking a question about something and getting an answer without much trouble. but, when you clusterfuck terms together that you don’t quite fully understand, it makes it hard to comprehend what you’re trying to say. just some free advice.


Check this vid. [media=youtube]mwi-EZYO0TI&t=8m22s[/media]
I kara a crouch roundhouse when it’s fully extended. When does the hitbox becomes active on that move?


Moocus, IDK the answer to your question, but theoretically I think it’s possible. We know startup frames can be cancelled, so can active hit frames. So it makes sense that the sweep can be option-selected to cancel into a Shoryuken on hit/block or whiff. Also, I see Dark Gaiden do that a lot vs Zangief. That way if the Zangief players walked forward he would be sweeped, and if he jumped he would be anti-aired by the Shoryuken. It’d prolly have to be cancelled on the fast side of things tho IMO.

Edit: sweep hits on the 5th frame according to YBH.


this is all really interesting. if roundhouse is active on the 5th frame, the question that presents itself is how many frames do you get before it stops being kara cancellable? aside from that, you gotta have some frame specific timing to hit that window inbetween the first active frame and last kara cancellable frame. it certainly looks like damdai accomplishes this in the video.

i suppose i’m a believer now. after i come back from my midterm tonight i’m going to have some fun in training mode.


Pasky must have some fixation or the like. Not sure if I should keep ignoring him, but he’s not my type.

Anyway, crouching forward hits on the 4th frame. When you press a button, it will take 3 frames to give you throws or air and special attacks, and 4 frames to give you a grounded normal. Thus, it is possible to do damdai’s option select SRK-throw and not see the roundhouse kick: just press Jab exactly one frame after pressing Roundhouse.

In WW, impact freeze extended the kara-cancel period. That glitch allowed moves that hit fast enough to be canceled into specials on hit. ST has exceptions, such as Fei’s moves and some others NH2 and Maj would probably tell us.

I myself posted somewhere else Ryu’s option select walk-up sweep xx SRK or super, which I have learned by watching a video from Alex Valle. It also involves canceling a move that is active but does not hit into a move.

Damdai, that Ryu movie is really cool. I wish it were longer and had move tips. And SRKn’ing Claws faggy ass on reaction is damn hard!


i kara cancel cr. rh (fully extended) to jab srk all the time.

works especially good in the corner.


:dp: + H

  • L




I tested on frame advance on turbo 1 and you can kara cancel the first two active frames of n.ryu’s crouching roundhouse (4-5f after inputting c.rh). If it hits, you will also still cancel into the special.

I think this can be generally applied to all normals in the game. I think generally you can cancel normals 1-5f after the initial input even if they are active frames. You can kara cancel the active frames of ryu’s far hk which has a 3f startup even though it isn’t special cancellable. I think this means you can basically kara cancel the active frames of any move with less than 6 frames of startup. I’m going to test this more to confirm this.

Being able to stick out a hitbox and still cancel the whiff into a special move is pretty huge. Is this common knowledge?

I think a normal would need a 2-4f startup (like ryu’s c.hk) to really make this practical.


I found a practical use of this with claw. On someone’s wakeup, do meaty c.mp which has 4f startup. On the 4th or 5th frame of the c.mp, press kkk flip. This will always result in a kkk flip since c.mp is special cancellable. However, if the opponent does an invincible reversal move, you will flip backwards instead of get hit by the reversal as you normally would. Depending on the reversal you can punish after you flip back.

I was hoping for something like this with gief w/ his c.mk which has a 4f startup. This would be useful in situations where you’re too far to safe meaty a c.lk. Unfortunately, gief can only seemingly kara cancel for 1-4f after the c.mk, so there’s only a 1f window where you can kara cancel the whiffed active frame into lariat.

Ken can kara cancel 1-5f after a normal on turbo 1.
Ryu can only kara cancel 1-4f after a normal on turbo 3! Speed affects kara cancels.


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