N Ken Thread


OG posters all know, but still it does not hurt to recall these epic matches: Daigo vs Aniken!
There are more: just doing a “Daigo vs Aniken” search should return them.


All I had to see was Aniken to know.


Aniken vs Daigo is a classic!


i recently discovered this vide on youtube:
Buhilaro(aniken) vs that honda player HDR mode

You can see aniken doing the safe jump forward m.k into jab dp, if honda blocks, honda will recieve the chip damage from the dp and ken will be safe for any attack(even stored ochio of course), and ken can go and attack again with a fireball, another dp or even a tatsu cross up.

Aniken landed the dp the 3 times he attempted the move in: 0:13, 1:17, 1:34, my question is, can be this considered an Option Select?, damn if that is considered an O.S, damn it’s good.

this applies to ST of course.


It’s an option-select. They’re also called ‘installs’ in the SF2 world.

If Honda blocks the j.mk, nothing will come out, and Ken can continue to do a blockstring or a mix-up. If Honda does ANY kind of reversal, the DP will come out, which beats all of Honda’s options.

He’s basically inputting a DP immediately after a well-timed safe-jump attack. Due to freeze-stun, the game will eat the inputs for the DP if he blocks, but it will come out if a reversal comes out, since there is no freeze-stun.


That’s called a DP install on the jump in.

Yes, that would be considered a OS. DJFrijoles did a pretty complete video of other installs with other characters as well. This trick really helps you level up your game. Everyone should watch that video.

Here Phil. study this video. This is the next level. To be a top player, you need to know all this.



Yeah papercut, nice vid!, damn i miss djfrijoles :frowning: dude i hope to see you again soon.
Well i tried the dp O.S last night vs honda and it works 100%, also works vs deejay, and it works 100% too, that option select is very good and safe if blocked giving to ken enough space to zone your opponent or even risk and go for a jumping punch into tatsu then kneebash and repeat the loop.

I was like “hmmm nice” they just ate the dp doesn’t matter if they reversed my safe jump m.kick, even if they blocked it i was able to throw fireballs, knock down and repeat, nice, this is new in my arsenal.


Here on this vid
My question is
-Do any one know the proper technique to avoid ryu super on wake up??? i tried negative edge, piano, double tap with very low success, i think is more like a timing thing, i have seen for this type of reversal looks like u get the dp one step ahead that your actual position (not sure looks like), same goes with sagat
anyway example @ 0:31 vs super @ 0:47 vs proyectile
-Look how consistant ken avoid low proyectiles
@ 6:05
-Dat ryu xup combo oO

*my question is just for wake up reversal dp vs super


lol purple ken = mattsun i thought of course he can reversal. but he’s not mattsun.
however playing offline is a bit easier to get reversal out (no lag / dropped input / speed issues)
these guys are all good man. you just have to double tap jab.

OK so this is a variation of the mysterious player combo. ( mysterious uses MP instead of MK)
according to stevetren, the cross up version is easier

the really tough one is straight up dash punch (2hit), move a pixel forward, crouching MP/MK xx dp


Yes the crossup version on a crouching opponent is easy and I can do it nearly 100% due to the crouching hit box…
The Straight up dash on a standing opponent combo is insanely difficult and I can imagine it takes years to master, as I can do it very inconstantly.


It’s pretty difficult to do, but I just double-tap the jab. It’s something I have to practice pretty consistently to get the proper motion. Ideally you want to be able to put the jab for the special 3 frames in a row as tight as you can. frame 1 press jab, frame 2 release the jab, frame 3 press the jab again. In theory that’s the best way to perform it reliably, in practice it’s pretty damn difficult. I have noticed that the timing feels a lot easier offline than online. I can hardly get any reversal playing online.

Not sure what you’re looking at 6:05. I just see him do a standard jab uppercut through a fireball.

10:28 Goddamn that combo hurts. I’m able to do the standard version that ends in a fireball, and I haven’t had much luck landing an uppercut at the end. I find that the best way to consistently land the link after the dash punch is to piano either a) all 3 cr.punches in rapid succession, that way you’re sure to get at least ONE of the punches to land, and b) double-tap the cr.fwd, or c) combine that cr.fwd by pianoing it with the cr.rh for a simple combo, or cr.short x uppercut.


Something weird happened not long ago. I was playing a mirror match vs a friend of mine, suddenly, i was on the corner and my friend comboed me with a st. fierce into fierce dp with four hits(big damage of course ala HDR Ken)!, you can’t do that to Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li and Claw, how was that possible?, meaty st.fierce?(wait that’s impossible).

No i wasn’t drunk or high or whatever.

I asked to my friend and he said that he had no idea. i went to training mode, i revived the scenario and that shit is imppossible! DA FUC!?


I am pretty sure it is possible. It is just rare.

BTW: YuuVega (N.Dictator) vs Mattsun (N.Ken)
There are a few interesting things there:
[]backwards reversal Jab SRK [←(:arrow_lower_left:)↓:arrow_lower_right:+Jab, most likely] counter against Fierce Psycho Crusher (the very first time YuuVega used it, IIRC);
]“Hadouy crazy kick” (Inside Crescent) anti-air;
[*]several types of mix-ups into throw (whiff st.Jab, jumping Jab, jumping Jab xx Tatsumaki, cross-up Fwd cr.short, etc);
plus Mattsun’s usual solid play.


No, you got me wrong, Oldschool, because IT’S TOTTALY POSSIBLE to punish dictactor with standing fierce + 3 hits of the fierce dp, mattsun knows that, and that’s why he punishes dictactor with that combo.

Check this list

  1. Ryu*
  2. Ken*
  3. Guile
  4. Chun*
  5. Blanka
  6. Honda
  7. Sim
  8. Gief
  9. Hawk
  10. Deejay
  11. Cammy
  12. Fei
  13. Sagat
  14. Boxer
  15. Claw*
  16. Dictator
  17. Akuma*
    Ryu, Ken, Chun, Claw, Akuma can’t take the full standing fierce + 3 hits of the fierce dp.
    So i repeat again, how was that possible? ken vs ken no way!


You must have been ducking. You’re bigger when you duck. no homo.


OMG, Phil! The part after “BTW” is just cos this is the N.Ken thread. That has nothing to do with your question.




This is the time-stamp of the SRK counter in the video.


This Ken player is pretty sick. He makes Pony look like a newb here.



man, all those walk up throws…