N Ken Thread


This is the time-stamp of the SRK counter in the video.


This Ken player is pretty sick. He makes Pony look like a newb here.



man, all those walk up throws…


In case anyone who doesn’t read the description

Man these footsies are so pure and intense/fast paced. I mean he never even jumps in and there are 2-3 dragon punches in the whole video?

I remembered watching 25th SF4 qual grand final snakeeyez gief vs (justin rufus?) and the stream monsters kept saying omgzfomg intense footsies11111! but in fact it was sooooooo freaking boring. Lots of walk back and forth feigning and no action. 15% life lead and then back off to your corners for 10 seconds.

TBF some of the ST honda MUs and claw MUs are like that too.


I looked through the STR results section and there’s only one showing for Kamerya and that was an old Master Secret Cup tournament from the early 2000s. I remember that he entered X-MANIA earlier this year so it’s nice to see him still competiting.

Anyone know what event this video is from?


Dude, this guy is really fucking fun to watch. If any of you have tried playing N Ken seriously, you will appreciate this guys execution. Something as simple as walking forward and going into cr hk is really fucking hard to do consistently due to the crazy kick motion. He looks like an old school player, his style reminds me of champion edition.

Here he is giving Mattsun a run for his money.



That’s some hot shit!


What made it really entertaining was that Mattsun even took on an old school style of play for that set as well with jab feints and close short pressure… in addition to typical crazy Mattsun shit.


“He’s an old-school player that, according to Daigo, has the best footsie action in ST.”


I really like his style of play, and his willingness to limit his special use at close range. His timing and spacing with that sweep is impeccable.


Mattsun is always in berserker mode with his fucking scary ken!. I prefer watching Mattsun over any other ST player.

Nuff said.


I’m more curious if he’s doing df hk or db hk.

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you can’t df hk walking forward, it will crazy kick. when you walk to the spacing you want, you have to go all the way to the back position, then go db hk to avoid crazy kicks. It’s harder then it looks. If you ever see a new ken player consistently be able to play footsies and cancel cr hk into fireball, you know that guys execution is legit.


u r wrong, I always do fw, then df sweep then cancel into fb, just make sure to hold the roundhouse button down, if u release it u might get a crazy kick
I have seen djf doin it all the time, but not sure if he holds the kick buttons down


I go from walking to neutral then straight down. I don’t like to hold the kicks cause I never felt comfertable doing that but thats just myn personal preference. For walking FB cancels without any pause whatsoever I use this too and go into a FB motion. If you go all the way to back for a sweep you you give up to much precision time in footsies.

Walking FB cancels is really helpfull vs Rog and Guile but it’s like there is a double barrier to get past. First you have to bypass the :f::df::d: crazy kick and then you have to find the timing to not get a DP instead of a FB. Takes a little practice in training mode but its not that hard to learn. Sooner or later you can do walking sweep into Fierce FB.

Kinda got of point there but I like this subject with Ken cause not many people recognize and appreciate it in the match vids when it happenes right in fornt of thier eyes.


Do Kenneth sweep into kara cancel jab dp!


For me I noticed going from forward to down forward kick allows me to sweep. If i go all the way to down then the crazy kick comes out. This makes sense too. The input for that weird crescent kick (the move that comes out when you mess up a sweep) is (→↘↓ + K).
If you just do →↘ fkick the sweep will come out not the crescent kick because you didn’t input the commant for the crescent kick.


I just hold down the roundhouse for walking sweep, or even crouching roundhouse into fireball or even dp, i feel very, very confortable just holding down roundhouse.


see thats the thing though. What about canceling into FB ? you would have to go to :d: after the kick input which completes the funky kick motion. If you don’t hold down the kick then I would think the chances of negative edging a funky kick when going for a zone reset increment alot.

Yea it’s just a matter of preference I guess. If it works for you then cool.


yeah is like a natural reflex :slight_smile: