N Ken Thread


Ryu’s combo : (c.opp.) Cross up RK, f + FP, st. FP, super; is pretty easy. For some reason getting the timing down for ken’s jump in fp, st.FP, super took me longer to learn. Hmm…I still don’t understand why?


Good stuff. So how do you kara cancel jab into a hadoken, and can you kara cancel the jab into any speed hadoken, or just jab hadoken?


You can cancel any speed hadouken with short or jab which shortens the revovery time. Dn, dn + twds + jab/short, twds + P


^^ Thanks, great information BTW. Does this mean that if you throw a kara cancelled jab hadoken from full screen against ST Ryu and he throws a Shinkuu haodken in anticipation, that you can now block the super? One of the hardest things for me during a Ryu vs Ken matchup is that he bosses the fireball war, and when he gets super, you cannot throw a fireball period because otherwsie he supers you for free.


It will shorten the fireball by a couple frames. It will help a little teeny tiny bit from fullscreen, but… naw, you’re pretty much screwed.


Who’s the number 1 N.ken player? I would like to see some match vids. Thanks


Bad & good match-ups with N.Ken

I was wondering what N.Ken’s bad and good match-ups were. If anybody could help me with this I would appreciate it alot. Thanks.


Thanks for moving my thread to this one, this is good stuff here. I would say that the no.1 n.Ken player in the world would be Ani-Ken. If anybody would like to correct me on this then please do but ive seen match vids of his and he is amazing with him.


Another really good Ken player is M-tsun, the purple Ken player. I really like his style, even more fun to watch than Aniken, although I agree that Aniken is probably the better player.

As for hard match=ups, I find the greatest difficutly against Ryu and Sagat. These guys dominate the fireball war and in certain respects it’s case of “anything you can do, they can do better.” Ryu can be really dangerous as when he has super, even if he is full screen, if you throw a fireball, on reaction he can throw his and get you.

Good matchups? IMO Dictator is a good match-up, his lack of reversal (barring super) means that if you knock him down, you can jump in for free and set up Knee Bash mindgames. He also does not a particulary strong anti-sir, even his Jumping MP can easily beaten with a Air Hurricane.


Thanks for the player names (now I know what vids to start watching).

Does anyone know if it’s possible to connect c.Foward, Outside Crescent (F,D/F,D+K), Shoryureppa (7 hits). I can connect it all and the frame data for ken’s outside crescent kick confirm that it’s possible (there are 8 non hitting frames at end of the special kick). I tried for an hour last night trying to start the special at the right time to super.


Getting in There

A really good method for getting in on opp. is to use the fireball, tatsumaki. I’ve always had a hard time getting in on sim and sagat. A great method for sim is to throw a fierce firball and follow up with a short tatsumaki. You can continue this and mix it up with jab srk’s. For sagat the main thing is to not jump in b/c of his excellent anti-air attacks. You can use the same method for him except use the short tatsumaki’s to float over low tiger shots and then use jab srk’s to float through high tiger shots. Juice kicks are useful if used sparringly against sagat. Always use c.foward into inside crescent kicks to play mix up games. This has helped me out tremendously and I hope it helps others.


Bump… This is such a great thread, I was searching on how to combo kens super and found it. I remeber reading it almost a year ago.

I wanted to bump it, so those surfing the forum can be reminded of its ‘bad-ass-ness,’ and not let it be lost the the depths of the forums…

It is a must for ppl wanting to learn how to play Ken.


Seeing as you were kind enough to bump the thread, I’ll add a few more things to this thread. If anyone else wants to contribute, please do so!

Knockdown cross-up trick. I have seen M.Tsun on knocking the enemy down doing a juice kick as the opponent is getting up. If you do it right, it crosses up the opponent, hits them meaty to keep you safe and allows you to press home the advantage. It’s a neat trick because if your opponent goes for a reversal, his controls get switched, and because of the way the hurricae comes out, even if they input the reversal the correct way, they still have a large chance of messing it up. If you do this a few times, then you can alternate it by doing the hurricane early so you dont’ cross up. Of course the hard thing is to actually do the Juice Kick, but it’s a nice trick either way.

One other thing, my preffered combo when jumping over a fireball is Hard Punch X RH Hurricane, and Sweep on landing. It’s three hits, knocks down, and is very easy to land, unlike the jump in HP, stand HP, Jab Dragon, which can be hard to land on some characters (e.g. Ryu).


Once again Golden-Gunman you do deliver. What are your personal feelings about Fierce x RH hurricane, and knee bash when landing? Also what about juice kick then right when you land shoryu-reppa?


I could see why you would want to go for the Knee Bash in that situation, but I would use the sweep. This is purely as a punishment combo, and so I would choose to do damage and get the knockdown, allowing me to throw a Jab Hadou to move forward and dictate the pace of the match. I tend to try to land the Knee Bash after a knock down, using meaty jump jab XX hurricane, and then varying between knee bash, short X2 to super or a dragon. But it’s personal prefference really.

As for Juice Kick then Shoryu Reppa, do you mean using the Juice kick as a cross-up or to evade a fireball? As a cross-up I would say no, you should always do short X 2 first to confirm it. However in other situations, like as I said to evade a fireball, then maybe, as your opponent may expect a Knee Bash. Still I think it’s safer to use a Dragon instead and save the Super for when you know you can connect it guaranteed.

Oh yeah I just thought of one other M.Tsun trick. If often does cr,short, stand short X jab dragon. You can use that as a hit confirm when you don’t have Super. Just be careful because quite often the funky kick comes out by mistake.


Yeah please, do this is a great KEN thread. I am open to spread the Ken love.


I know you asked Golden Gunman but I figured I’d give my 2 cents.

If you’re opp. throws a fireball, juice kick over it (use RH juice kick), connect with c.Strong xx Shoryu-Reppa. This is pretty easy to connect; even if they block the juice kick you can push them back with c.strong, c.foward, c.RH, hadouken. Of course you wouldn’t want to use this on characters with a fast recovery. I really like to use this against Sagat (O.Sagat has fast recovery so I don’t use it against him).

Remember to only use the juice kick sparingly, unless you’re certain you have near perfect execution (comes out 19/20 times).

I’ve changed up my overall game plan once again in order to master Ken in a different way. Instead of basing my game around mix-ups, knee bash, and rush down tactics. I’m learning how to play defensively with Ken (in casual matches, not strictly playing to win); this has actually helped my offense because it allows me to see opportunities for attack that I had not previously seen i.e. I was too busy contemplating what the other player’s options were before; and now I wait and see. Thought that might broaden some horizons.


why do a lot of people prefer O. Ken?


Better DP (more invincible frames
Better Fireballs (beter speeds, faster recovery)
No crazy kicks. (no “oops” shit I did not mean to do that…)

He plays more into the traditional fire ball trap game the N.ken…

I would not say he better (maybe a little worse) then N.Ken…But really, just different.



Do the Super Turbo versions of the dragon bros even have invincibility frames on their dragons?

I was under the impression that their dragons were just really high priority. (like Sagats TU)