N Ken Thread


For me I noticed going from forward to down forward kick allows me to sweep. If i go all the way to down then the crazy kick comes out. This makes sense too. The input for that weird crescent kick (the move that comes out when you mess up a sweep) is (→↘↓ + K).
If you just do →↘ fkick the sweep will come out not the crescent kick because you didn’t input the commant for the crescent kick.


I just hold down the roundhouse for walking sweep, or even crouching roundhouse into fireball or even dp, i feel very, very confortable just holding down roundhouse.


see thats the thing though. What about canceling into FB ? you would have to go to :d: after the kick input which completes the funky kick motion. If you don’t hold down the kick then I would think the chances of negative edging a funky kick when going for a zone reset increment alot.

Yea it’s just a matter of preference I guess. If it works for you then cool.


yeah is like a natural reflex :slight_smile:


i use d old down back to roundhouse + fb


might be worthwhile to get down the timing of using a built-in super off a safe jump. it starts so fast that i’ve had it catch certain reversal specials (like honda’s headbutt or ryu’s dp) on the ground so that they eat the entire super. of course focusing on such a thing is the reason why i lack a lot of really basic ken/shoto stuff but hey. it’s fun to do

anybody love playing against dee jay as ken? it’s such an interesting match that can’t just be boiled down to a matchup number. i think dee jay really has a nice answer to the jab dp that pisses everybody off at times. but then again he still has to deal with usual shoto pressure and it doesn’t take too much to lock him down fireball wise


Definitely worth the time: it beats almost every move in the game. I believe Ryu only eats 4 hits with his Jab SRK, but as Ken’s super does more damage, it deal as much as Ryu’s full super. Ryu’s head is vulnerable, and this makes the first hit whiff.

I feel Dee Jay’s hurtbox is too small and this really hurts Ken’s game. Hard to DP, hard to sweep, etc. I also feel I am always at risk trading projectiles, since his recovery is shorter and I am guaranteed to be forced to throw a bunch of them which could all be punished either by a preemptive normal or a jump-in. And the bastard is so hard to cross-up I don’t even bother with the forward kick one. It seems the plan is to knee-bash his ass or die trying.

I suck as Ken, though…


I find that safejumping Deejay really helps Ken with this matchup, it’s much better and more effective than crossups, followed by throw / SRK / sweep mixups. And if you’ve got O.Ken, you can install an invincible SRK to beat the Jackknife or MGU. It’s tough to get the timing down, but I’m pretty confident about it now, and it totally throws the DJ player off his game.

ST Wiki says DJ’s RH Jackknife hits on the 5th frame but I thought it was the same as Chun Li’s RH Tenshou, which hits on the 3rd frame. If that’s right then that would explain why I find it easier to safejump DJ than Chun Li, so maybe the Wiki is right.


Huh, i’m with the dj’s wiki page open right now and here it says his Rh upkick (fastest one) has a 4 frame startup.


smart deejays also use machine gun upper, just to mess around with ur safe jumps, which ends up trading A LOT, knockin u down n then deejay going for a cross up combo for the win


I honestly feel like it’s safer, and much more reliable, simply going for meaty pressure instead of safe jumps against Deejay. A well-spaced cr.strong or fireball seems to be the better option, but then again, I’m a pretty safe player in general.


Anyone have advice on executing ken’s overhead cross-under? The positioning, timing and circumstances are not easy to discern.


Seems to work for the HCF funky kick also.


You mean the pass through? Just timing and experience. It’s most commonly done after a sweep x LK tatsu or uppercut. Afaik, it’s only possible with HCF kick version since it moves his body forward.


Here’s a good example of the HCF version by djfrijoles, round one only. I actually think that might be my Ken off fightcade (the crap white one):


That one looks straightforward, timing obviously has to be very tight but positioning is clear. The overhead version is a lot more nebulous because of the slow start up
and the positioning seems odd.


God-like Ken player here- 35:52, 37:05, 44:40, 46:05, 58:18 and 59:20



Can anyone clarify the timing and approach/landing sides to counter a crossup on wakeup with autocorrect dp. E.g. ryu’s HK crossup?


Depends entirely on how early or they attempt the crossup as well as spacing. The different inputs are based primarily on WHEN they actually switch sides on you, which affect the input you would use. This applies to a variety of xups, including Claw’s wall dive, although his is MUCH more ambiguous and requires a bit more guesswork.

There’s generally 3 methods that are proven to work. For all intents and purposes, I usually go for the 2nd one, as it seems to be successful for me.

  1. Regular DP input the “standard” way. Works if they do a REALLY late xup. This is taking advantage of the SLIGHT input leniency on uppercuts holding for an extra frame or two once they crossup even if you’ve already done the motion. Seems to work less consistently for me due to the variable input windows on uppercuts.

  2. Half circle back + P. I have no idea how this works and why it simply doesn’t give me a fireball, but it works fairly often. It’s even better if you negative edge the punch input which lets you block the xup direction for truly ambiguous xup setups (e.g. Deejay, Cammy, good Dictators)

  3. Regular DP to downback + P. Requires fast hands, but basically attempts to input a traditional DP input in BOTH directions. Great if you start your input as they’re directly above you.


Thanks. Will enjoy trying them out.