N Ken Thread


He has 3 kicks:

  1. qcf + kick
    Used in combos or after a c.RH much like fireball. This is the most useful of the 3.

  2. toward to down + kick
    Not much use that I know of.

  3. hcf + kick
    This is like Ryu’s s.RH, but it’s faster and generally not as useful.

If you hold the kick button after any of these attacks, it becomes an overhead, which can be useful sometimes.

Using them by accident is a problem everyone has at first. You just need to focus more on doing the motions for the moves you want “cleanly” if that makes sense.


Hey guys, just a question about KNEE BASH (still my reason for playing N Ken)

So let’s say I set up knee bash with a crouching LK tick. The opponent can get out with counter throw or reversal shoryu. What I’m wondering is, if I do crouching LK -> LP shoryu, will their shoryu get beaten out? If not, how can I beat their reversal shoryu attempt?

I’m also not having nearly as much trouble doing juice kicks now, my advice for anyone trying it is just do Upforward -> Back as fast as possible. My big problem (the reason I can’t really do it 100%) is because I often hit Up when I’m trying to hit Up-forward, and so I end up doing an “up” juice kick, which has a much narrower arc than the upforward one, and that screws me a lot. I love juice kicking over a fireball and knee bashing the fuck out of the guy who threw it. Yeah!


In the example you give, the opponent’s Shoryu, if timed correctly, will beat yours. That’s because they will recover slightly quicker than you. Your shoryu will beat their counter throw attempt, however.

What you want to do is vary ticks. If you always do cr. lk tick, throw, then mix it up with cr lk X 2 , throw, or finish the entire block string, like cr lk X 3, cr mk X Hadoken, etc.

One thing to also be aware of is that Ken’s MP throw has more range. Sometimes you can do like cr lk x 2 and be out of knee bash range, but still in range for that throw.


As GG already said if they time it right they can beat your DP. However you can delay in anticipation to beat or trade with their DP. That’s a bit too much thinking though and if you want to hit with the DP there are other setups.

Instead of a LK->knee bash you could do a couple of LK to put you slightly out of throw range. Now in order to throw you would need to walk forward just a bit. This is where the DP can play havoc with your opponent. Natural instinct for a player is to poke or counter throw when an opponent walks towards them. If you walk forward a bit->DP you will find it much like a psychic DP when you hit the counter.

It’s a decent option considering that if they do nothing and simply block Ken is fairly safe due to his fast DP recovery.

Basically the order of actions would be 2/3 LK->Slight pause(anticipating a counter DP, though you could skip)->walk forward a step->DP/or walk forward a step knee bash


Ok, thanks guys, I’ll remember that stuff. I got more questions.

Can Ryu juice kick too? If so, that is lame. Seems like he really got the better end of the bargain in this game, he got forward+MP, forward+HP, Shinkuu Hadoken, and better fireballs then Ken. What does Ken have over Ryu besides KNEE BASH?
How does Ken combo his hurricane kick out of air normals? Such as jumping jab -> hurricane kick. I can’t do it! Is there any special timing to it?


That is a good question. As far as I have seen nobody does it but i would assume he should have it. Perhaps it isn’t as good as Ken’s?

Quick dragon, easy to use cross up and longer range ground pokes.(standing Roundhouse)

He may still have his superior jump fierce punch as well.

Just practice. I think the timing is odd.


This is correct! Confirmed by YBH hit box illustrations.



Apparently I got neg repped for answering Mariodood’s questions???


Welcome to SRK. When the neg comes, the neg comes. Usually in shitstorm form. I just ignore it.


Yes Ryu can juice kick kind of. I find it not nearly as useful as Ken’s considering you can set up alot of different scenarios with Ken’s while Ryu’s just knocks them down. Ive done it randomly with both O.Ryu and N.Ryu.


The main thing Ken has over Ryu is relatively safe DPs. You can miss one at point blank and probably still be OK. That makes it a lot tougher for people like 'Sim to just stick out random normals.


I didn’t know that, I thought they were the same.

How safe are DPs on block? I know they’re really safe, but can anyone punish them on block?

Anywhere I can find frame data for ST?


I don’t believe anyone can punish Ken’s jab DP on block. Stronger ones can definitely be punished.

Yoga Book Hyper is the best source of ST frame data, though I believe there are sources around the Internet in various places.


What about Ryu’s dp?


Ken’s DP is hard to punish but can be punished still with a trip or a fast attack.

Ryu’s can basically be punished easily if you expect it and can always be tripped.


FYI, at the right distanace the the Jab is un-punishable. It will leave ken with a +1 frame advanage. Even if it is a little off, there are no normal moves in the game that are are fast enough to punish the DP at this distance… Even Dhalsims ducking forwards with a 2 frame start up can punish it, b/c ken is pushed to far away.

This is discussed/shown in the Yoga Book Hyper.


I’m not positive but I think there may be a couple of setups so that it can’t be punished.



At the rigt distance his jab DP is 100% safe.

Don’t get me wrong, if he is in your face, you can punish him afterwards.

But, if he is perfectly placed, you can’t punish him.

There are tons of videos showing ANTI-KEN , applying pressure this way.

I will be more than happy to post them up for you. If you like. :tup:


I think you misunderstood what I said?

And do you mean Aniken?


Yeah, I think he does mean Aniken…I’ve seen him do it, and it’s pretty cool. So it’s a spacing thing, got it. I’ll have to watch for it more closely.