N-Rolento: Any tricks to know?



Since most of the talk in this forum centers around A-Rolento, I’m posting this thread to ask about some of the N-Groove specifics of Rolento play…most specifically, the best uses for his supers…what kind of tricks can you do with Take No Prisoners (tripwire) besides comboing into it? Is the knife rain super useless, or does it have some obscure utility?


Empty low jump -> Tripwire


well…You could do sm.jump jab, short, or forward. Mix that up a little. Do cr. jab xx qcb+jab, for some keep away. You could do that into any knife throw. When ur close you can do cr. jab x3 , cr. fierce. Or you can do that into a quick knife throw, down fierce, quick knife throw again(keep doing it for pressure, mix in a cr. rh also). Mix up some cr. jab x2, down forward, KKK, down forward with some qcb+jabs instead of down forward after cr. jab x2. Also you could do cr. jabx3, down forward, hcb + k, fly in with mp or just do down forward while in the air to get them to come in.


dj-b13’s “pop trick”… first you watch 2 minutes straight of anime clips, then you do break stock, super.