N router help

So I just got the new Xbox and was wondering what N router would be best suited for it.
there are also 3 other comps in the house.

Theres a lot of different prices for routers and I was wondering what the differences were.

also would this one be good enough?
Wireless N Network Router Adapter for Xbox 360 PS3 Wii - eBay (item 310237114033 end time Jul-30-10 22:45:26 PDT)
or should I aim for a higher priced one?

figure out how far from your xbox to your router, then buy an ethernet cable of at least that distance

Uhh…I think you’re confused. That ‘thing’ (no brand…??) will do what your console can already do. Their diagram makes 0 sense haha.

Basically, you want to go phone line-modem-router-console. The router-console connection will matter the ‘most’ since it can be wired or wireless. If it’s wireless, enjoy the (potentially small) lag that’ll wreak havoc on games that focus on timing like SF. Some games will handle it better than others, but you want to have a wired connection if at all possible. Linksys is a good brand to start with that’s pretty popular and easy-ish to set up. Check out newegg’s reviews.

linksys -is- a good brand, and I would start there. otherwise, move on to netgear.

keep in mind, an xbox ( when going wireless ) NEEDS an adapter… which I think costs anywhere between $60-$100. It’s that little thing you plug in behind the xbox with an antenna pointing out of it. If you go wired, then you won’t need anything other than a long ethernet cable depending on where it is in coherence with the router.

A wii is the exact opposite of the xbox, it can get wireless without the use of any kind of adapter, but needs an adapter to go wired. It runs about $20~ or so, so it’s not that big of an investment to get a better connection.

Remember, always go wired if possible. :o

D-Link and NetGear are both my personal recommendations of choice. NetGear is relatively easy to setup out-of-the-box. D-Link products require quite abit of “tweaking” in order to get them to perform. So far as the router itself goes, obviously, you would want to use gigabit models if wired, and through cat6a patch cable. Otherwise, if you are forced to go the wireless route, something to consider is a “powerline” adapter. It is essentially a wired connection that uses your home’s electrical grid to move traffic. One adapter connects to the router into a nearby wall outlet and is connected via ethernet cable. Another adapter is used in an outlet near your gaming console and then connected by another ethernet cable. Throughput is decent but it is a 10/100 connection. I achieve over 300Kbps on my PS3 with my D-Link DCP-303 adapter and DIR-655 router. Powerline adapters are somewhat expensive though. However the performance is as close to a real wired connection as you are going to get if you are unable to position your router near the console and definitely superior to wireless, IMO.

Thanks for the informative responses but I just wanted to clarify that I have the new slim 360 with built wifi that uses the N technology or something.
Or the black wireless router with 2 antennas.

I don’t know if that makes the wireless perform any better or not. I wish I were more tech savy. Il take a look at those suggestions.

Part of it’s going to depend on the internet connection you have. If your speed isn’t all that stellar to begin with, trying to add wireless into the mix will make things go south quickly. You can do things to help yourself out like turning off downloads and limiting internet activity of connected devices in your house, though.

The N you’re seeing is just a new standard for wifi; better speeds/connection basically. You can get devices that use the older standards of G and B(older than G) since I’m sure your 360 will support it. Hard to say whether or not you’d see a ‘speed’ increase, but your connection would be stronger. Speaking strictly wired, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference between a G router and an N router.

  • The N data transfer speeds are only really useful for transferring data between all of the devices in your house. More than likely, your internet connection from your cable company or DSL isn’t even close to the 54Mps limit of the G standard, so for gaming, there won’t be a difference.