N-Terry strats, matchups


Initiate and stick to a basic background pattern in the form of back dash to safe distance, throw
jab power wave, run after it and do some high guard damage/RC Setup strings, high/low strings.
With his lvl 3 Buster Wolf to lvl 1 Power Geyser combos, Terry is capable of doing significant
damage off a max range low jump HK or his crouching shorts.
He should whittle away at their guard before commiting to his lvl 3 by breaking stock for the finish
with a powered up block string.

Make the most of getting in, but if you get nowhere back off and repeat the pattern.

Tools of the Wolf

Only a few listed, the ones I think matter to Terry at least.
Annotated which ones are safe vs Just Defend.
d.lk 3/4/8 +3 +3 yyy 200 15 frames
As far as shorts go, this one’s ok. It chains into itself, cancels to super.
Has decent range for a d.lk. Its only issue seems to be its +3 adv, but
many other good characters have advantages of +3, +4 or +5, while
having speeds of 4 startup. Safe when Just Defended.
'Tis good.
s.lp 2/4/6 +5 +5 yyy 400 12 Frames
This move is very good. Unfortunately it’s his standing jab. Fastest move he has though, good for
whiffing then throwing, or whiffing during opponent jump ins before doing something in response.
Safe if Just Defended.
d.lp 3/4/7 +4 +4 yyy 300 14 Frames
WIth speed similar to d.lk, there’d seem to be little reason to use this move, except it has that hefty +4 adv.
Not much difference, but for setting up moves like d.HP every frame helps.
Safe if Just Defended.
s.lk 5/5/11 -1 -1 nny 400 21 Frames
Decent range, one of his quicker “longer ranged” footsies tools. Can be used to bait moves like Sakura’s
s.HK, or used to push people out who get too close, yet are two close to be pushed out with s.mk, which
also comes out slower. You can use it to control the space directly in front of him to prevent dash ins
from those people who like to do so.
Its super cancellable, so you can get lucky with a counter-hit setup to busterwolf
with it if you’re good. Some say its not worth the risk.
Terry’s not Chun, he won’t get punished for a blocked busterwolf. Your call.
s.mk 9/6/16 -2 -2 nnn 900 31 Frames
This move is good to annoy people at its max range, set up RC’s after blocked strings the way a boxer uses
his jab to setup that cross. It can loose against the better pokes the top tiers have if spammed, so use
only for keeping that distance, at its max range.
d.mk 5/8/17 -3 -3 nyy 800 30 Frames
Well, its a crouching forward. It has the same speed as the far s.lk, better cancelability (as in Burn Knuckle)
Its pretty much just as safe vs rolls as s.lk, but as it lags out there a little longer, odds are it may get
punished if you miss. As part of guard strings it works great also.
d.HP 7/7/13 +6 +6 nny 1300 27 Frames
This is an awesome move. It is much like Sagats in that it has the same speed, and similar range and
function. Cancels to super. Nets you +6, meaning if you had a 4 frame d.MK you’d be able to link the two
easily. Unfortunately Terry’s is 5, so you’ve got a 1 frame link. At least even if you miss it, opponents moves
will still get stuffed by the d.mk, but there’ll be a gap between the two, albeit a small one.
At the range you use this move, and if setup properly, you can nail folks with counter hits.
You can use this as your whiff punisher, dancing back and forth outside your opponents twitch range and
nail their extended limb, and combo to super.
It’s also safe if Just Defended, leaving you around -2 to an even 0.
d.HK 6/6/29 dwn -8 nnn 1200 41 Frames
Terry’s annoying sweep. It’s fast enough to tag pokes that are extended during footsies matches,
its upward angle lets you use this to anti-air. This move will score you a knockdown, but don’t let it
get to your head that its abusable and begin spamming it. Its very punishable if blocked,
and can be rolled through by just about anyone seeing it coming.
** Trick: d.HP, d.HK.**
low j.HK 8/8/- ----- ----- — ------
This is a good poke. When done from the furthest range possible, or just a little closer, it’ll give top tiers
fits. It has good range and a decent angle. This move is also safe if Just Defended. It’s an awesome
move and it should rightly be abused. Just don’t make it obvious.
low j.HP 6/8/- ----- ------ – -----
This is also good, but better to use at closer ranges than the low jump roundhouse.
It is also safe Just Defended.
df+HP 3/7/22 -5 -5 n/n y/n y/y 32 Frames
This move is good anti-air, and safe when canceled off blocked 2 hit close s.HP.
Cancellable into specials or supers, you can actually use this move for multiple hits when anti-airing
K-Groovers or P-Groovers if you’re inclined.
The move itself isn’t safe when JD’d, so if it ever is and you’re close, cancel it into something.

[27/4R] [31 frames total]
His roll is ok.
Where Iori would roll a laggy move though, Terry is best off rolling fireballs on reaction at the
appropriate range as most characters have specials that stretch into the 40-50 frame zone of
recovery on fireballs. In situations where you could roll a normal like Sagat’s s.MK, just RC
Jab Burn Knuckle it or try to match it with your sweep.
His counter roll is of course identical to this.

Roll Cancels
1. RC Jab Burn Knuckle (RC Jab Knuckle) 17/12/22 -19/-19
If ever there was a great equalizer for Terry, this move is it.
Just double tap the jab and short buttons as you start from the down position or down
forward posiiton to the completion of the qcb motion. the second of the paired taps should be
as you are near the back position. Done quick, this is very fast and reliable in the sense that
you can count on your consistency with this technique compared to doing RC’s involving more
than 2 buttons such as Iori’s RC Scum Gale. There seems to be only a frame of animation
depicting his “ki summoning” stance before he goes for the hit portion of the move, not unlike
the 4 frames of startup for Ryu’s dragon punch. Many people jump in CvS2. Many say don’t
jump. Scrubs do it because it seems to be the thing to do. Pros do it with a measure of
control based on the ebb and flow of a match. It’s not safe if blocked like a normal such as
s.HP or d.HP is from Sagat, but it has fast recovery whiffed and on hit allowing decent follow
ups. Unlike other RCs like Hurricane, Claw, this has a constant hit box, not one thats broken
up. Odds are this would beat out theirs in head on situations if properly setup, or they spam
their own (which they generally do)
Its applications:
RC Setup bait punisher
Blocked fireball string punisher (d.lp x 2, d.mk xx hadoken, d.lpx2, s.mp xx boom, etc)
whiff punisher
Switch to Fierce version when anti-airing full metered CC characters such as Blanka
or Bison. If they CC, you pass through each other and you’re safe. If they don’t you still
nail them, but the Fierce has noticably higher startup. You should be crouching when
executing the move so that when it comes out it hits similarly to both a RC Boom + Sagat s.HP.
Executed just right, his startup stance should be invincible, and he dashes forward when they
are about the level of his fist.
Alternates MK 20/17/22 -24/-24
HP 23/22/22 -29/-29

2. RC Short Crack Shot 9/22/20 +0/+0
Similar to RC Jab Knuckle, you tap jab and short from either down forward or down as you roll
the stick back for the qcb motion, but you hold the jab down and release the short upon
reaching “back.” This is slightly harder than Jab Knuckle because it involves more motions with
your fingers compared to mashing double taps with your whole hand, but its easier to nail
consistently vs 3 button RC’s. Just be sure that opponent is airborne before you do this. You
will be punished, hit or block, doing this move on a grounded opponent.
If the opponent is further away in the air and has a floaty jump, you could even nail them with
the forward or even the screen clearing roundhouse version.
anti-air (area just above head, at 45 degree angle, or low jumps)
RC Setup bait punisher. (punishable if blocked, in spite of the numbers)
MK 9/26/20 +0/+0
HK 9/30/20 +1/+1

3. RC Jab Power Wave 16/—/43 -14/-14
Same as RC Jab Knuckle, just do it the opposite direction.
Recovery is slightly faster with the jab wave, so done from a distance Terry recovers in time
to counter things such as RC Psycho Crusher with his own reactionary RC Jab Knuckle.
Closer in, just past his sweep distance, its safe and sets up anti air RC Crack Shots or lets him
commence rushing in for guard strings. Still not 100% safe against fast jump characters when
ranged poorly, but you can risk it once at those closer ranges. RC Fierce Power Wave makes
an “ok” poke for footsies, but Jab is better just for the “quicker” recovery alone. Just be more
reactive with it than proactive, if you “sense” they will throw out a long range normal, hit em
with RC Fierce Wave. (Mid to max footsies range only) Non-RC’d, jab power waves should
only be thrown in situations following a knockdown at range where you cannot close the
distance fast enough to crossup roll or low jump HK, generally after anti air df+HP, comboing
into a burn knuckle, etc. I’d try to avoid using it up close until you’ve conditioned
the opponent to lessen their urge to jump in and punish waves, usually from a distance.
This may dull them enough to punish the move done closer or cancelled off something.
Just a recommendation.
Alternates: MP 16/–/44 -15/-15
HP 16/–/45 -16/-16

Terry’s God Destroying Super
If alpha countered, sometimes this move beats the alpha counters.
It Juggles for extra damage for Power Geyser or Burn Knuckle.
Recovery at range with -5 means both characters break about even when this move is blocked.
The level 3 version is very quick, it can nail safe falling characters on the other side of the screen
even when inputs are buffered the very moment the safe falling character side’s "Tech Bonus"
message appears.
It combos easily off any of Terry’s normals, especially his shorts.
Leads to blocked mixups or, whether or not it connected, corner mixups leading to another
It has a few faults, one being it’s crouchable, so if done randomly by characters that are crouching
it will miss. This is preventable with 2 in 1’s.
Another fault perhaps is that as anti air its generally pretty bad. Rock can land his Shine Knuckle for example and expect relatively high damage, not Terry.
Terry’s Lvl 3 Buster Wolf to Power Geyser does a lot of damage, and should be his aim to land it, but odds
are you’ll probably be forced to break guard first which means smartly attacking.
He does have some high and lows he can apply to enable landing of a lvl 3 busterwolf and a lvl 1 busterwolf (non-combo),
with the added damage from his heavy normals and the corner roundhouse power dunk after the last busterwolf
he’d have netted damge somewhere over 9000!!!
Lvl 1 5:9/12/22 -5/-5
Lvl 3 5:9/22/22 +6/+6

Bread and Butters
Terry is lucky because his shorts to super is easier than characters like Ken or Cammy.
Firstly, learn the technique for shorts to Buster Wolf (for N-Terry):
d.lk, d.lk, qcf+lk (hold), qcf+MK
Whether you’re going for lvl 1’s or have stock broken for lvl 3, any button works.
That’s another plus over C-Groove.

  1. d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, special
  2. close s.HP, df+HP xx Busterwolf, special
  3. d.lk x 3 (or close s.HP) xx Busterwolf, lvl 1 power geyser
  4. d.mk xx Busterwolf/special

If he is working the guard, close s.HP to df+HP is excellent hit confirm to either
super or special, does good guard damage, and is generally safe being at -5 at the distance it
puts him. Further, I have Busterwolfs as “b&b’s” because going for a guaranteed damage off
guard crush means in N-Terry’s case waiting to break stock until their guard bar is really
However, if you do manage to land something, why throw away free damage?

Terry has a staggering amount of anti-air options.
his rising uppercut (df+HP) is pretty good. has a lot of vertical reach above his head.
Its not like Sagat’s far s.HK however. To cover angles like that there’s his qcb+LK, the
RC’d short Crack Shot, for both high jump positioned anti-airs and pre-emptive jump
anti-airs. The jab burn knuckle gets the nod because its easier to execute IMO
than the crack shot, his standing there during opening animation makes him look open for
attack, only to punish when rolling into his attack frames.
The uppercut has clutch uses in the corner or when its expected an opponent will try to
randomly crossup. If fighting P/K Grooves, you can cancel that into the power dunk or
the crack shot for good measure, or HP Burn Knuckle to get out of there.
His lvl 1 and 3 power geysers aren’t air blockable by C-Groove, and back dash or roll sweep
is awesome and easy.
And of course there’s roll, rising tackle. The thing scrubs do to taint the wolf’s name.
Hey if the other guy fell for it he deserved it right?

DF+HP xx Power Dunk, Crack Shot, Burn Knuckle
DF+HP xx LP Power Wave
Rising Tackle
RC Jab/Strong/Fierce Burn Knuckle (see RC’s)
RC Short/Forward/Roundhouse Crack Shot (see RCs)
Break Stock xx Lvl 3 Power Geyser
Lvl 1 Power Geyser
Back Dash d.HP
Back Dash d.HK

Working the Guard
Guard Strings

  1. d.HP, link d.mk xx power wave or busterwolf
  2. run up d.lp x 3, d.HP xx busterwolf
  3. run up d.lp x 3, stand, d.hp xx busterwolf
  4. close s.HP (2 hits), df+HP xx power wave or busterwolf
  5. run up d.lk (or lp), close s.HP, sweep
  6. Not a string, but use low jump HKs at range, and HPs when closer.
    If opponent has lvl 2 or lvl 3 meter, or RC’s capable of blasting through waves, or a very fast jump, you can opt to
    ignore the power wave sting, or at least do it once or (if you’re lucky twice) to bait reprisal the next time by not
    throwing the wave at all and whiffing a normal that looks similar like d.HP or df+HP. I’d lean towards the df+HP maybe.
    Terry raises his arms like that for waves. Followup the Busterwolf with a “busterwolf 50/50” Need to test how much
    guard bar the busterwolf takes.

Corner “connected” Busterwolf Mixups/followups
What makes these work is that you’re always doing something.
Its not blind rushdown, its carefully calculated movement masked by extended animations from
numerous moves. Whether its hiding the fact that an opponent flipped in the air while you aim for
empty low jump d.lks, or and opponent is flipping in the air while you’re in that short power dunk
animation, the goal is the same, to get them to watch you and be on their guard, expecting that
"block" so they can time their response.
Thing to remember is technically you’re open, and an observant player may notice that you hit them
out of the juggle state, and they flipped, allowing them to Dragonpunch or something. Thing is the
window of opportunity here if very small so long as you’re moving, and even top players get nailed
with mixups such as these via characters like Chun Li.

  1. d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, low jump HP, empty low jump, d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, dp+HP
    d.HP, empty low jump, d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, dp+HP
  2. d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, df+HP xx dp+LK, d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, dp+HP
    df+HP, empty low jump, d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, dp+HP

2nd Player Crossup Glitch Busterwolf Mixups

  1. d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, df+HP xx dp+LK, kickthrow, dp+LK (crosses up), d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, special
    s.lp xx qcf+LP, kickthrow, dp+LK (Crosses up), d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, special
    d.HP, empty low jump, kickthrow, low jump (crossup), d.lk x 3 xx Busterwolf, special

What’s the practicality of knowing all that?
If your opponent won’t die from a lvl 3 Busterwolf to lvl 1 Power Geyser, you need to do whatever it
takes to tack on additional damage, and doing those strings adds anywhere from 2000 to 3000
more damage.

Risky “break” Busterwolf Mixups
Often times people think that they have the next move after blocking Terry’s Busterwolf, so they are
generally “open” while they begin their reprisal. It’s risky of course, but as with close range tick
throws against A-Bison or Blanka, or Kens end round f+MK overhead, Risks are worth taking at
times. Heck, not even sure if you should call them mixups. Maybe setups.
Blocked Busterwolf
–LK Power Dunk (high risk, rare enough to see it often “stuns” them when done)
–RC Jab Burn Knuckle (risky if blocked but if they were doing something you’ll nail them)
–Roll Kickthrow (ghetto but works)
–Run Sweep (also ghetto but works)
–run up close s.HP xx busterwolf (guard bar, but riskier, must get closer)
–run up close s.HP (2-hits), df+HP xx Busterwolf (more guard bar, but riskier, must get closer)
–run up d.lk’s xx busterwolf (ok, but gotta get close)
–run up d.HP xx busterwolf (Range arguably better vs close s.HP variants)
–lvl 1 Busterwolf (not worth it at all unless they can’t crouch it like Geif)
–crack shot (pretty good if they jumped, horrible if they didn’t)
–Low jump HK xx busterwolf (safest) (Good hit confirm whether they jump or not)
–Low jump HP xx busterwolf (ok, better at closer ranges than HK, but not likely to be)
–empty low jump d.lk’s xx busterwolf (Could work with low jump HK/HP condtioning)
The Blocked Busterwolf is the safest non-normal move Terry has. If you can get a string of
them in succession, you can probably guard crush and go for a close s.HP xx burn knuckle
combo for the finish. If the match is close you can try these and you’ll probably get the last 25
percent of guard doing these strings, and then maybe the last 10 percent of their remaining life
when their guard’s down. The normals cancels to busterwolf are probably the safest of the
"risky" mixups here. If a Busterwolf is ducked, its very punishable. Hit/blocked normals solve
that problem, eating away at guard or getting opponent to guess wrong. The two patterns marked
in bold are either the safest or the most damaging in terms of guard bar or even health if they
didn’t block. I call these moves risky, but really what isn’t?
At least you’re not open to attack like a blocked Chun Li super.

Close In Pressure Patterns (Fishing for Buster Wolf)

  1. d.lk, d.lp, stand d.lk
  2. d.lk x 2, d.lp run up d.lk
  3. d.lk x 2, d.lp run up close s.HP
  4. d.lk x 2, d.lp stand, d.HP
    The crouching jab has +4 on it, it’ll buy you more time to run in instead of the +2 from crouching short.
    Tacking a jab after two shorts will help buy a little time for close s.HP, those d.lks, or that d.HP.
    I’d do #4 after at least attempting the first two, to get opponent believing that you will run in always after those
    three light attacks. standing also helps seal the deal.

RC Setup String (Fishing for RC Jab Knuckle /RC Crack Shot)

  1. d.lk x 3, s.lk, s.mk back step a sec (back off) (either RC)
  2. d.HP, link d.MK xx LP Wave (Crack Shot)
    If opponent has lvl 2 or lvl 3 meter, or RC’s capable of blasting through waves, or a very fast jump, you can opt
    to ignore the power wave in the power wave string,
    or at least do it once or (if you’re lucky twice) to bait reprisal the next time by not throwing the wave at all
    and whiffing a normal that looks similar like d.HP or df+HP. I’d lean towards the df+HP maybe. Terry raises
    his arms like that for waves.
  3. Block moves from Shotos leading to Hadoken, RC Jab Knuckle through the fireball
    when you see the d.mk cancel to their “charge” stance.
  4. Blocking moves from Guile, RC Jab Knuckle through long range blocked standing
    or crouching strong cancelled to sonic boom.
  5. Fireball battles, though rare, just throw a LP wave run after it and RC through opponent one
    on reaction.

Alternate Methods to Get In
-Run up Sweep
-Low jump HK/HP
-RC Burn Knuckle (counter)
-Roll throw (counter)
-Alpha counter
-counter roll

Low Jump Mixups
Condition opponent with
-max range low jump HKs
-low jump HP’s when closer.
This also helps you with your guard crush goals, and helps set up those Busterwolf Mixups.
The more you do the jump attacks, the greater chance you can land those
empty low jump d.lk’s or kickthrows.
What’s more, you can land a low jump HK and cancel it to Busterwolf if it hits, and if blocked its
just as safe and leads to more mixups. The latter is ok to do in a pinch, but you really should
try to get the hang of confirming whether or not the move hits. The lower you make those
low jump HP’s, the more “ambiguous” it would be to let up for empty jump d.lk’s and throws,
which in turn lead to easy deep low jump HP’s xx dp+LK’s.

counter hit-Throw Setups
Regular ticks and whiffs to throw.
I have taken a stance lately of not trying to try to throw lately, but there’s some value in trying
to reversal lvl 3 buster wolf tech throws, though all these years I’ve never been able to.
I like conditioning opponent into thinking I don’t do throws at all, or at least don’t plan to until
at least until towards the end of a round.
Fighting multiple opponents though or the same guy numerous times, I’ll probably switch that up
so that I throw towards the beginning or the middle, but never more than once or twice to get that
idea that I’m a guy who just “doesn’t” throw.
d.lk, pause, d .lk d.lk
d.lk, stand, d.lk, d.lk
d.lk, stand whiff s.lp throw (kick throw preferably)
d.lkx2, d.lp, walk up option select close s.HP/punch throw
d.lk, s.lp, option select close s.HP/punch throw
d.lkx2, d.lp, stand, d.HP
d.lkx2 ,d.lp, d.HP

I like the last two because Terry’s d.HP is about as good as Sagats. set it up with a d.lp at range,
and Terry’s d.HP will beat any normal move thrown at him at that range.
Unfortunately that requires some conditioning so I reserve those strings towards the end of a round
when someone would want to punish my rushes after three light attacks.
Or when someone spams shit thats safe, that’s not an RC.

Alpha Counter Follow Ups
Alpha Counter
-Buster Wolf (vs safe falls)
-run up d.mk xx busterwolf/burn knuckle (vs safe falls)
-run up sweep
-power wave
-run crossup roll (if they safe fall, you will be at risk during your roll)

Counter Roll Followups
-run up close s.HP xx Busterwolf/burn knuckle
-run up d.mk xx Busterwolf/burn knuckle
-run up d.HP xx Busterwolf
-run up sweep
-busterwolf, burn knuckle
-RC Jab Knuckle
-break stock xx Power Geyser (hardest)
-Break stock xx Buster Wolf (hardest)

Knockdown Followups
-run, or walk forward, crossup roll (generally safe following busterwolf to power geyser,
supers can’t be tech rolled.)
-meaty sweep (if Blocked, you could try low jump HK to get back in, or back off for
The Pattern. If it hits, followup with any of these)
-run up, dash back sweep (corner)
-low jump mixups
-LP power wave

Punishing Safe Falls
They say safe fall isn’t really safe, but often times many good players safe fall at seemingly
random times, maybe when the going gets tough, or when they see a chink in opponents offense.
-Far screen
-lvl 3 Buster wolf (you may need to have stock broken before hand, depends on
how you knocked opponent down) (generally nails people safe falling
throws or people who safe fall when they think they’re safe on
far side of screen)
-run up sweep
-lvl 1 busterwolf (if close enough)

No where near done, have to consolidate words more.

Strategy Formulation

The Pattern
(Opening Gambit)

Dash Back, break stock (optional) LP Power Wave
*Rage/breaking stock almost always induces a little respect from opponents.
since we’re dealing with Terry it may not be as intimidating at first however since he’s not
top tier. Dashing back lets you either break stock and/or throw a power wave safely.
You could alternatively wait to break stock until you get their guard flashing, or close to
it. *The Power Wave gives Terry some means to take control.
Even if they jump the fireball, throw a fireball to counter it, psycho crushe over it,
or just block, all are things that Terry wants the opponent to do. It allows him to play
the game at his pace. Allows him to counter opponent responses to the wave, rather than
trying to guess exactly what the opponent is trying to do. It helps cut back the guess
work in this regard, and makes your response time go up.
Anyway, this will help you get in, and with Terry’s moveset, if they try to prevent this
by charging in you can nail them with anti-airs, his sweep, his RC Burn Knuckle, and suddenly
you have the initiative anyway.
Jump ins
If Opponent attacks during back dash, or even the powerwave
Counter with:
RC Jab Burn Knuckle
RC Crack shot
Lvl 1 Power Geyser
Break Stock lvl 3 Power Geyser
run up df+HP
"Torpedo" Attacks
If opponent attacks with psycho crusher, ball, headbutt, etc. Can include
other RC’s in which opponent moves forward to a degree such as
counter with:
RC Jab Burn Knuckle (reaction)
Block (standing/crouching depending), go for sweep
You could risk lvl 3 Power Geyser if opponent’s spamming
If opponent does nothing, get in close and work the guard primarily.
Try rolling at sweep distance while fireball is closing with them to bait some
sort of response, as you recover from the roll hit d.mk or walk/run up for d.lk’s
or his high priority close s.HP. The power wave should cover you from any
normal moves, prompting response from RC’s.
Your milage with this may vary. Always go for Guard crush strings first
when it is sufficiently low, throw a bit more.
Then as you’re pushed away to mid range put a little more emphasis on RC
Setups and then move to resetting the pattern.
You don’t want Terry’s higher tiered opponents getting too prepared to punish
Terry where he is arguably at his weakest: mid range. On the other hand,
keeping them at mid range leaves them open to some of Terry’s riskier strats
if he’s prepared by keeping them at mid range himself, rather than letting
them keep him at mid range. Throws are techable, therefore not too reliable
until opponent’s scared due to low life or low guard meter. Mixups should also
include low jumps, doing d.lk x 2, d.lp run close standing Fierce pressure

Mid Game
Mid Range Play

Good players will recognize your game after one or two plays of “the Pattern,” and/or its variations.
Since Good players will seldom allow you to dictate to them how the match will go, odds are the
ranges you strive to setup will be challenged by their approach. Learn to punish those approaches
from the sky of course, but for those characters that have stronger footsies tools than Terry, they
probably will get in close enough that either their faster walk speeds, their stronger pokes, or both
will begin to wrest what little “control” you had to begin with if at all.

Variation on plan leads to you fighting the mid range to close range guard crush patterns, with
some RC Setup Strings spliced in for random knockdown situations.
You’ll need to know everything you can about Terry’s mid range tools, and which patterns listed
above are best used in these mid range situations.
**General Format of following Data
----Move-------------------------------------------------Data----------------- --total frames----------JD’d–

standing short (s.lk)------------------5/5/11 ------ -1/-1 ----(21 Frame Move) -------- (-5)
standing forward (s.mk)----------------9/6/16 ------ -2/-2- — (31 Frame Move)— (-8 to -10)
crouching forward (d.mk)----------------5/8/17 ------ -3/-3 ----- (30 Frame Move)-----(-4 to -2)
crouching roundhouse (sweep/d.HK)--------- 6/6/29 dn/-8 ----------- (41 Frame Move)–(-17 to -15)
crouching Fierce (d.HP)------------------7/7/13 ------ +6+6 ----- (27 Frame Move)-------(-2 to -0)
crouching jab (d.lp) --------------------3/4/7 -------- +4/+4 ------(14 Frame Move)--------(-1)
standing jab (s.lp)------------------2/4/6 --------- +5/+5 ------(12 Frame Move) ------- (-0)
Rising Upper (df+HP)---------------------3/7/22 ---------5/-5 ------(32 Frame Move) ------ (-11 to -9)
low jump Roundhouse (lj.HK)--------------------------------------------------------------(+10 to +12)
low jump Fierce (lj.HP)---------------------------------------------------------------------(+10 to +12)
ROLL-----------------------------------------------------27/4R -------(31 Frame Move)
jab Burn Knuckle--------------------17/12/22 ----- -19/-19 -----(51 Frame Move)------(-15 to -13)
short Crack Shoot----------------------9/22/20 ---- +0/+0 ---- (51 Frame Move) ----- (-23 to -21)
jab Power Wave--------------------16/*/43---------------------- (59 Frame Move)**
His best tools at about “dash” distance to “max footsies” distance vs K Groove are his
s.lk, s.mk, d.mk, d.HP, d.HK, low jump HK/HP, roll, RC jab Burn Knuckle
RC jab Power Wave–
Elaboration-jab recovers faster. At max ranges the other moves aren’t so dangerous, or if safe they’re even more so.

Effective use of Terry means knowing how to impliment these moves and dissiminate

the “patterns” I listed above. They’re not rules set in stone. Its more like an intricate web,
a lattice of patterns that often intersects, with other patterns. Be flexible. Since the name of the
game is guard crush and RC baiting, liberal use of crouching Fierce and low jump HK is
Keep fishing for those Busterwolfs though, at least when Guard is three quarters to
halfway on opponent. The perfect range set up for an RC Burn Knuckle following the listed
d.lkx3, s.lk, s.mk and backing off will bait reprisal from those who are inclined to respond
immediately after a blocked or connected string of attacks. Those who are smart will probably
wait longer before acting with something like Sagat’s s.lk’s or s.mk. You can “dance” a little at that
range with your s.mk’s before backing off again. At that range, an opponent mashing on Sagat’s
s.MK, d.HP, Iori’s s.HK, Sakura’s s.HK, Bison’s c.HP, etc (a top tier poke) will generally beat
the s.mk so you only got maybe one or two of em.
You could try backing away and hitting their limbs with your sweep (which because of its angle and
speed effectively can hit all the top tiers’ pokes) or run in as their limb retracts for a d.hp xx super
(another nod for N-Terry vs dash.)
Back just a little furthe you get the max effective range of a low jump roundhouse, which will
effectively beat most moves top tiers use save Sagat’s s.HP and the like. Upon hit or block you
are still within that “dance” s.mk range, but as you’ve been there a while now you’re almost certain
to eat those high priority pokes now that you’ve pissed your opponent off.
Time to back off and reset Terry’s long range pattern.
If they chase you, nail them with Terry’s excellent sweep if they’re on the ground
(or tag em with s.lk/s.mk) or knock them out of the air if they jump then go for some mixups.
If they crowd you, you’ve got AC’s, a reversal lp rising tackle, a fast 2 frame jab to both
deter throws and chain to s.lk’s to push em back out and regain your breathing space, rolls and
counter rolls to either escape being cornered or countering RC’s. Some of these tools work better
than others at punishing the opponent, it really depends on the specifics of the matchup at that point.
You also have crouching shorts or jabs cancelled to jab rising tackle if you’re stuck and don’t want to
blast through with an AC or counter-roll, or a risky RC. Issue there is obvious; you are trying to mash out
those jabs and if you’re being pressured this close you can be setup and eat a nasty b&b to custom or
short, short super.

Close In Play

Mostly Guard Crush and counter-hit/throw strings that are generic for every character.
WIth Busterwolfs to Burn Knuckle or Geyser possible off his shorts, Terry becomes a player in
that game.

I’lll attempt these sorts with Terry towards the end of a round for a finish in close fights or if I
simply can’t get away, but have initiative at the time due to a knockdown.
And ultimately I’ll go all out with whatever remaining meter I have, hit or blocked, for those last
minute mixups to get what little life of theirs is left.

Also his guard crush strings primarily consist of either close s.HP, df+HP (cancelling to
powerwave is optional, but comes with high risk), or d.HP link d.MK, cancelling to power wave
also optional.

With powerwaves at such close range, I’d have made it a habit beforehand of punishing any
jumpins over powerwaves first, primarily at far screen to 3/4ths screen range.

If you get their guard bar to flashing, break stock and go all out with low jump HK’s, run up d.HP’s
in an attempt to break their guard and cancel the “recovery” of either the low jump HK or d.HP
to super.

Its actually pretty simple in concept, but harder in execution as Terry doesn’t have any "safe"
guard breaking moves outside his normals like most top tiers. He does have excellent normals
though. He needs to get in, a LP wave does that. Once he’s in, his counter-hit setups are a little
hurting but he has a few good ones that require conditioning however.
–d.lk x 2, d.lp, run up
–d.lk x 2, d.lp, d.hp or --d.lk x 2, d.lp, stand, d.hp
Terry’s crouching fierce is bad ass. Its a fierce, has priority over mediums or lights, cancels
to his supers, does good damage. I don’t know about its priority vs Sagats, but when properly
setup it’ll beat anything out there. Terry’s d.lp gives him +4, the d.HP comes out in 7.
Thats a 3 frame window, if done perfectly, which admittedly can be difficult in the heat of a match.
Timing’s strict to get something like this down, much like Chun’s combos to super.
Even if you were a little slower with a 1 or 2 frame link, it’s still a 3-5 frame window at long range,
his fierce will nail most normals as in their startup that attempt to reach him.



Vs Guile you have a few tools
-counter roll
-low jump hk or hp
-close in games
-break stock, lvl 3 buster wolf (Guile’s dash distance, past 2 crouching strong range)
-RC Jab Burn Knuckle
-Guard Break Patterns
Bully him with max range low jump HK’s in addition to your regular background pattern,
which you can feel free to ditch in this matchup if you so choose; it’s ok to attack Guile.
If you want to setup the long range fireball wars, rush in and pound his guard bar, you can do
that too, but he’ll definitely nullify your waves with his booms.
If you’d chosen to break your stock, throw a lp wave and run after it, try to low jump over his
boom with maxed range HK and hit confirm that to lvl 3 Buster wolf.

If Guile Jumps at you (which he shouldn’t really ever do)
unless you are positioned for a df+HP, or were crouching for Rising Tackle, he’ll
be able to air block RC Jab Knuckle.
Not too bad a thing, as he looses guard, and you two are right next to each other
you could roll his boom, but by the time you react to it he’ll throw you or combo to super.
so it’s not really viable.
The best way to deal with Guile’s RC Booms are to low jump HK/HP.
If he cancels them off his crouching or standing strongs, you could get away with counter roll
when things are “tight.” Don’t make a habit of it with Terry as his roll isn’t Iori’s Guile may catch
on and plan to punish.
That rule generally applies to any of Terry’s opponents who use fireballs.
You could also RC Burn knuckle through any boom, whether done off a cancel or not.
startup times factored in, as well as a bit of reaction, and simply just knowing that Guile’s going
to throw a boom sooner or later, your RC’d Jab Burn Knuckle is fast enough to fly through those
booms and hit Guile before he recovers.
This is really only possible at his two crouching strong distance or d.lpx2, s.mp distance.
It gives you the distance to react to a boom, the disance to fly through a boom and nail him.
It also unfortunately sets the both of you up for some interesting mid range "footsies’ matches;
he could opt to crouching forward instead of boom at that range, and then release a boom.
Suddenly you’ve been pushed a little too far away for RC Jab Burn Knuckle to be effective
in this match; Terry’s startup at 17 frames demands that the boom be a little closer to him,
and at this max ranged Guile c.mk distance, you’ve been pushed far enough such that Guile
recovers before you reach him, and he blocks and punishes your -19 Burn Knuckle.

You could RC through his c.mk anyway, but this is rather hard to do with that setup and only
possible with precedant and anticipation. Not at all recommended unless your foe is very

If he’s closer to you when he c.mk’s, you could RC the Knuckle at that point.

If Guile does a d.mk or sobat (f/b+MK), he’ll probably boom. Definitely look for that following
any of those mk’s.
if he mixes up with far s.HK or backfist instead of boom following a d.mk,
you can roll those moves on reaction or RC Jab Knuckle it.
The problem? if he’s doing good job mixing up whether or not he does these
normals vs booms, it’ll muck up your reaction time.
The “flag” you need to go off in the back of your head is that he will do something
following a d.mk or a sobat, unless he’s a higher caliber player and knows
to mix up not only the moves, but the moments he chooses to employ them,
not merely firing off moves at the earliest possible moment.
Just reset your pattern or whatever background pressure you’ve got setup.

I’d stick to trying to punish Booms with RC Knuckles only at that Guile double low strong
range, and focus more on backing away and pestering him with low jump HK’s the entirety
of the match, prepared to RC Knuckle through reprisal Booms, as well as being prepared
to break stock when and if his guard gets to 1/3’d to rush in and go for the guard crush to

following d.mk (not really punishable by terry on reaction)
possible boom
back fist
dash throw
dash d.lp’s, s.mp xx boom
sonic hurricane
far s.hk
possible boom
sonic hurricane
far s.HK has slower startup of course, this IS punishable on reaction, but you really need to
see it coming. it’s too risky throwing RC Burn Knuckles out for it to whiff.
You see it though, fairly easy.

Jumping at Guile isn’t ever recommended if you ask me, low jumps are good to go.

You can try to fight his fireballs with your own, though this doesn’t really get you anywhere.
His roll isn’t good enough to punish a well placed LP Wave, just like your own roll can’t punih his
boom when properly setup.

Rapid Fire Booms
-try to match his booms with your lp waves to build meter
when you got what you need, run or RC Burn Knuckle through one to make him more
guarded, and try to either:
edge your way closer so he resorts to patterns you can punish
try to low jump HK over a boom

At that good low jump HK range you can pretty much low jump HK away almost for free.
He’ll smack you with backfist if you get carried away. Thing is he’s charge character…
He may have given up his charge, if he didn’t, he gets a fierce boom, which you can punish.

RC’d Booms would work as anti-air, but since timing that for low jumps is much more difficult
than regular jumps, he may opt to just block, which helps your guard crush games.

Close in

Guile hurts when characters are on him. RC Boom can be thrown easily if you option select
close s.HP.
I’d use close d.lp, close s.HP patterns on him,
or d.lk, s.lp, walk forward close s.hP
walk forward close s.HP
or d.lk, close s.HP (while walking forward)

You always have walk forward,
d.lk x 3
if it htis, super
if blocked, make the last short a crouching jab, rush in close s.HP /or d.HP
or low jump HP/HK
far s.mk

Guile may charge down back and hunker down, waiting for safe opportunities to reverse
Terry’s close s.HP blocked
Guile AC’s
low junp
short flash kick or
risky d.HP
RC Boom if he’s good (but risky none-the-less)
maybe lvl 2 wipeout xx HK flashkick
blocked d.lp’s or d.lk’s
mash jabs
just randomly lvl 2 super out of bad situations
sonic hurricane once you push yourself out

Punishing Sonic Hurricane
He may feel inclined to to this off far s.HK, far d.MK, close d.lp’s, etc.
Usually he’ll go for kick super “total wipeout” but if you prove resiliant
vs that super he may go for the guard crush or jump combo or throw out this.
If he’s sitting on it that’s enough for you to play carefully anyway.
This move is much safer for him to “abuse” than Terry’s RC’d Burn Knuckle, and in a sense
used the same way, except its safe on block, does much more damage, and is a well known
and serves as a deterrent to most opponents with half a brain.
How to get him to sonic hurricane?
It guard crushes very well.
If you block his strings more, he may be tempted to go for this
the closer you are to guard crush. Once your guard’s gone the super generally
does close to full damage
Terry can only really punish this move with a well timed counter roll, and only if its midscreen,
away from corners.
When you counter rol, do so only when hurricane has you “near” Guile, preferably
early in the "cycle."
Once you’re in the clear, break stock, crouching fierce him, and go for lvl 3
power geyser for the win (comboing into lvl 3 geyser is his strongest super cancel
when he has only the lvl 3 available and no lvl 1’s.)
Busterwolf to burn knuckle or powerdunk lends better positioning and corners him, so
if you’re not gonna be able to kill him with a geyser, do this instead.

Running up to do close s.HP isn't recommended while Hurricane is active because you
may bulldoze your way into the Hurricane for some serious hurting.

Total Wipeout
-Guile’s zero risk all purpose super.
-corner escapes
-“tick throw”
-crossup setup
For any of the reasons above, Guile can nail you with this and combo roundhouse
flashkick afterwards. Like Sonic Hurricane, safe on block.

-Alpha counter
-Some Guiles actively AC to keep you cornered or to corner you.
-You may be able to crouch, have to look.

C/K Sagat

A Bison
Bison is, in a sense, the antithesis of Terry.
Terry’s all anti-airs, Bison is the air.

Bas goes airborne a lot
Buk throws fireballs and rolls psycho crushers on reaction. RC Jab Burn Knuckle is so easy,
just do that on reaction. You should be able to as it is one of the easier roll cancels.
You may be able to do it on anticipation.
It is possible to safe fall after super moves to follow up juggle specials, like Hibiki’s lvl 3s to
HP slash or Terry’s Busterwolf to knuckle.

Many good Bison’s go airborne alot.

Head stomps you should counter with lk crack shot
His other arial move, Fierce Burn Knuckles or Jab. (range dependant), or crack shot.
Regular jump, depends on the range, whether or not Bison has meter, and your relative position.

A plus for closer RC LP Wave’s
No need to—guess on Bison’s slides.
If he RC psycho crushers or scissors he’ll go right through you.
And you recover first. His jump isn’t Vega’s, he can’t take advantage of a well spaced fireball
(you still need to watch his roll distances) as well as Vega could.
***doesn’t need to with meter though. Hope this goes without saying against full metered Bison.

Considering Bison’s nature,be prepared to unleash any RC,
be it RC Crack Shot for head stomps, RC Knuckles for Devil’s reverse.
RC LP wave if far enough or close enough (and he has no meter)
and be prepared to block scissors or psycho crushers.
If it becomes a contest of wills around guard bar, he may pay 1200 life to whittle your bar
enough for you to freak and make mistakes.
-at close ranges use that far s.lk.
it’s not sagats, and bison’s range on his d.lp’s or s.lp’s is similar, but whiffing it just in front stops
slides and controls his forward movement to land those jabs. DON’T SPAM.
He may RC scissors and get a knockdown, with meter this equals death.

If you can somehow get him to land on a df+HP anti-air, cancel it to a meaty LP wave and
rush him for guard bar strings, the most damaging ones you’ve got. Can be those with
close s.HP, df+HP or d.HP, d.mk links.

-counter Bison blocked scissors
Depending on the distance
The move isn’t safe if blocked, but can have advantage as low as -5 or less.
If you’re close enough, you can punish with
d.mp xx busterwolf
d.mk xx busterwolf / burn knuckle
lvl 3 busterwolf if your stock was already broken.
If its a perfect 1 hit scissor its practically safe, but you’re both even so just try to
vary those ranges to throw his scissors off.

Full metered Bison’s love stupid random activates.
A dash to CC or Dash to throw. (When he relinquishes his charge and maintains this dash
disance, this is his likely intention).

very risky vs Bison
Perhaps too risky, his d.lp’s are very fast at two frames, and have long reach.
Further, if he’s crouching, he’s maintaining his charge.
If you fuck up a counter hit throw string, you’ll risk eating a b&b to custom.
You’re best bet is to set up counter hit d.HP’s,
but if he sees that coming he may activate and punish.
So it may not be worth it.

Guard strings
if you can make him land or wake up into a meaty lp wave. ruin up and crossup roll before he
gets up or as he blocks or just run up and mash d.HP to get a “block combo”

Walk up activate/throw
if he’s in dash distance, but he goes for this mixup, you’re pretty much screwed.
with his/her fingers primed and itching for mash HP/HK on reaction
to anything Terry does, he can easily shift from walking forward ACTIVATE
mash shorts to walk forward throw (either throw)
Your best bet is probably breaking stock and hanging back for a tech throw
–If he thorws you good, try to tech and reversal lvl 3.
–If he mashes activate and crouching shorts is likely coming, crouch block immediately
during flash and prepare to mash jab or alpha counter his blocked dp+HP
–if he goes for the shorts without flash, he’ll probably nail you, but at least this is the lesser of
these evils as he’s walking forward and doesn’t have a charge.

what makes this difficult:
CC activation
no charge required for short, forward n roundhouse scissor kicks
vega and blanka don’t really have that, though they do have activate slide.
RC LP power wave negates that somewhat, but both can easily jump CC to punish recovery

If you break stock and he flinches and mashes activation—try to cancel the
break stock animation to lvl 3 Buster wolf–mash out those qcf’s + kicks.

You need to cancel the recovery of breaking stock or he’ll nail you.
As you can’t RC your way out of this obviously, being stuck in the break stock animation.
You’re only safe bet is going for the super.
If you mash level 3 geyser, it may nail him, or he may roll on reaction and punish
lvl 3 buster wolf is safe if he rolls, which he might do as he can’t hit you now,
and he can’t block so he needs to evade somehow.
when you both recover, he may round house scissor kick to try to recover
some CC damage and hopefully nail your Busterwolf’s recovery.
-I doubt he will be able to.
-Be ready to block and alpha counter
-if you think you can whip out RC jab burn knuckle
on reaction to those roundhouse scissors, be my guest.
You may have a shot.

If you look just for that ONE move, your anticipatory reflexes may give you the boost you need
risky though, cause if he nails you he gets some CC damage in.

As far as I know, no one’s ever gone through this sequence of events before, except maybe
those in that that crazy xerocrew.

On the other hand, with breaking stock, you may just stun bison long enough with the flash to
sneak your own walk forward throw in, though I don’t know why anyone with activaion at their
fingertips would be intimidated by anything the opponent can do when the slightest twitch
grants them invincibility enough to blast through it all.

You can also try blocking, but as break stock animation’s 20 frames long, and carries no invincibility whatever, he may nail you with a quick low move.

A Vega
Seems Vega loves those d.mk’s, d.HK slides, d.MP’s.
Seems he uses them to harass, and position you for jump HK’s or RC Roll Claw.
At certain distances, RC Roll Claw and j.HK seem to be his prefered ways to get in.
ALong with d.mp and d.mk to slide.

I don’t think this match is as hard as people make it out to be.
-bully him with long range waves, anti-air with jab knuckles.
if you get in close with wave, do heavy guard crush strings.
he’ll probably fierce RC claw through, jump over HK, or block.
For you
block is good
jump over HK can be handled
Fierce Claw is to be expected following a heavy string, he may do
the jab version, which is faster and less punishable.
You can roll on reaction or backdash then punish.
while running he hits you, he’s stopped a bit and lp wave tags his foot
you can roll on reaction and go for a sweep or run up close s.HP or d.HP
counter roll it.
his fastest normal is s.lk at 3 frames.
Terry’s got the edge in speed if he gets in close with his d.lks or s.lp’s.

Counter-hit/throw mind games vs Vega should be brain dead easy, there’s little reason to
believe he can escape as long as you use your best frame advantaged moves to harass him
point blank and hammer his guard with close s.HP to df+HP, or d.HP.

Also, beat RC roll fierce claw with roll or counter roll them d.HP xx busterwolf
-following blocked buster wolf, he may try to
-jump HK
-rc fierce claw
any mix of these to bait something so he CC’s, or simply to regain intiative since you’re both
at an “impasse.”
-slide, fierce roll claw and dash are countered with RC LP wave
(at the blocked busterwolf distance)
-jump forward or up + HK can be countered with RC Jab Burn Knuckle or LK Crack Shot.

K Cammy
This girl owns
However sticking to Terry’s Gameplan makes this about 50/50
Two things:
She’ll get in with low jump HJK
spiral arrow
She’ll also try
She needs that point blank range option select fierce/throw mindgame thats
ever oh so deadly.
Her low jumps can be countered with jab knuckles
Her ground game is nullified w/ground fireballs.

As you close distances however, what makes this match dangerous is how she responds
to the ground fireball. low jumps are covered, but if she JD’s the fireball
-You’d have to go straight for Guard STrings to RC Setup.
-Since the fireballs aren’t there doing those setups
its feels like a 50/50 situation of sorts, where it can go either way.
If I cover the spiral arrow with RC wave, she can jump in
If I jab knuckle, she can drill
Safe thing to do is nothing, at least until you see what exactly she’s going to try
to do. wait, back away and reset.
-Her dives, punish
-another option
is to walk back one step, walk forward and sweep
the sweep covers jumps and drills, her s.HK
why this is dangerous, its good and Cammy knows it. she may DP the sweep
And yet another option is d.HP xx Busterwolf.
max range low jump HK xx Busterwolf.

When Cammy gets a lvl 3, lvl 2,
fireballs are restricted to followups to knockdowns "meaties"
though it may be possible to use a RC LP wave to bait a lvl 3
at 3/4’s screen and roll it on reaction, run up d.mk xx busterwolf or burn knuckle.

You may want to get a feel for how she takes using her far s.HK, and d.MK. You may be left
with little option but to use your sweep.
At ranges too close for LP Waves.
if nothing else, you sweep vs her s.HK scores you the knockdown, follow it up with
rc wave or run sweep
***Never tried RC LP wave at close range vs cammy with lvl 3. Need to test this
could be possible to bait her to super, so she flies through you, you recover, run up and
d.mk xx super/special.
Odds are this will work good against C-Cammy, but K-Cammy can simply just defend then s.HK
Terry back, but if its well spaced odds are Terry’ll be fine. Just need to find that spot that’s all.
If done during her wakeup so it hits meaty I’m sure Terry’ll be ok, he usually is.

A Sakura
As far as I’m concerned, RC Burn Knuckle her spammed moves like
RC HK Hurricane
Jump -> dive kick
You can also try to match her s.HK with your faster up angled run up sweeps for a knockdown.
Then a bit of wakeup pressure.
Why a risky RC move vs those moves above?
–s.HK is highly expected from her.
If you’re capable of psychic dragons you can land a burn knuckle, all you need do is
watch the startup of her legs, and your jab knuckle will nail her during her recovery.
–RC Hurricane doesn’t have a continuous hitbox like the knuckle does. Doing the Knuckle on
reaction if you can do it will lead to one of two things, your fist tagging her, or you two fly through
each other. I don’t recommend this for all moves in the game of course. Attempting this
vs RC Electricity is suicide, but works against Sak.
–She may have learned to avoid spamming her dive kicks, but her jump still relatively sucks, and if she
jumps at all you have no excuse to let her land a hit or blocked move on you at all with your plethora of
anti-airs. Unless she has meter that is.

Counter her RC Fierce Fireballs with either
counter roll
rc jab knuckles

If she CC’s, she’s probably got you where she wants you, or its just random and she’s gonig for guard crush.
If the latter, counter roll out, break stock and run up d.mk xx lvl 3 or just counter roll and run up d.mk xx lvl 1.
If you have no meter go for d.mk xx burn knuckle.

Prevent her from getting close by punishing her spam and throwing well spaced waves, anti airs, and sweeps.
Her roll is equal to yours, so watch that spacing. At the perfect distance to throw waves you can sneak in low jump HK’s as well. If she has meter minimize that completely though, or alltogether as its very risky of course. Once in a while though you may get away with it.




Chun Li


Best thing about N-Terry is being able to combo lvl 3 Buster Wolf into lvl 1 Power Geiser.

A Sakura
As far as I’m concerned, RC Burn Knuckle her spammed moves like
RC HK Hurricane
Jump -> dive kick
You can also try to match her s.HK with your faster up angled run up sweeps for a knockdown.
Then a bit of wakeup pressure.
Why a risky RC move vs those moves above?
–s.HK is highly expected from her.
If you’re capable of psychic dragons you can land a burn knuckle, all you need do is
watch the startup of her legs, and your jab knuckle will nail her during her recovery.
–RC Hurricane doesn’t have a continuous hitbox like the knuckle does. Doing the Knuckle on
reaction if you can do it will lead to one of two things, your fist tagging her, or you two fly through
each other. I don’t recommend this for all moves in the game of course. Attempting this
vs RC Electricity is suicide, but works against Sak.
–She may have learned to avoid spamming her dive kicks, but her jump still relatively sucks, and if she
jumps at all you have no excuse to let her land a hit or blocked move on you at all with your plethora of
anti-airs. Unless she has meter that is.

Counter her RC Fierce Fireballs with either
counter roll
rc jab knuckles

If she CC’s, she’s probably got you where she wants you, or its just random and she’s gonig for guard crush.
If the latter, counter roll out, break stock and run up d.mk xx lvl 3 or just counter roll and run up d.mk xx lvl 1.
If you have no meter go for d.mk xx burn knuckle.

Prevent her from getting close by punishing her spam and throwing well spaced waves, anti airs, and sweeps.
Her roll is equal to yours, so watch that spacing. At the perfect distance to throw waves you can sneak in low jump HK’s as well. If she has meter minimize that completely though, or alltogether as its very risky of course. Once in a while though you may get away with it.

-an excerpt from a conversation I had with somone regarding Sakura
Sakura’s hurricane kick is 45 frames to 61.
hllslsh: Meaning if she abuses that shit she’s insanely vunerable to Iori’s roll->sweep
hllslsh: Rolento’s roll is 27/5
hllslsh: 32 total.
hllslsh: Rugals is 27/2/4R
hllslsh: 33 total.
hllslsh: Terry’s is 27/4R
hllslsh: Iori’s is 27/2R
hllslsh: 31 and 29 respectively.
hllslsh: RC invincibility duration is about 21-24 frames
hllslsh: that means basically, if you take the 27 frames startup of the invincibility of the roll
hllslsh: and subtract 1-3 or 1-4 frames
hllslsh: you get 24 frames or 23 frames of invincibility
hllslsh: thats like saying the 1-3 of the roll that moves geif forward for RC SPD takes away from the total invincibility the actual move gets.
hllslsh: Pretty cool.
hllslsh: So Sakura’s short hurricane kick —16/10/19 - 5/-5
hllslsh: the first 16 (startup) + 10 (hitting) is 26
hllslsh: vs Terry’s RC Jab Burn Knuckle - 17/12/22 down/-19
hllslsh: 17 startup+ 12 hit = 29 total
hllslsh: 1 frame slower, hits 2 frames longer.
hllslsh: the total invincible hitting frames of terry’s move
hllslsh: 29 total— 24 realistically - 17 for startup about 7 frames of invincible RC jab knuckle.
hllslsh: Sakura’s 26 total-====24 realistically - 16 for startup = 8 frames of invincible hit
hllslsh: but if I am doing the RC jab burn knuckle in reaction—about 5-10 frames, maybe 15
hllslsh: her shit easily wears out during the invincible 17 frames of startup vs Terry’s move, which is still fast enough to hit her since her move “whiffed” lasts 45 frames. Since I need my move to hit in a 17 frame window for its startup—and I need maybe 5-15 frames to react to her doin this—a strong possibility she will, i have a window of 22 to 32 frames where the RC Jab Burn Knuckle, done with anticipatory reaction timing, can defeat the short version of her RC Hurricane kick.
hllslsh: rough numbers on that last paragraph, but thats how it works.
hllslsh: --or I can simply roll it on reaction and do a sweep then throw a meaty jab powerwave, simpler.
hllslsh: I roll, 31 frame startup to recovery, and I sweep, 6 frame startup.
hllslsh: thats 37 total… maybe 38 depending on how able I am at the moment with the roundhouse button.
hllslsh: with her short hurricanes at 45 thats bad juju. Its not too different from rollin a fireball though.
hllslsh: 16 + 37 for sakura = 53 for her jab fireball
hllslsh: never gonna see jab fireball, will of course see fierce
hllslsh: 22 frames + 31 = 53!
hllslsh: so basically the frame data for fireballs are the same for sakura
hllslsh: the only difference is jab comes out quicker, her recovery animation is longer
hllslsh: fierce is slower, recovers quicker.
hllslsh: still, 53 frames is easily rollable then sweepable.
hllslsh: but why do that when you can roll, d.mk xx super?
hllslsh: well if she does the hurricane from some distance out, rolling towards her then sweepin doesn’t exactly do me any good. I’ll get nailed.
hllslsh: if she’s closer, likely she’ll try to setup the fireball with her non-tech rollable throw so I can’t do shit but block the fireball
hllslsh: well RC’s are not lvl 3’s. they don’t muck up reversal inputs. here you can reversal RC for a knockdown, or just reversal roll then d.mk. Here’s the catch:
hllslsh: if she setup her RC fierce fireball—the startup is 22 frames. remember what I said about the 1-3 frame, possibly 1-4 startup on RC’s… the natural roll, then -kara’d into your special. 22 frame startup is right at the door for her invincibility of the RC fierce fireball. If she’s on top of you and say I’m Terry a simple jab rising tackle will knock her out of that move.
hllslsh: This is all presuming she does it so the fireball actually hits meaty.
hllslsh: If it’s not meaty, but close to it, and she’s close enough, its possible to throw.
hllslsh: If she’s at perfect fireball distance and does it a little early, it beats pretty much anything Terry can do outside of lvl 3 (which MIGHT beat her, since her shit’s still active during the flash -5 frames and so on) her RC’d move just lost its invincibility.
hllslsh: If it doesn’t hit it’ll just fly right through her. OH, that’s presuming we’re doing Buster Wolf. Lvl 3 Power Geyser hits her clean here.
hllslsh: —Since we’re discussing N-Terry, you have to have stock broken and she may be expecting it and baiting so odds are you’re best off doin the RC Jab Burn Knuckle. FORTUNATELY she gives her intentions away with that move since it has --like people say of Terry, horrible startup.

A/K/C Blanka
Just Throw It
Your game revolves around breaking his guard and punishing his attempts to get in or reverse the situation. While you’re in go for either low shorts or close s.HP’s to Buster wolfs or df+HP if still close enough.
By all means combo if you’re granted hits.
If any string is blocked, either try to safely get back in as described above in thread or back out and reset.

Fighting to get in.
How to get him to play your game:
-Back dash, jab fireball
-back dash, whiff jabs/d.mp
-Run up, d.HK
-low jump forward HK/HP
-annoy with far s.lk / s.mk
*The jab fireball is best bet, you can play those d.lp, close s.HP games if you land a jab with a fireball assist.
–If he blanka balls over it, knock him down.

How to knock him down:
*Blanka Balls:
—Block, Run up sweep
—RC Jab Burn Knuckle
—Lvl 3 Power Geyser–you’re the shit if you can do this on reaction. Safer to block, run up sweep
Blanka will likely not do these if you are able to punish them, if even at all. He may try once to see if you’re good for it.

*Jump ins
—RC Crack Shot
—RC Burn Knuckle
—Rising Tackle

*Accidental (or not) Roll
–Run up sweep/d.mk/cl.s.HP
–Mash those jabs

*Hop forward
–Sweep/d.mk/close s.HP/d.lks

*d.HP (footsies)-4-4 5/3(2)5/23 38 frames total
–RC Burn Knuckle

*d.HK(Footies/elec)dwn-3 7/4/23- 34 frames total
–RC Burn Knuckle
***Rising Tckle(between elec n d.hk)
***Trying to roll this coming out of blockstun from elec isn’t advised, but possible.
Only attempt any of these if you notice Blanka sweeping often immediately following blocked Elec. AC is best bet

*meaty RC Elec (as you’re getting up, for those who “don’t get it”)
-Lvl 3
-Rising Tackle (too risky if you ask me but if they’re RC elec is spotty it could work)
-AC probably your best option
-Reversal Roll
-Backwards counter-roll
----walk up throw
----RC jab burn knuckle
Watch for his RC Elec whiff->throw as you’re getting up

*Slide(footsies)down-16 9/16/24 49 frames total
-Sweep (if in range)
-d.mk xx
-Counter-Roll->Busterwolf/knuckle Combo
***They all depend on your preference but all these are possible.

*counter hit/throw games
-When you get in close
*d.lp, close s.HP
*d.lp, throw
*d.lp, stand, d.lk to super
*d.lk, close s.HP
*d.lk, throw
*d.lk, stand, d.lk to super

After any knockdown-
Throw a jab powerwave so it hits "meaty."
This will nail him when he wakes up.
Its a steady background pattern that steadily guardcrushes and annoys, and gives him something to expect.
You can run up to him and close Fierce /low jump HK for additional guardcrush.
Hopefully, as pixel by pixel his life and guard go down with the clock, he’ll try something risky to get in.
At that point just knock him back down with the appropriate counter depending on whether he’s got meter or not.

To summarize, you’re fighting him for control of the entire stage.
Many of his moves reach all over the place, as do yours.
If he gets in, if you mess up with your defending your space and forcing him to react to you, it’s still possible to reset, in fact I’d go for it. However this is where he is most dangerous if he has that damned 2 button CC, since he’s point blank now and has the initiative anything you do near him can cost you the round. You should wait and block as you try to back out, but be ready to tech throw.

If he jumps in, in K groove or A, you should try to go with the fierce RC Burn Knuckle but the timing is much more strict so far as how long your invincibility lasts. It generally fades about 4 frames into his hitting animation.

-Another conversation- Too much shit to edit—Regarding Blanka Electricities-For use with any character with safe close Fierce’s or Roundhouses
the move does 1600 damage if it hits, and knocks down.
hllslsh: if blocked it gives him +10
hllslsh: it comes out in 9 frames, hits in 1.
hllslsh: so basically once he gets it going, he has to just mash and mash.
hllslsh: apparently he can mash forever.
hllslsh: but as soon as he whiffs and lets the button go, and if he didn’t hit you, there’s a 13 frame recovery window.
hllslsh: Depending on what the Blanka player’s tendancies are
hllslsh: if they make their shit obvious
hllslsh: this move is very, very good.
hllslsh: even if they "whiff it"
hllslsh: the move is entirely contained within the 24+ invincibility.
hllslsh: 9 frames of startup + 1 frame actively hitting, and 1 frame not hitting, 1 frame hitting, repeating every hit when you hit a button, and 13 frame recovery
hllslsh: 9+13 is 22
hllslsh: if he mashes twice—which some blanka’s do, and it misses
hllslsh: you can dragonpunch him or throw
hllslsh: if he is right on top of you and tries to do the blanka electricity late, it is a 9 frame startup move.
hllslsh: you can basically throw for free unless he times that 9 frames startup—+ the 1-3 for the RC, a good 10 or 13 frames before your 2 frame wakeup window—
hllslsh: following so far?
killermb24: yeah
killermb24: i was typing something
hllslsh: oh
killermb24: go on
hllslsh: Well this Blanka electricity stuff is for “IF” he’s attacking you on your wakeup.
hllslsh: Lets say he Blanka balled and you are attackin him on his.
hllslsh: and he’s a RC Electricity masher.
hllslsh: --and why wouldn’t he RC electricy mash? He’s supposedly the best character in the game. It’s basically the dragonpunch he never had.
hllslsh: well, you have a frame of reference here—that 2 frame reversal window when you wake up.
hllslsh: since Blanka has no “true” invincible reversal --outside of his hops-
hllslsh: if he goes for RC electricity mash—thats the 2 frame window he has to input his piano inputs
hllslsh: THEN, you have a 1-3 roll into the 9 frame electricity startup.
hllslsh: The key to beating this is to simply throw it.
hllslsh: punch throws or kick throws.
hllslsh: hit away to block and mash punch—as if you were gonna fierce him during the 2 frame recovery window.
hllslsh: or basically—walk up like Buk did to Choi, then walk backwards and hit fierce/roundhouse during the 2 frame recovery window.
hllslsh: Iori’s good for it—if Blanka didn’t reversal RC elec
hllslsh: Iori’s close fierce comes out in 3 frames
hllslsh: hits for 6, and is +/- zero on hit or block.
hllslsh: if you go for punch throw/blocked fierce
hllslsh: with roundhouse
hllslsh: Iori’s close roundhouse comes out in 6, hits for 3, and if hit or blocked is +3/+3
hllslsh: but IF he mashed it, hitting away + HP or HK gives you a throw. IF he did nothing, you get the hard attacks, WHICH you as IORI are safe from. You can also cancel them if you wanted but there’s nothing I can think of Iori would want to cancel to except maybe
hllslsh: no. there’s nothing he wants to cancel to.
hllslsh: just use the fact that you’re at +0 or +3 with Iori if he blocked, and the fact that it pushed you back, and low jump strong or empty low jump throw.
hllslsh: I dunno if A-Blanka gives you issues
hllslsh: but knowing the numbers gives you a chance to modify your gameplan accordingly to defeat whatever A-Scrubs are using to cheat a victory since you don’t know shit about the move other than it’s "good."
hllslsh: well I’ll favorite the post because its funny.
hllslsh: Terry is at +2+2 for his close fierce and +0 +0 for his roundhouse btw.
hllslsh: based on everything I’ve told you so far I think its pretty safe to say that Terry is definitely viable.
hllslsh: just option select that Blanka Electricity shit and A-Scrub people can’t beat it.
hllslsh: Of course— there is the matter of timing the close fierce and roundhouse correctly
hllslsh: because as you walk away, you might walk out of close fierce/roundhouse range, which is also throw range.
since Blanka usually charges down back and also mashes out electricities
hllslsh: I forget but I remember someone sayin once that mashin stuff like that takes away his charge.
hllslsh: whether its true or not
hllslsh: Kyo has his qcf+LP he can cancel a close roundhouse (-1/-1) to. the qcf+LP leaves him at -5 if the roundhouse comes out and is blocked instead of a kickthrow.
hllslsh: Sagat can
hllslsh: Sagat cannot do this shit because it leaves him at -13/-13 for fierce and -7/-7 for roundhouse.
hllslsh: Blanka punishes for free if he blocks.
hllslsh: what do you think about that one.
killermb24 is typing a message.
killermb24: that kyo fights blanka better up close than sagat does?
hllslsh: well… yeah but Sagat’s hopeless in the Blanka fight almost.
hllslsh: it’s almost a third strike rock paper scissors guessing game for both of them
hllslsh: but now Sagat doesn’t have the same trick we do with our characters.
hllslsh: Rugal doesn’t either—he’s at -14/-14 fierce and -9/-9 for roundhouse.
rolento is at -7/-7 for everything so he can’t do that trick either.
hllslsh: on the other hand Rolento has a fast walk forward speed and a longer throw range than blanka so you can sit out of range, wait for him to wake up and mash elec, if he doesn’t, mash jab to “control him,” then walk forward and mash jabs. He can’t mash RC electricities out of that because he’ll be left at the mercy of Rolento’s jab mashing and the +5 frame advantage mucking up his reversal roll + the piano inputs.

What this character really seems to lack are safe moves he can whiff to bait shit outside his s.lk which doesn’t have the range or the angle of better normals out there.
It doesn’t mean he’s unplayable, just means it requires more work to do that serious damage.
He is more than capable of getting in against people that aren’t prepared to fight a Terry that’s grounded vs those roll->rising tackle guys.

I’m also running out of space in those above posts so these extra ones will be used as followups once I’m done consolidating and editing and so on, so forth.

Beginning to think that N-Nakoruru, Morrigan, Akuma may actually fit my style of play better than Terry, but I simply can’t get over the fact that people keep falling for Terry’s shit.

(edit)nah. Terry’s the shit. I’ll stick with this.

Regarding the safe RC poke thing, hell with it. You got decent enough normals to mess with folks. a projectile you can chase after, and ok setups himself.

Hmph. Forgot the close s.HP data at the top of this mess. Gonna add that later, the post is maxed out. Gotta clean it up some.

This was some matchup specific Blanka stuff.
It’ll be matchup specific Sagat stuff later, which is copied and pasted between posts.
–deep and far low jump HK xx lvl 3 Buster Wolf ->lvl 1 Power Geyser rocks.

Fixed Terry’s useful moveset when JD’d information so it’s easier to read.
It seems incomplete. Must’ve been smoking crack or whatever when I first made it.
I know I only wanted key moves when he’s playing footsies, d.lk’s are generally mashed and usually guaranteed as a result.

Did a little modification to the matchups—gonna take the Sakura/Terry analysis to another level. Added stuff but gonna edit it all for easier reading later.
Also added stuff to the Blanka analysis in his own post I edited above.