N00b question about wiring Seimitsu buttons

I searched for about 2 hours and still haven’t found answer…

I’m about to wire my Seimitsu buttons and joystick to a Cthulhu. When I bought my buttons, I was told to make sure I know which one is the ground switch. How do I know which one is ground? And when I’m wiring, do I follow this?

It does not matter which Contact on Button is Ground or Signal.

Really? The guy told me if I got it mixed up, I’ll fry my PCB…

you’ll be fine…it’s just completing the circuit.

Yes, really.
Maybe the guy is talking something else.

For Buttons, it does not matter.

with the cthulhu you dont even need to use that barrier strip. you would still need to daisy chain the grounds tho.

Thanks guys! I wired/soldered everything and it works like a charm! I ran out of wire so I didn’t wire up the Home button…everything else works!

Thanks again!