N64 Super Smash Bros. any takers?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Old school smashers that want to test their skills with others and test their cajones危eet at the BYOC/Bring Your Own Console room for 1v1 or FFA/Free For All.

:annoy: Las Vegas old school smash players are calling YOU out!

bring the game and Im down

Youre awesome! Prepare to get your ass kicked!:rofl: (Las Vegas Smash player)

Im down

Two takers already? Nice. Fox and Mario all the way to EVO baby. Any custom rules you guys want to play with?

Is this happening at evo west or world?

EVO world. Anyone whos going to EVO West, could I see the Smash video footage you have recorded there when you arrive in Las Vegas?

Its all about being a pokemon master in Smash Bros =)

Id laugh if you were isai. Are you isai? >__>;


Lets do it. Meet West Coast Kirby.

Isai lives in or visits Las Vegas? That is news to me.

^ No but he could claim he does, just to get easy mms. though thats no Isais style, I posted that for comedic value. <.<



im down for any money matches for 64 smash.

lets all meet up at world

what rules do you guys play? just to make sure were on the same page and all

i like foxs stage and i play with 5 or 6 stock no items.

no that is not isai and he doesnt live here either

Whooo Ness vs. Kirby matches all day.

pikachu is here.

Thunder Bolt Juggles make me :sad:

Link and the bombermen heh

Where is this gonna take place??

Most likely the BYOC room during EVO world in Las Vegas (starts AUGUST).


we could arrange to play before the tournament someplace in Las Vegas.