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Hey guys, me and some of my friends play N64 Super Smash Brothers competitively. We do not play any other Super Smash Brothers. Anybody still play this game around (310) Torrance area?

no, i live in new york. but people play this game online.

Good for you mate. No matter what anybody says, SB64 is the best of the series, and if it had an update, it wouldn’t need a sequel.

Of all the threads that are dead here, why does this have to be one of them?

Anyways, Real talk.

I’ve got a working version of Smash 64 with a GS mod that lets any player choose Metal Mario or Giant DK at will, right from their controller at the Character Select screen. I’ve enjoyed playing as Metal Mario for awhile now, but some of my friends think he (and GDK) are broken.

I’ll admit, MM does have a pretty good advantage by having no hit stun while under a certain damage percentage (100% IIRC). However, his biggest flaw is that he’s REALLY heavy, the heaviest character in the game. It’s really hard to establish an effective aerial offense with him since he can barely stay airborne. It’s also much harder, compared to all the other characters, to recover back to the edge after being knocked away, especially when playing in his homestage. Being extremely heavy is what balances out his metal armor IMO. I just wish he came in 3 other shades, like Gold, Bronze, and Platium.

Giant DK also has some advantages over Normal DK, such has diehard armor, bigger hitboxes, and slighty more power, but they don’t seem to break him IMO. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only player who managed to defeat him in 1P Mode in under 12 seconds, without the help of my Allys. Anyway GDK has little to no hitstun under a certain damage percentage. Once he gets in the 75-90% percent range though, he’ll start to feel the pain. I would have almost considered GDK to be broken in any other game, but not in a game where characters can move inside and even cross through each others collision boxes. GDK is so big that it’s easy to avoid his attacks just by moving into the middle of his body. He’s almost like dhalsim in the fact that he has to keep his distance from the opponent if he wants his moves to connect, otherwise they’ll pass right through them. I also believe he’s slighty slower then normal DK, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to test that out soon. GDK may seem OP, but really lacks the stuff that would make him that way, like a shitload of power or a ton of weight (like how Metal Mario has.). GDK Just a DK whose more prone to damage.

For those who dabble with the Gameshark and play MM and GDK, what do you think are these two extra characters? do you think these two boss characters are broken?

No hit stun for Metal Mario before 100%? If that’s true he is beyond broken. In SSB64, it only takes one or two combos to take a stock if you know to play. The combo starters are usually pretty safe too if you space properly, so much of the game is landing the starter, executing the combo, then easy edge guarding for each kill. Comboing Metal Mario is impossible, meaning he’ll last WAY longer than normal. MM’s opponent would have to very carefully rack up damage with small hits before being able hit him hard enough for him to fall off the edge where his death is probably guaranteed with proper edgeguarding. On the other hand, I’d imagine that Mario’s combos would be even more effective with his increase in fall speed. Time between his short hop aerial attack speed decreases and he’d be able to string more aerials together thanks to being able to hit the ground sooner and jump and do another aerial quicker. His Utilt juggle would remain useful and he still has his fireball zoning. So he’s even stronger on offense, impenetrable defense until a higher percent, but with a big hit on his recovery, which won’t happen anyway, in theory. So broken.

The same probably goes for GDK. His already massive grab range is even bigger, his Up B can cover an even bigger area… oh, and he can’t be combo’d until much later in percent than the rest of the cast. Broken.

Well, it turns out I was wrong about no hitstun before 100% damage. Just played it again recently to re-evaluate Metal Mario and Giant DK. I’m gonna do an in-depth analysis on both the characters later on and compare them to their normal counterparts. There are a few things I learnt off the top of my head though I will share now:

  • Only a handful of attacks cause no hitstun to MM/GDK at low damage percentages; Mostly fireballs and light attacks. Smash attacks and air attacks will still cause hitstun, just not a lot of knockback.

  • Metal Mario is slightly shorter than normal Mario, so he has a little less range on his kicks.

  • Metal Mario has a shorter jump then normal Mario (probably due to shorter legs lol). The peak is much lower, even on his double jump.

  • Throws are really effective against MM. Once he gets up to a certain damage percentage, throwing him over the ledge will result in instant death. The throw stun will be too long and he will fall too fast to double/triple jump in time.

  • DK and GDK attacks do the same amount of damage, only GDK has a little more knockback to his since he’s bigger.

  • Most of GDK’s attack boxes(with the exception of his kicks) are in his hands. Since he has really long arms and there’s no hitbox in his arms, most of his moves (including his grab) will whiff completely if the opponent is too close to him. Normal DK doesn’t have this problem because he’s smaller and his collision box doesn’t overlap all the only characters as well as GDK’s does. This creates a problem for GDK cause he can accumulate tons of damage and there’s not much he can do about it. The only moves that’ll keep opponents out of his giant collision box is Up B, Down B(unless the opponent is airborne), Down Smash, and Neutral Air. Of course, this is when is damage percentage is less than around 40%. After that, he becomes a giant punching bag.

I will go more in-depth when I get the time to compare and contrast the two characters with their regular counterparts. I’ll have numbers and stats, as well as effective strategies.

I also read some of your points Signia, and I after playing around with the character lately, I can address some of them.

While it does seems like Metal Mario would be able to combo with his faster fall, it’s actually the opposite. His air moves don’t recovery before he hits the ground, so they all have long recovery time when he lands. He also can’t zone effective because of his short jump and fast fall. His fireballs stay close to the ground, just like him. There’s also some combos that’ll only work against Metal Mario. With his fast fall, it’s possible to juggle him to death. MM has no combos outside of his specials. The only characters I see having a possible bad matchup against him are DK, Falcon, and Jigglypuff.

But yeah, hope to post again later tonight when I have some more concrete info.

I play this game all the time. I was too chicken to play in a tournament, so I stuck to with my friends.

I have a pretty scary DK, Kirb, and at times Capt. Wanted to be be good with Yosh, but I’m terrible at his jump mechanics.


I wish that i could find some more competitive players around the Boston, ma area. I’m a huge fan of the balance and speed of the 64 version of smash, and it would be nice to test my skills outside of the small pool of local freidns that i have who play.

If anyone around here still plays, message me and maybe we can meet up for some matches.

After the news post about SSB on the front page, I was reminded of how much I love this game. I only played it with some friends though we played it pretty hardcore… Just for some fun, here’s my personal tier list for the game:

S: Fox / Kirby / Ness
A: Yoshi / Falcon
B: Samus / Jiggleypuff / Pikachu
C: Link / Luigi
D: DK / Mario

Top tier should be pretty obvious–I get the feeling some might disagree with the Yoshi pick for A tier, to those some I suggest you hit the lab with this and really flesh him out. He has some seriously sick setups that lead to nigh-unavoidable down smashes off the level. He’s not quite as consistent as Fox or Kirby though.

Iffy on Ness–never been able to produce much with him, lots of people claim he’s broken good but I’ve never personally seen someone use Ness and do obnoxiously well with him. His specials aren’t that great, all he has going for him is an untechable down smash and a (seemingly) powerful forward smash, but that may just be the noise it makes…I don’t know if it truly has any more powerful properties than other smash attacks since it obviously doesn’t one-shot people like the homerun bat does.

me and my friends still play this game to this day…on console :slight_smile: …lol
i feel extremely confident claiming myself to be THE best jigglypuff out there…and one of the best Ness players as well

by far my favorite of all the smash brothers series

also, to make it more interesting, me and my friends to hit off edge…we allow the players to get back safely…making it harder to kill…anyone can kill off edge, too easy

all i need is 1 landed drill with jiggly and u can consider yourself dead…lol

oh how i wish there was more competition down here :frowning:

Is there any kind of online place to play n64 smash? like xbox live or anything? Is there anywhere that I could go to play against other hardcore n64 ssb players?

I’m curious how folks are playing n64 sb online as well.