N64 Thread


So, the n64 is my favorite system of all time, so i’m making this thread to discuss the console, its games, and anything else about it.

To get the ball rolling, what are your favorite games for the system?
Mine (in no order): Super mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario tennis, Mario party 2, Paper mario, Mario kart 64, F-zero X, Super smash bros (to mess around, not as a competitive fighter).


I think Turok, Mario 64 and Zelda 64 ended up being my favorites. I grew up with the nes and snes though. The 64 was the last game system I lusted after.

I liked the free roaming aspect of Turok along with the huge levels, cool enemies, weapons and survival aura it produced. The ambient sounds were very well done for the game. Roaming the jungles, you always heard jungle creatures and sometimes yelling warriors, and even dinosaurs roaring. Cool ass game that was a total sleeper for me.

My mom always wanted me to play it back in the day but I thought it looked dumb from the box art. Then I played it and was like “Holy fuck!”. Definitely the biggest sleeper game I ever played.


Blast Corp was my shit, I was in awe when I found the A-Team car


Turok 2.

I still hear the sound of the Save pyramid when I was out of energy I needed to save. Sometimes I just listened the sound but I couldn’t see the pyramid!

Ocarina was another great game. My TV had a weird sound so the sound effects in that game were unique.


I traditionally play through Ocarina of Time every Thanksgiving week.


Not sure how the N64 could’ve been anyone’s favorite system unless that was all they had when they were young; that thing nearly sunk Nintendo, IIRC.

Still, it did have some amazing games on it, you just had to sift through the mountains of garbage to find them. The first party games and games made by Rare were all pretty much gold, but everything else was hit or miss (mostly miss).


Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Ocarina of Time, WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF No Mercy. In no specific order.

There was a lot more that I just cant think of at the minute.

Agree with Spirit Juice, RARE made the most of the console.

EDIT: Cant believe I forgot Goldeneye.


Goldeneye son. Your favorite console is the N64?! IMO even the best games on that system don’t come close to the SNES. DK64 is one of your favorites? Mario Tennis, WTF?! Is this a joke thread? What about Ocarina of Time, Perfect Dark, Turok 2, hell, even Wave Race was better than some of the shitty games you listed. Unless you were only allowed to play E-rated games or some other BS I’m gonna go ahead and say that you have 0 taste in games.


In no particular order.

Lylat Wars
Mario 64
Majoras Mask
Jet Force Gemini
WCW/nWo Revenge
Turok Rage Wars
Mario Kart 64


n64 fo life!!
i still have mine, but havent played it in a while :confused:
i was on craigslist last week and saw someone selling his for like 10 bucks with kirby and perfect dark. ive been wanting perfect dark for the longest but the guy never replied to my emails :sad:


I’ve been wanting to get Perfect Dark for my N64 but I dont have my expansion pack anymore.


Rogue Squadron
Mischief Makers
Goemon’s Great Adventure
Star Fox 64
Perfect Dark (too much slowdown though)


Rogue Squadron (the Naboo fighter was the shiz, and talk about broken)
Star Fox
Mario Kart64
Perfect Dark
Zelda: OoT (made me drool)
Zelda: MM (made me think)

Then the Gamecube came and had even fewer games to play.


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
WCW/nWo Revenge
Turok 2
Diddy Kong Racing
Mario 64
Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Episode I: Racer
Banjo Kazooie

I sold my N64 before Perfect Dark or No Mercy came out to buy a Playstation.:sad: I’m one of the few people on earth who didn’t like Zelda 64 all that much.


I forgot about Episode I Racer. That game had a wicked learning curve near the end.


Lol. 64 had plenty of fun and amazing games (IMO Goldeneye revived the console FPS genre) But it’s still not my favorite system, I felt it lacked a lot of essential genres like RPGs, only RPGs I can remember off the top of my head is Quest 64.

Still though, to this day I’ll have my friends come over and we’ll all randomly jump on old school Mario party of Smash brothers 64 for a random nostalgic party game.


F-Zero X too. Completely forgot about that game.


Damn, am I the only one here that liked Pilotwings 64?


If you beat it as as kid then yes…you are

Mario Party 3 (anyone who picked waluigi got dealt with)
Orcarina and Majora
smash bros.
Mario 64
Mario Kart 64 (birth of MM’s)
Goldeneye 007
Killer Instinct 2 Gold
Clayfighter 63 1/3 (kung pow and Jim)
WWF NO MERCY (best wrestling game ever made…SOCKO)
Buck Bumble (only for the theme song)


Rumble Pak! :rock: