Nacon Daija Arcade Stick


Sorry, if this is the wrong place for this, I usually don’t post stuff outside of reddit.

Nacon Daija Arcade Stick:

Anyway this arrived today and I feel not many fgc members know about this stick. It uses Sanwa Parts (Jlf and Buttons) and is a good alternative for the Razer Panthera which is about 30€ more than this is stick is. I got this one for 170€. I think it is only available in Europe though. Feel free to delete this thread if I shouldn’t have posted it here. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting this here. This will just be the dedicated thread to the Nacon Daija. Personally I really like the design. It isn’t hard to get in the US, but it does cost more (~$225). I’m a cheap fuck so I wont be getting one any time soon.

Artwork Template -

It’s a .pdf file so it’ll easily open in photoshop or similar programs. I know FocusAttack got their hands on one so expected a template from them some time in the future. As well as printing and probably plexi replacement.


I made my own template artwork today. It’s easy to do with Photoshop. :slight_smile:


Yeah changing the artwork looks simple. Cut to shape (which isn’t hard since it’s a rectangle), cut buttons, joystick hole and that LED light. It’s nice that the artwork is paper only and not some printed plexi.

More photos and info.


so any good outlets to purchase this stick? I know its not being released in the US but any UK shops shipping internationally? or is ebay the best bet?


Not sure. I ordered mine from a local store. Ebay might be your best chance.


So what are your impressions about the stick so far? I’m between this one and a Hori Pro 4 Kai.


It’s very good so far. Probably my favourite Stick together with the Razer Panthera Stick and Qanba Obsidian Stick this generation. Difficult to compare the hori rap 4 kai with this one though since the hori stick is usually much cheaper and is more of a beginner stick and the nacon daija is around the ~200€/$ range, like the Obsidian and Panthera are. If you don’t mind the extra price and the features that come with it then I would say go for it. Or just buy a Obdisian or Panthera, which ever is cheaper for you.


About the plexi and custom art:


Not a fan of the dirt trap plexi.