Nagata Lockdown IV - Brampton, Ontario - 03/01/2008

My parents are leaving on vacation for the month of March and after a conversation with them, it was agreed I could use their home to host what was once one of the most fun console tournaments in the GTA.

DATE: Saturday March 1st, 2008

TIME: 2:00pm - 2:00am

ADDRESS: Will be provided closer to date. It’s in Brampton.

FEE: $3 per person. The money will be turned over to buy chips, pop, whatever for everyone.

EQUIPMENT: This is really contingent on how many consoles and TV’s are donated. I have 3 TV’s in this home. A 52’ widescreen, a 36’ flat screen and a 27’ standard CRT. I also have a modded PS2 and a Dreamcast. We’ll also have two computers that are capable of running MAME/FBA. It would be great if we could get a few more consoles and TV’s.


There are no entry fees or pots for any of the tournaments. They are meant as a fun way to burn off the day and get everyone involved in everything.

Just about everyone is welcome in my home as long as we’re chill with each other.

If people want to bring sleeping bags/pillows/blankets/whatever they’re welcome to play until the next morning.

It goes without saying but if people don’t respect my parent’s home I’ll pretty much freak out like no tomorrow. It’s not much to ask to act in a manner you would at home.

Please post up if you’d like to attend and if you can bring anything.

I will definitely try my best to make it! Lockdowns ownnnnnn

I’m in


…i’m in.

ill be bringing 1 large magnus

Brampton Beatdown.

Not buying chips due to circumstances surrounding the last time this happened.

hahaha those Miss Vickies got smoked!!!

:rofl: Fear the power of Steve. Chips have no chance if they’re in his path. :rofl:

someone drive Adil there :slight_smile:

Ya, curt hasn’t officially stated that he is banned from this event.


he may bring eggs. If he can still afford them.

ill be there. lockdown ftw.
ps. im winning arcana heart with the ultra huge titty bitch or the crazy family with the spinning top bitch. peace.

I’m so happy.


its really far away both in the sense of time and distance.
but i would like to come. and if i do i can prolly bring my DC + agetec and like mvc2 disc or whatnot

Gerjay needs to pay $20 for 6 nuggets again.

Not happening, but I will have the final version of the Gerjay custom, with the assist 2 being the button to press for lucky green (Teddy, you better remember what button it is now, cause I’m not telling you again :P).

I sleep in the nude, count me in