Nagata Lockdown IV Results (03/01/2008)

Only Marvel got off the ground. Everyone was having too much fun playing casual to get tournaments started.

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (16 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry/Gerjay
2nd - Angel Of Rage
3rd - Quan
4th - Shaun
5th - Crayz Penguin
5th - Krasshole
7th - Green
7th - Jiggabry
9th - DaDesiCanadian
9th - Dragon Punch
9th - DaflipmastaXV
9th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Dogberry
13th - Dice01
13th - Mystic God
13th - Noodleman

I wanted to thank everyone for coming out to Lockdown. We had a little over 30 people playing on two floors on 8 TV’s. I had a great time hosting and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

too hype!

Thanks for hosting Justin. Good times to everybody I chilled with, it’s been a long time since I’ve played games.

Good times.

Chinese poker until 10am ftw.

Thanks a lot to justin for hosting.

Chinease poker was too much, stepping outside at 10 am and my head almost exploding from the light was not fun though

Personal highlights:

  • Noodleman plays CvS2 for SIXTEEN HOURS (11:00am - 3:00am). The only times he wasn’t playing CvS2 was to eat dinner (which I brought for him) or to play Tetris DS (when he was waiting for his next match)

  • Awesome seeing Byron again. The rivalry with me/Byron/Jason is renewed

  • Marvel tournament for the title of Masters Of The Universe

  • Watching the Fight Night 3 insanity

  • Listening to Teddy cry about being robbed in Madden 2007 against Jay

  • The rape by 100 little girls

  • The mutant chickens. “IT’S SO JUICY! LOOK AT THE GLISTENING!”

I heard Yuhin was Cantonese for “God of Marvel”.

Byron’s a scrub. Pure complete random activates out of nowhere, and somehow I get hit by it. Took bad he couldn’t handle the crowd and gets owned by me when it counted :lol:

Teddy’s rake from freeroll MM’s: $0

A-Vice is the future.

Ex-Groove matches are pure shit.

Poker should not be played at 4:00 in the morning…makes people like me push for no reason right into kings :\

So many people got painted repeatedly. Justin’s soundbyte would be so overused it’s not funny.

GG’s to all, and thanks Justin for hosting.


[X] Freebox!
[X] Should be introduced to Julia’s sister.

Justin’s mutant chicken was dry, as confirmed by the asian community.

lol at the Hayren’s look of disgust at his poor choice of dinner, while the rest of us were eating that delicious chicken.

It makes me sick I didn’t get his comeback against James on tape. There was so much insane stuff. Spider Sting assist w/gunshot blew my mind.

BTW; Bryan took top playing glitch to a new level by jumping through an AHVB.

please post the best of 3 matches between me and byron.

Once again, thanks for hosting this gathering, Nagata. It was hella fun.

I suck for not playing as well as I could have in NGBC but I guess that’s what happens when I go out of practice for a good while.

On the other hand, I was surprised to do decently in Third Strike and Hyper ST. Headbutt spam, grab and Aegis for the win! And damn that Turbo Gief for getting me with SPDs so many times!

Too bad we forgot to get MBAC off the ground or get some more SNK games in like Garou and KOF XI.

:wgrin: I’ll look into it. :wgrin:

I heard Byron was Zimbabwaian for “can’t be hit by stomp combo.”

Oh! Forgot a few more things…

Props to JED for sharing his last few pizza slices with me since I forgot about dinner while playing Hyper casuals with Dogberry.

“DAIGO TIME!” Good try by Bill to avoid getting chipped by Chun’s SAII.

GGs and great event. Thanks to Justin for hosting.

Good to see so many people who play various games.

Oh and Bill next time we meet at Yang’s place or wherever bring my PS2 cables will you? It’s no big deal since I don’t use my PS2 anymore really. It just sits there and collects dust inside my backpack, until of course it’s needed for the next event.

My car ftw for holding 6 people for a pizza raid. Rae if you really took cell pics of the back seat trauma post them up.

Didn’t even need to be there to know this was Random Rey being a jerk. :wonder:

T9 t-shirts will say “Free Box!”.

PS. Many thanks to Justin for hosting this, props to Hayren for beeing the coolest guy no homo

big thx to justin for hosting. was lotta fun.

-marvel brackets were pure scam city
-quan uses santhrax on poeta first round cuz hes a nice guy.
-im up 2-0 vs yuhin then proceed to blow 3 games in a row cuz “ive got this”
-still never figured out how to play fight night, but my guy’s kidneys got worked worse than a free whore.

cudnt sleep til 4am…
how do you u fight 100 lil bitches?!
and when u think u got past them 100 more come after you. this is maddness! haha only justin can think of shit like that. thnx for hostin man, me n the crew had an awesome time.

@yasanagi: ur just mad kim is beast. hol dat son!

Here a quick summary of my night at lockdown, in point form.

-Somehow make it to curt’s place in teddy $1 car. ( There was major steam coming out from his engine)

-told hayren i quit smoking hardcore, and only smoke socially. ( end up smoking half a pack with him )

  • land ehonda butt splash, on noodleman enough time.

  • heard the ‘free box’ story , and heard the words ’ free box’ and ’ it doesnt even matter" x 9999 times

-paid less then 13 bux for a medium pizza and a mcdonald jr chicken meal. Dunt worry how i manage to do tat And eating the whole thing, then got home, and ate more.

  • save half the time explaining to matt, that i am not cheating him out in chinese poker…end up winning 10 bux. Playing chinese poker till 10 am… starting at 5 am.

  • came in 2nd place, with the best marvel bracket in the world. That right, spiderman came in 2nd! (played dice, hayren, james, quan, and jigga/gerjay) in that order.

  • losing in poker, with the first hand i played in. Bluffed an all in, and got called.

  • randomly meeting 'Bear Royma" in real life.

  • meeting drop the sky. ( cool guy) no homo. ( take it ez on me in 3s. told u, i am just a noob)

  • end up at a gas station, and being the only one that can figure out how to open teddy’s hood, opening the cap for the car, and the bottle.

-end up walking home from teddy house to my house just like in highschool days.

Was fun as hell, but doubt i would repeat the experience.

drop magento, and use spiderman, you admit ir urself. spiderman is faster the mags =p