Nagata Lockdown IV Results (03/01/2008)

Lol @ 100 lil bitches…

Next time, I’ll use Mizuchi’s Michael Jackson pose against your Kim. Then we’ll see who’s beasting! :rofl:

Fight Night 3 is just… ridiculous. Blackout headbutt ftw/ftl

…this went well.

Aiight. I met, like, 3/4s of y’all. Glad I did, especially DragonPunch. Goddam, that nigga is funny. All and all, you guys are crazy. Don’t forget “Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box! Free Box!”. Thanks for the good times, Justin. Nice place, btw.

Funny how a certain weed-head couldn’t step up to me in real life, with all that racial bullshit that he throws here at me online. Douche knows who he is and I did see him, too. I just won’t point him out. :wgrin:

Uhhh chopskies guys?

will post real log soon

could also be parry master jay. he also shocked the world by grabbing blanka back hop with air grab super.

Who’s JackTenrac?

bear royma i think

That doesn’t help me at all.

you know the guy
that use to post and finish with
that went well.

i think he means who was he at lockdown, if he didnt, then iu’d like to know

change your title to sauga 2nd best mvc2 scrub

cant…they change the limit for the length of the title.

i think, but not sure. but he was the black guy, in a black sweater.

Oh, the guy that came late.

[x] still doesn’t know who bear ryoma is :lol:

^ Let me play this twisted version of *Guess Who, also:*white shirt, grey touque, brown hair, rolling a blunt at about 12:30, with DragonPunch? You were playing MvC 2 alot.

I was the black guy, black sweater, with the fucked up eyebrows. I look like a famous boxer of some kind that all of you are very familiar with. Forgot to rip my shirt and yell a phrase, though.

Green: who were you? and did Anant ever find Carpet Lint?

Chinese guy, glasses, brown polo with blue horizontal stripes, mostly Marvel

Who wants to chip in to buy the “fresh” Jacket from Justin’s mom?

oh yeah, one of the funniest moment of the night, was when teddy did a full out crab dance.

Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, UGHHHHHHH

that was the most annoying scoop ever.

another funny moment, was listening to hayren on the phone.

hayren: dude i have 30 bux on me for like 5 people. what is the largest amount of food i can get.