Nagata Lockdown IV Results (03/01/2008)

^ 241’s 5 bucks/pizza deal. You can get 6 of them.

was it open at 4 am in the morning?

Thanks for having us over and being such a good host. I had fun. Fiona be smashing mans.

Who were you?

If it actually matters, I was the asian in the black hat playing Arcana and what not.


fuck arcana heart

Thanks a lot of hosting us, Justin(/Kurt?). NLIV was tons of fun. Even though I ended up waking up at 8 pm today, and I’m gonna be loaded with schoolwork for the next week, it was still worth it. :bgrin:

I was the half-chinese guy with glasses and facial hair, if anyone is wondering. I was playing Arcana Heart for much of the night.

It was great playing AH again. There was sooo much invincible-startup-super gayness from Maori and Konoha that night (hundreds of bitches! :looney:). And then there was that gay aerial normal Rae kept doing to lock me down :wasted:. Man, if Rae ever levels up his Maori combos, I’ll be so doomed :wink:. GGs Rae, Justin, Herb, and Gerjay.

Other memorable moments:

  • Dice’s “Free Box” story.
  • Gerjay tilting in Poker vs dropthesky.
  • Fight Night and the blackout headbutt :rofl:.

Bill, your new name is Mana-Samnang

Best Bill moment:

Bill’s not even in the poker game, he was watching, and then fell asleep.

Me: Bill, you awake?
Bill: I FOLD!

  • Probably not. Not sure when it is. We usually order at like 1am - 2am.

  • When’d you guys get food? All I saw was Pizza Depot boxes when I got there. :frowning:

  • Free Box Story > All.

Let the good word be know, free box all night baby !
Thanx Justin for hosting a beastly event, to much fun fa shizzles. TEddy was wasted n never stopeed talkin, and abusing the free box all night !!!
Bear brings the hate son !
Good seeing most of the Sauga heads n meeting new faces. GGs to all, I think we really started an epademic with this phrase…

Fight Night.

Three 3 minute rounds, headbutting, knees to the face, elbows are all legal until you get dq’d.
Must be in same weight class, but mixing is allowed if agreed upon by both players.

Teddy, I want odds on Justin posting videos of CvS2 vids from NLDIV.

Wait, were you the guy who was eating while Dice told us about Free box?

That bet is sucha Free[ ], I dunno if its even worth betting.

:rolleyes: Stop crying, I’ll rip your match with Byron with all the yelling. :rolleyes:


noodleman is such a free [ ]

ok there mr. i-freerolled-into-no-money.

16 hours? I wish I could have been there.